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Chapter 105: Catching the Thief
The clever bear stood up straight and rushed after the motorcycle, which was already leaving . Its short legs didn't allow it to catch it though . It ended up lying on the ground instead . "Oh!" the onlookers shouted in surprise . Don’t just watch! Go help the bear!

Before the thief could speed up, an arm stretched out and seized his neck, pulling him off the motorbike . Huang Jiajia fixed her eyes on the guy and realized it was Teacher Qin .

Forgetting the thrilling incident just now, she started screaming like a maniac, "Teacher Qin! You are so handsome! Teacher Qin, I love you!"

Qin Guan murmured helplessly, "Why are you guys standing there? Come help me!" The thief tried to stand up, but Qin Guan pressed him down with his arms . The bear turned its head around and stared at the thief angrily . Before the onlookers could come to help, it sat down on the thief with its fat bottom .

Everything went dark before the thief’s eyes, the cheap man-made bear hair filling his eyes and nostrils . His legs were shaking under the bear’s bottom . How interesting! Qin Guan pulled his own arms from the bear's butt at once . Patting on the brave costumed man, he said, "Stop, stop! He’ll choke up!" Then he asked the onlookers, "Did anybody call the police?"

"Sure! We called the police as soon as we saw the thief . We’re close to the police station . They’ll be here soon!"

The owner took the bag from the shaking thief and let out a relaxed breath . Her bag had been taken just after she’d left the ATM, so she was very thankful to those brave men . She bowed in gratitude before Qin Guan and the bear, and then waited for the police quietly . Qin Guan nodded at her before he turned around to find the bear trying to move its bottom . It was too fat to stand up . Holding back a smile, Qin Guan and Huang Jiajia took hold of the bear’s arms and pull it off the thief .

The bear pushed its mask off with effort, exposing a red round face . The girl in the costume shouted at Qin Guan happily, waving the mask in her hand, "Senior Qin, Senior Qin! I’m Mou Xiaoliu!" Her forehead was covered in sweat because of the thick costume, shining bright in the sunshine . She looked like a real bear with her red round cheeks .

Smiling in satisfaction and adoration, Mou Xiaoliu thought to herself, "Senior Qin is so kind-hearted and powerful . He defeated the thief by himself . "

Dear girl, you underestimate yourself . Without your thick costume, the thief might have crashed his motorcycle . He should be thanking god that he escaped death .

Huang Jiajia was angry with the girl, who was calling Qin Guan a senior . I have to tolerate Cong Nianwei as his official girlfriend, but I’m going to be his sister . How dare you try to take my position! I’m so jealous! Acting like a spoiled child, Huang Jiajia said angrily, "Hey, who are you? Do you know her, Qin Guan? She called you Senior Qin!"

Qin Guan hit her on the forehead helplessly . "Be polite! She really is my sister . I met her at the railway station when I was welcoming the freshmen . "

Covering her forehead, Huang Jiajia pouted silently . Mou paid no attention to her . Qin Guan was all she could see . Qin Guan was amused by the small bear, who was staring at him in admiration . "Why are you here in that bear costume?" he asked .

Mou Xiaoliu cheered up . She couldn’t help explaining, "I took your advice and applied for a loan . It was approved before military training . I was so excited that I sent my tuition money back home . Then I found a part-time job to cover my living expenses . "

Qin Guan was still a little doubtful . "As far as I know, there are work-study programs at our college way easier than this . "

Wiping her sweat away with a paw, Mou Xiaoliu smiled proudly . "I know that . The salary of those programs was 400 yuan at the most though, which is not much . I found this job in the ad column at our college . It pays about 80 yuan for half a day’s work . I could take another part-time job if I want . I work for two days a week and cover the expenses of the whole month . Plus, I can send the extra money back home . "

Looking at her face, Qin Guan felt as if she was a close friend . That little girl was just as greedy as he was .

They chatted happily, forgetting all about the thief, who was lying on the ground . When the policeman arrived, he found the two brave students talking calmly, leaving the nervous victim squatting there alone, staring at the fainting thief .

Finding the matter both funny and annoying, the policeman got a general idea of what had happened and escorted the thief and the victim to the patrol wagon . The victim had to go to the police station to give a statement . Finally, the policeman asked Qin Guan and Mou Xiaoliu some brief questions and praised them .