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Chapter 457

If he had a spear on his back, he could have been invited to the famous TV program "Man vs . Wild" . They were busy carrying commodities, when somebody shouted outside, "Hey! Who dares enter my domain?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Qin Guan went out and saw Lan Jin . He did not look silly like usual . Instead of his luxury car, he had driven a worn truck all the way from Long Island . Xu Xiaoxiao was in the passenger seat .

Qin Guan felt helpless against the two guys, who were much more excited than usual . Birds of a feather always flocked together . Why were all the men around him so unreliable?

He shot a glance at Cong Nianwei, who was wrapping ceramics in cotton cloth carefully . On the contrary, the women around me are calm and capable .

Xu Xiaoxiao jumped out of the truck, surprised to see Qin Guan there .

"Stop! Lan Jin! It’s one of us! Hold your fire!"

He was waving a big broadsword around . It seemed to be his choice of a defensive weapon . What was his father thinking? Does he believe so much in his son, or has he given up on him?


The broadsword was shining coldly in the night . It had to be a martial arts demonstration prop . It was pretty, but basically useless .

His UN army could not tell the difference though . They were in awe of Qin Guan’s friend, who looked like a martial artist .

"Stop that rubbish! There’s only a few things left . Let’s finish as soon as possible . " Cong Nianwei couldn't stand those clowns . They were delaying their work .

"I’m coming . . . "

There was a car parked across the street . Charlie was observing the situation through his binoculars, sitting in the passenger seat next to Franklin .

"It seems like the boss is packing things up . They are not like those artists on the Upper East Side though . They are bad boys like us . "

Franklin threw his cigarette butt out and replied calmly, "Let’s just try them . " He shot at the store without a warning . Bang!

The quiet was broken by the shot . Qin Guan suddenly stopped in his tracks . Who? Where? What happened?

Hiding behind the car, he waved at Cong Nianwei, who was inside the shop . Run! Leave me here! Go to the back garden through the side door!

He was hoping that it was just some thieves who wanted to make a fortune, but Joseph and Coulibaly were really excited . They shouted at Cella together, "Turn off the lights!" Then Coulibaly disappeared silently .

Qin Guan was shocked by his heroic actions . Suddenly, he saw Joseph take the gun that was behind his back and load it . Am I about to watch an action film for free?

Bang, bang, bang . . .

Sparkles were shining on the dark street . Joseph was shooting from behind the car with a happy smile .

"Bloody hell!" Franklin and his partner rolled away from the car .

Bang! A bullet flew over their heads . Franklin shot back .

"Ha! They are not far away! There! Northwest!" Joseph smiled wide in the dark as he turned his gun in that direction .

"Bastards! If only I had superpowers!" Xu was terrified in the face of real danger . He had thrown his broadsword away .

"Qin Guan, you throw something to divert them . I’ll take them out with my gun!" Joseph shouted at Qin Guan .

Qin Guan looked around . Throw what? A ceramic? I’ll go bankrupt . I better find some bricks . . .

He threw a few bricks at their enemies .

After an accurate calculation of gravitational acceleration, wind force and angle, Qin Guan found his target . The two men escaped from the bullets, but were caught by the bricks . They started shouting abuse at them . Can’t you just stick to the gunfight?

Qin Guan was happy with his achievement . He ran out of ammo soon though .

Franklin cheered up at the lack of flying bricks . "Bastard! Ran out of ammo, did you? Ha ha . . . You piece of dogsh*t!"

Americans loved dogs a lot more than the Chinese .