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Chapter 58

Dro frowned; his dark red eyes got even darker and the following words that left his mouth, were the words that he never said and would have never said but maybe would have thought . It was as if, he was taken over by something, "Who do you think you are talking to?! I have defeated you! I have turned you! I have nothing to prove to you! It is you who has to prove your worth to me and not the other way around! You will be the one who will fight against your former mate and you will slay him! Are we clear?!"

<Naja favourability +40>

Naja gulped down her saliva and lowered her head in submission, "Yes . "

Dro's eyes returned back to normal, "Why is she bowing her head?" he thought .

Naja bowed her head, "I apologise for my earlier words . You are the alpha, there is no doubting that . I was a fool not to see it . As you said, I will prove my self to you by killing my former mate . "

"What happened? Why did she suddenly change her mind? And what did she mean by the words 'I will prove my self to you by killing my former mate'? Didn't she want me to prove myself by killing him? Why did she make a 180? . . . I don't understand… but it doesn't matter, the important thing is that she is willing to fight," Dro thought and then said, "We will fight him together . "

Naja shook her head, "No! I will fight him alone! I have to do this alone! Just like you said, I have to prove myself!"

Dro frowned, "I don't remember saying anything like that . . . wait… it's coming back now… I did say it…but it's really blurry… I only remember saying 'You will be the one who will fight against your former mate and you will slay him!'… Since I said it, I can't go back on my word now can I?… she has 30% damage reduction from thick skin and she will surely gain a few more levels by the time we reach the boss and if worst comes to worst I will just swoop in and save her life," he thought and said, "Alright . "

Naja nodded," Thank you, uhm… how should I call you?"

"Just call me Dro . "

She smiled, "Thank you . "

<Naja Favourability +5>

"Why her favourability increase just now?" Dro thought and then shook his head, "How should I call you? Can I call you directly by your name?"

<Naja Favourability -3>

"Yes, just call me by my name," Naja said .

"Why did favourability with her decrease?" Dro thought .

Naja walked to the exit which was behind where Naja laid when Dro entered the room and Dro followed after her . They walked into the tunnel and not long after, they saw a dire wolf in front of them .

<Dire Wolf, Level 12, Elite>

<HP: 3,750/3,750>

"I should kill this one and give her some levels . " Dro thought but then Naja moved without waiting for anything . She crouched down got on all fours and propelled herself forward .


<-41, Dire Wolf> <+13 Rage, Naja>

Landing and dealing damage, she quickly followed up with three quick punches, with her left, right and left again .

<-56, Dire Wolf> <+13 Rage, Naja>

<-58, Dire Wolf> <+19 Rage, Naja>

<-54, Dire Wolf> <+18 Rage, Naja >

Dire Wolf growled angrily and wanted to bite down at her but both of her arms morphed into that of a turned werepire and she slashed with first her right and then her left .

<Werepire's Slash>

<-112, Dire Wolf>

<Werepire's Slash, Critical>

<-168, Dire Wolf>

The dire wolf got pushed back; it growled angrily and leapt at her . Dro frowned, "That thing is more than 5 levels higher than her! If it hits her, Naja might die," he thought; then started running up to her and as he predicted the wolf bit into her leg, dealing a huge amount of damage; almost killing her .

<-613(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Naja> <+16 Rage, Naja>

Getting bitten by the wolf, Naja furrowed her eyebrows but that was it, she didn't clench her teeth or scream out from the pain, after all, the pain she felt from the dire wolf's bite was not comparable the pain she felt when she was transforming .

"If that dire wolf bites me again, I will die! I have to retreat… No! I can't! I can't run with tail between my legs! I have to prove my worth to him! Even if I have to die!" Naja thought; clenched her left fist and resoluteness flashed in her eyes . She took a step forward as she was going to hit the wolf again but then Dro without thinking about anything but saving her life, pulled her by her waist; into his embrace as there was no space to push her through behind him . Feeling a warm body behind her, she gulped down her saliva; closed her eyes and her lips quivered, "I failed! I couldn't even kill a mere dire wolf let alone the alpha," she thought .

Holding Naja with his left arm, Dro clenched his right fist and punched the dire wolf who leapt towards them .

<Werepire's Punch, Critical>

<-3,284(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dire Wolf> <+15 Rage>

<Dire Wolf, Slain>

<+750 XP>

<Naja, Level Up>

<Naja, Level 1>

<Naja has been awarded 30 attribute points>

<Naja has 30 Unspent Attribute Points>

<Naja Level Up>

<Naja, Level 5>

<Naja has been awarded 30 attribute points>

<Naja has 150 Unspent Attribute Points>

Dro sighed with relief; his eyes moved to Naja; he noticed how close she was to him; his face got red and he hurriedly let her go . He gulped down his saliva, "Are you okay, Naja?"

Naja lowered her head, "I have failed to prove my worth to you… What are you going to do to me? Are you going to kill me? Or will you banish me to roam the world alone, forever without a pack?"