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Chapter 214
Why had she stopped on the verge of victory?

Wenwen smiled gently at Wang . She was like a bloody rose, bright but dangerous .
"Boss Wang seems to have made his final decision . I’ll get back to work . I have no time to waste . "
She walked out of the office, swaying on her red heels . Wang glanced at her butt and shivered, swallowing his saliva .
Lily looked at Wang pathetically . She smiled in relief when he stretched his hand out towards her .
They hugged, acting as if no one else was present . Qin Guan coughed awkwardly . "Brother Wang, is there anything else? I have to go . "
Wang Hailiang was too busy to pay attention . He gestured and everyone disappeared on the spot .
On the third floor, Mou Xiaoliu was waiting awkwardly to apologize to Qin Guan . Qin Guan just smiled gently and warned her, "Don’t meddle here . Remember, you work here only for the money! Beware of people who want to use you . "
Mou nodded tamely and disappeared at the end of the corridor .
Qin Guan didn’t speak until she left . "Come out!" he told Wenwen, who was standing around the corner, before putting his hands in his pockets .
Wenwen smiled gently as she walked up to him . "You are one of the few clever guys in this company . So is Brother Bu . "
Qin Guan looked at her doubtfully . "That was so anticlimactic! That’s not your style . What are you planning?"
"Men are always fooled by women's tears . The truth was right before his eyes, yet he was still deceiving himself . I won’t waste any more words on him . Tomorrow I’ll bring evidence . It’ll be interesting to see what the little lamb will say . "
"What did you do, sister?"
"That's none of your business . I originally wanted to use you to uncover the truth . You are the most reliable person in their minds after all . It’s a pity that you escaped . If you are not helping though, then you don't need to know anything . " She walked to the bar without looking back .
"Hey! Is it even worth it for such a man?" She had disappeared before his voice had even faded away .
Qin Guan returned to his room in a bad mood . Even the two goals the Chinese team scored couldn't arouse his interest . An end should be put to that accident . Good luck to them all!
Murphy's Law had worked .

On the first day of his senior year, Qin Guan received an angry call from Bu .
"Qin Guan! Something has happened! Don’t ask questions! Just come over immediately!"
Qin Guan hung up right away and drove to the club . What on earth happened? Did my presentiment come true?
Qin Guan parked and locked his car before climbing up the fire ladder to the office in a hurry .
The three steel safes on the wall seemed to be laughing at the stupid guys in the room . They were empty except for some useless invoices and contracts .
"How much was taken?" Qin Guan asked directly .
Bu Qinglu looked up at him . "Several million . It was payment day today . "
"Are there any savings in your accounts?"

"We repaid our debt . "
Qin Guan covered his face helplessly . "I have told you countless times to deposit the money! Now it’s all gone!"
Wang Hailiang’s blue veins heaved on his forehead . He jumped up and shouted, "That b*tch! She took my money! I’ll catch her though!"
Bu sighed and tried to comfort him, "I’ve sent men after her . She won't escape . The most important thing is for us to deal with the matter at hand . I have to pinch and scrape and calculate in every way . Our brothers who got paid back thought we were bankrupt . Now I need another million for the employees’ salaries . "
Qin Guan sighed in relief at the sum . "I could lend that amount to you for your immediate needs . I made a small fortune not long ago . It’s for my studies abroad, so I’m not using it at present . "
Bu hugged Qin Guan and patted him on the back . "My good brother . I live on XX, XXX Road in the Haidian District . I’ll return the sum to you in two months . "
Qin Guan struggled out of his embrace and grinned . "I don't need your money . Just add me to the shareholders of the company . It could be considered an investment . Ha ha!"
"You beat me! I had been planning on pulling you onto our boat anyway . As you like to say, no pain, no gain . Now that you’re rich, you’ve gotten greedy, huh?" Bu Qinglu relaxed and teased Qin Guan .
It was better to have him join in . He and Wang were unrestrained men, so it was worth it to have Qin Guan join them with such a small share .
When Qin Guan went abroad, they could contact each other through email .
Wang didn't look happy about the good news . He was still lying on the couch just like he had been when Qin Guan had entered the room .
They heard some steps up the stairs . Wenwen was standing at the door in a close-fitting black dress .
Wang’s lifeless eyes flashed . "Wen . . . Wenwen, why are you here?"
Wenwen sneered coldly and threw a mini recording pen at his bare head . "No reason . I wanted to show you evidence of your sweetheart’s affair, but it seems unnecessary now!"
She was about to turn around and leave, when Wang pulled her back from behind .
Bu Qinglu and Qin Guan closed their mouths awkwardly . There must be a story here . We’d better leave .
The door was closed . Wenwen's voice could be heard indistinctly from inside, half-grumbling and half-struggling . "What are you doing? Do you know who really cares about you? Yes, yes . . . "