Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 1325

Published at 11th of January 2019 05:05:04 PM
Chapter 1325: 1325

"Great idea, Xiao Monarch! Let's go! Let us all go!"

"We always want to build up a good connection to Ge Clan! Now it is the time . Thank you so much, Xiao Monarch! And I appreciate Ge Clan's invitation!"

"That's right! Ge Clan must spend quite some money in return for Xiao Monarch's kindness!"

"We must drink with the great Lord Xiao Monarch until the end of our lives!"

"I usually don't drink, but today, I will give up my life to drink with Lord Xiao Monarch!"

"I am allergic to alcohol, but I will drink it up today!"

"The wind blows to the east . The drums sound in the battle . Who is going to drink to the death!"

"To the south and the north I have traveled, when I drink, I grab a bottle!"

"I will not go home before I am stewed . In fact, you know what, I won't go home even when I am stewed…"

"Nobody walked out the gate of Ge Clan before drinking up one thousand shots!"


The crowd burst into waves of laughter . Ge @@
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