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Published at 5th of November 2019 03:57:40 PM

Chapter 24
Her only comfort was the incredibly high rewards from the mission, which was 400 credits!

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400 credits was undoubtedly a big temptation for her . No matter how much difficulties she had to put up with, she would love to take it all as long as she could complete the mission .

Therefore she thanked 9957 when she saw the credits .

9957, "…"

It couldn't be more speechless .

Because 9957 meant to spite her . But instead, she thanked it . 9957 couldn't understand what Xia Liang was thinking .

"Liang, you must have been aware of what situation you are in now . To help you with the mission, the system offers 20% off anything you buy with your credits . Isn't it nice?" 9957 was serious at the beginning and but later tried to make it sound cute .

"It's so nice of you . " Xia Liang said like she meant it .

9957 was shy and embarra . s . sed . It could even feel the core was burning . It murmured,

"She is a good girl, courteous and cute . Given time, she will understand what love is eventually . She will…"

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As Xia Liang got all the memories of this body, she concluded that the only advantage she got was the powerful soul . Her cultivation level was nothing compared to Xia Yu's Mahayana Level .

Xia Yu could kill her with a finger or even a blow .

The original owner of the body never gave up even she had been ever imprisoned for two hundred years . She stayed alive only because she held the grudge to Xia Yu wanted to take revenge .

She was smart enough to delve into soul-cultivating skills . If her spiritual soul got powerful enough, she could use the power to attach other's spiritual sensation, and make amulets and formations .

However, the original owner didn't make a great progress when she had no much learning materials even though she was super smart . So she hadn't found a way to break out of the Spectral Formation .

That was why her first job was to break out of the dungeon .

Giving it a lot of thoughts and comparisons, Xia Liang asked, "9957 . How much credits do I need to pay for the Manual of Formations and Amulets and mastered the highest level of it right away?"

"A total of 150 after discount . Do you take it or not?" 9957 asked with a doubtful tone .

Because 150 credits was like a skyhigh price for Xia Liang . She had to complete two missions to make that many credits .

But Xia Liang said blandly, "Yes, I do . Exchange it for me . "

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9957, "Alright . Wait a sec, Liang . "


"Your host owns a new talent . Now you are a master of formations!"

After the system announced, a lot of stuff flocked into Xia Liang's mind . She turned her head at the entrance of the dungeon where there had been nothing but now revealed how it originally was, a complicated and sophisticated formation!

The illuminating gloomy light was no longer light spots but formation cores which were out there to be easily gotten rid of .

Xia Liang was sure that the formation was no longer a problem to keep her from leaving . She could leave whenever she wanted to .

But she didn't choose to leave right away . She spent 30 credits on a low level storage bag, an outfit and another temporary skill, Soul Glamoring .

Soul Glamoring could hypnotize and blur people's memory and even change a part of one's memory . This skill worked on those whose spiritual soul was weaker than the user . It was useless for those who were super powerful .

She changed her outfit and made some changes to her facial expression and hairdo according to Xia Yu in her memory . Then she walked to the entrance .

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As she got close, she felt a strong power to push her backward together with chill wind to get into her body .

She launched a series of incantations together with hand gestures . The formation was cracked open from the middle like a door . The chill wind blew from both sides away from that door .

Xia Liang walked casually through the door and stepped forward . After she came out, she turned around and launched a series of incantations again . The light was illuminating again and the formation returned to the way it was before .

She kept walking ahead and then walked out of the long pa . s . sage quickly and soon she was out of the dungeon finally .

"Who is it?" A disciple who guarded here lifted his weapon and shouted as he sensed an intruder .

"You fool! It's me!" said Xia Liang imitating the voice of Xia Yu .

"Urgh… Lord?" When the guard saw Xia Liang, he was mortified . He knelt down on the floor and begged with a trembling voice, "I deserve to die, because I have offended you although I didn't mean to . "

Here was Xuanyu Sect which was founded by Xia Yu alone . So she was respected as the Lord .

Xia Yu was not an easygoing person . If someone offended her, she would scold or even beat that person . That was how she built up her authority .

Her fellow men were usually extremely nervous to see her . How could they have extra attention to recognize if she was the real one .

"Raise your head and look at me!" Xia Liang moved forward and ordered .

The guard looked up anxiously and looked at Xia Liang into her eyes . He immediately felt like he was staring an infinite dark abyss . His soul was taken away .

A glamorous got into his ears and then pierced into his soul .

"Tell me where Nonstop Realm is . How am I getting there?"

Xia Liang used Soul Glamoring on him . As he had a weak soul, the glamoring went smoothly .

The guard's eyes were empty, indicating that he was now hypnotized . He would tell everything she wanted .

Then Xia Liang asked a few questions and got to know that Xia Yu was not in the sect right now, which was great news to her . The guard who was at such a low level of course had no idea what she was up to or when she would come back .

"Liang, what are you going to do?" 9957 wondered .

"Go find Jun Wuqing and save him!" Xia Liang said calmly .

Jun Wuqing was a critical role in fighting against Xia Yu and stopping the war .

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