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Published at 17th of April 2019 06:39:08 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Qing Zhan’s Help

Having a sudden turn of event happening in the train, the attendant was horrified and instantly believed the young girl in front of him . He reached out for his baton and called out a few of his colleagues with a grave expression,

“Where’s your friend?”

“Inside the toilet of the tenth coach . There’s a total of 3 men, all of them are middle-aged . One had a goatee, one had a scar on his face and one is a leftie . They had a black bag on their hands that are filled with crime tools and loots . ”

Song Ye immediately listed out the criminals’ position and characteristics in a very clear manner in order for them to be sure of their targets .

The attendant rushed out after asking Song Ye to stay and wait at the spot, without even figuring that a country bumpkin that was scared senseless a moment ago was able to give out such detailed information as something weird .  

During this age where it is not peaceful and a little chaotic, the train usually have two to three attendants that have combat ability to be attendants in order to avoid incidents such as robbing from happening .

Seeing that the attendant had walked far enough, Song Ye used the chance to walk towards the sleeping coach aisle when the passengers are busy watching what happened . Now she has enough time to test out her ability .

The soft coaches is not as open as hard coaches . Not only do these high grade coaches can be shared with only two passengers, the doors are also closed properly . The inside are very spacious as well . Of course, the price are also a few times higher than hard coaches .

While looking as if she’s walking in a crefree way, she brushed her fingers along the coaches one by one . In the first coach, there is a married couple with their kids and the silhouette of an old man and old lady can also be seen clearly . In the next coach, a pair of  rich ladies dressed in expensive clothings are applying face powder in front of the mirror; the brand used are high-end products found in the market… . .

Up till the fourth coach, Song Ye had fully believed in her unbvelievable ability . She also found out that there’s a hidden space in her palm . If she wills it, she can easily take out the things inside the space easily . The raw stone that disappeared is now inside the space .

Thinking that it’s about time that there will be a movement from the human traffickers, Song Ye was about to search for a place to hide when the situation in the fourth coach where her palm is on surprised her .

There are two men inside the coach aged around 26 to 27 years old . One of the men is seated beside the table looking at the sights out the window with the side of his face illuminated by the sunlight . A distinctive feature with a lips curved to look resolute; the eyes that seem stable is filled with chills . That is a very handsome man, unlike the beautiful men that can be found commonly everywhere years from now, he looks rigid and manly to the point that it can make a person feel hot-blooded and passionate . But what got Song Ye’s attnetion is not his face, but the chilly air that he gave out .

From just a glance, Song Ye is able to know that this man had took the life of numerous people before .

To have someone like that in the train that heads towards a small countryside like Yun Cheng is enough to pique her curiousity . Not to mention, what the man that was interacting with called him as has made Song Ye felt even more shocked .

As she is capable of reading and understanding lip language, she is able to understand what the man had said even though there’s a heavy metal wall in between .

What he said was, “Major, do we need to check the situation out?”

Major .

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That title signifies that the person holds the middle-leveled position in the military . From what Song Ye know, if one were to reach the position of Major, they need to be at least 30 years old and above; and the man inside is able to get the position of a Major at such a young age either means that he had connections that allow him to reach that position or he is a formidable person .

Although the two men is behind a wall, they are still able to hear the commotions outside clearly . That subordinate is clearly asking for permission, but the man beside the table is unmoved by it . He just calmly said two words, “No need . ”

Without knowing if it is something natural or that he was in a bad mood, Song Ye felt that the man’s face is so cold that ice are about to be formed .

As there is such a troublesome person on the train, Song Ye decided not to wander around and stopped herself in order to avoid exposing herself .

At this moment, the attendant had rescued the unconscious girl from the toilet . Two of the human traffickers were apprehended and via the girl’s testify, their crime were confirmed .

“Nn? Had anyone seen the child that reported earlier?”

When the attendant did not find Song Ye when he came back, he began searching for her .

But the passengers each shook their head saying they had not seen her . No one seems to notice that the silhouette of a girl that had mix in with the group of people .

As the main culprit is not apprehended, the victim and the captured human traffickers was being watched by the attendants until they reach the final station to be handed off to the authorities .

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Song Ye frowned when she looked towards the commotion on the train station where the crowds surround the human traffickers and the family of the victim that was crying . When she was about to leave the platform, she suddenly heard footsteps rushing towards her from her back . As the footsteps felt rushed, it became a huge contrast when compared with the surrounding pace .

Song Ye’s glance darken . When a sharp blade cut through the air, she moved her body and barely dodged it . Looking behind her, she saw the cruel face of the man with goatee .

He was shocked for a second, not expecting that Song Ye is able to dodge him . When thinking about his brothers that were captured, his hatred grow,

“You damn brat, I won’t let you go after you’ve obstructed me . ”

At the end of the sentence, the sharp blade was thrusted a few times continuously . Song Ye originally wanted to teach him a lesson, but soon found that the reflex and strength of her 15 years old body is too weak . Without a choice, she had to evade them . Taking a deep breathe, she shouted, “Help, don’t kill me!”

“Damn brat!”

Seeing that this had caught the attention of the crowds, the man felt furious but he had no choice other than to run .

As they are still in the platform, the man knocked over a lot of people as he made his escape without noticing that there is another train approaching from faraway .

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He did not notice it but Song Ye did . Looking at the approaching train and the cold railway, her glance become icy cold . She took the raw stone out of the space in her palm and hold it in her hand . From this angle and distance, she can make sure the man will die without a perfect body .

Just when she was about to throw the raw stone, the man suddenly knocked into a meat wall . When he blanked out for a second, he screamed in pain when his wrist was grabbed twisted to the back along with his arm .  

The crowd became noisy and the staff working on the platform quickly surround the man . After confirming the identity of the man, they expressed gratitude towards the man that had helped out and apprehended the human trafficker to send him to the authorities .

After Qin Zhan handed the man out, he refused to report his name and the reward provided by the train company . He raised his eyesight and look through the crowd nearby .

If he is not mistaken, the girl that had shouted for help was there and she fought against the criminal for a short time .

But now that spot is empty, the girl had completely disappeared long ago .


The man behind him called out to him in a low voice, reminding him of the time .

Qin Zhan took back his glance and walk out of the train station .

And at this moment, Song Ye that had escaped long ago had ride onto the public transport heading home .

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