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Published at 7th of July 2019 11:04:59 AM

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 I Will be Back


A gunshot could be heard and it shocked the three of them from making any movements; their heart felt even more tensed than before .


Song Ye calmly turned her head and looked towards the village under the night sky, her lips thinned showing how tense she felt .


“Let’s go, there’s not much time left . ”


At the time when Grandma Wang had mentioned that person, she had guessed that there were guns and bullets hidden at the transferring point; and that was the only reason why she didn’t immediately kill them on the spot . It was so that she could exact revenge .


Out of the three people, Song Ye was the youngest; but as they were trying to escape, she was the one leading them . Her strong-willed and cool headed demeanor made her able to calmly lead the group even if they were to come face-to-face with danger or have limited knowledge on the mountain .


After advancing for four hours, Yun Hua was clearly exhausted . Even if she tried to hold on and said nothing, Song Ye was still able to feel the cold sweat from her palms .


“Let’s rest here for a while . ”


Song Ye stopped and supported Yun Hua, heading to an obscure spot under the tree .


At this time, the girl that had forced herself with them rejected the suggestion . Her voice contained impatience and irritation .


“We can’t . They have guns and know their way around the mountain . If we were to stop now, they will catch up to us for sure . ”


She escaped there through much difficulty, there was no way she was going to head back to that hellhole .


Yun Hua shook her head as well, the hand holding onto Song Ye was slightly trembling .


“Ah Ye, what she said is true . We can’t rest here . ”


Even if she was extremely fatigued, she didn’t want to be a burden to them . On their way, they had to slowed down on a few occasions due to Song Ye’s consideration towards her .


“Listen to me . ”


Song Ye supported her back, her cold voice filled with determination . After that, she raised her eyes towards the girl to the side, in an uncaring tone, she said .


“If you want to leave, leave by yourself . ”




The girl was angry and was about to open her mouth to refute; but when she thought about how she still needed to depend on Song Ye to escape, she had to swallow her anger down . She then sat under the big tree unhappily and faced her back towards them .


Looking at the pair of people that couldn’t get along with each other, Yun Hua sighed . After resting under the tree for a while, she then advised Song Ye .


“Ah Ye, she’s innocent; and it’s good enough to save as many as possible within our ability . ”


Knowing her nature, Song Ye nodded her head without responding . She took out a portion of bread and water from her palm space and handed it to Yun Hua .


“Eat something first . ”


Yun Hua was astonished and lowered her had to stare at the things in her hands, she then perplexedly looked at the bag behind Song Ye and said curiously .


“Why do I feel like your bag has everything inside . ”


From the clothes and shoes she was wearing to the food supplies, everything that they needed was all there . If not for that, Yun Hua wouldn’t have been able to escaped this far .


Song Ye of course wouldn’t tell her that the bag was only decoration and that she stored everything in her space .


“Hurry and eat it, we still have a long way to go . ”

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“Mmm, thank you, Ah Ye . ”


Yun Hua nodded, a nostalgic smile appeared on the face that had suffered for some time . Even though it was their first time meeting each other, Song Ye made Yun Hua feel as if they had known and lived with each other for a long time . She was able to understand the consideration and care she had for her .


While eating, Yun Hua looked around and when she saw the silhouette that was curled under the tree, sympathy arose from her heart .


She took the remaining water and bread and walked over . When she was about to talk to her, the girl suddenly raised her head . Her mouth was stuffed, with food hidden in the space between her chest and her legs .




Yun Hua looked at her, stupefied and was unable to utter even a word .


As if she had known, through the beginning, Song Ye spoke coldly .


“She won’t be hungry . This kind of person where they took away even their companions’ food supply won’t even let themselves go hungry . ”


Hearing that, the girl’s body stiffened, her eyes glared at Song Ye .


That’s right, the reason she was able to sneak out to steal food was because the sisters that were locked together had covered up for her, all for the sake of stealing some food back to fill their stomachs .


But when she saw the chance to escape, she took all the stolen food with her, without an ounce of hesitation .


She thought that she had hidden it quite well when they were in the village but it turned out that Song Ye had seen through it all .


At that moment, Song Ye stood up and didn’t want to dwell on the topic anymore .


“Stop your glaring, or else, I’ll gouge your eyes out . ”

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The tone was cold as usual, but this time, the girl didn’t even dare to look at Song Ye anymore .


The three of them then continue their escape and when they were about to reach the *top of the mountain, a fire light shone in front of them .


“Not good, we’re found . ”


The girl turned her head back, panicked . Her face paled from this sudden realization .


Song Ye had also creased her brow but she stared in front calmly . She was very confident in her disguising and stealth skills . From the village to their current location it was several miles away, so it was impossible for the villagers to be able to reach and surround them .


So, there was only one possibility left .


That person was the head of the human traffickers, the escaped man that had discussed in advance in regards to his arrival and transactions .


“Don’t panic . ”


“Here! They are over here!”


Two voices came out at the same time . Before Song Ye was able to device on a plan, the girl had raised her voice and exposed their position .


“Damn it . ”


Song Ye cursed and was unable to deal with the girl . She pulled Yun Hua by the arm and dodged into another direction .


Right after they had dodged away, Bang Bang Bang, the sound of gunshots went on continuously, echoing throughout the mountain . The sound of the gunshots covered the scream of the girl on the top of the mountain .


In the dark night, the wind passing through rustled the leaves . It was so cold that one could even find their spine going numb from it .

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Yun Hua felt her legs lifted off the ground . The strength on her arm were just that strong . The back of Song Ye that was in front of her looked frail, but she somehow felt safe .


Song Ye then found a cave after much effort, a few scratches could be found on her face . When they hid themselves in the cave, she then removed her bag from her back . It was filled with food supplies and clothes and handed it to Yun Hua .


“Wait for me here, I’ll come back to pick you up later, for sure . ”


Yun Hua was shocked and subconsciously grabbed onto her arm .


“Where are you going?”


It was so dangerous outside, where could she be heading to?


“Don’t worry, I will be back . ”


Song Ye lowered her voice, a rare gentleness could be felt from her words .


This voice that was gentle contained strength that settled down her heart had made Yun Hua loosened her grip . She tightly hugged the bag in her arms and wordlessly nodded her head .


She believed in Song Ye . Without a reason, she wanted to believe in her .


Song Ye patted the back of Yun Hua’s hand and turned around and left the cave . The entrance of the cave had provided a place for her to hide herself . After making sure that there was no danger around, like a phantom her silhouette disappeared from the spot .


She of course, was not only there to save someone .


From her hellish days until she entered the organization, her life began to go awry thanks to this criminal group .


Tonight, she was also here to pay them back for it .

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