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Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Official Foundation of Night Gang

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Song Ye had only officially introduced Yun Hua to Xu Zi Hang and the others on this banquet .

“Yun Jie will help me out in regards to the gang’s affair . Whenever I’m not available, Xu Zi Hang and Yun Jie will be the ones in charge . ”

Song Ye had predicted that she will travel to different places in the future and will not stay in one place, and so, raising close aids as soon as possible is more important .

Both of them greeted one another and shook hands . As for Xu Zi Hang, he was curious as to who Yun Hua was to Song Ye, to have her brought in . She had no combat abilities and the way she dealt with the gang affairs was unnatural, so she might be someone who wasn’t in the circle before . With all that said, it was a mystery as to why she had followed Song Ye in founding the Night Gang .

The question was in his head until the day they were on the training grounds . Looking at how decisive and cruel she was, he had finally believed that the blood flowing within Yun Hua is the same type of blood as Song Ye .

“Now that Zhou Zheng has died, the few tens of underlings get their job done pretty quickly . We now have five night clubs and bars . The process is smooth since no one retaliated . ”

While eating, Yun Hua reported all the recent happenings to Song Ye . As Song Ye was eating, she replied to some of it, no happiness can be seen from her face . This had made Xu Zi hang feel curious and he tilted his head over to Song Ye who’s expression was difficult to read,

“Did you predict this ending from the beginning? Although the members of Earth Tiger Gang is not considered a lot, they were still involved in all sorts of businesses, so all sorts of people are mixed within the gang . But now that Zhou Zheng had died, isn’t it a bit too easy, considering no one had retaliated?”

In fact, including the men that were guarding the main territory, Earth Tiger Gang has about a thousand members, which was the reason why Xu Zi Hang did not dare to move simply . He had never thought that with only a few days, Song Ye had even their territories in her hands .

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“That’s right, Song Ye -no, boss . This is really unbelievable, the whole of Earth Tiger Gang was done in by only more than ten of us . It is hard to believe . ”

Wang Tie Chuan corrected his way of addressing Song Ye and leaned over as he asked about it, wanting to learn more from Song Ye . Seeing all of them feeling interested in it, she then explained to them patiently,

“They were afraid . Zhou Zheng has drugs and firearms under his control, but he had died just like that . Yun Cheng is only a small town, with only a gun, you can basically do whatever you want in the city . The more mysterious the Night Gang appears to be, the easier it is to get things done . ”

This was the reason why she did not pull the trigger and did not use her own subordinates to take over the territories . With her checking out the underground market when the situation had become stable, the rewards returned will be higher than the efforts she gave out .

Listening to this analysis, everyone can’t help but give Song Ye a ‘like’ .

“So in the end, brains are also needed along with the brawns . ”

Everyone felt astonished, and was even more impressed with Song Ye, who is their leader . After finishing their meal, Song Ye led them to the abandoned residential area by the outskirts of town . She had planned to have the abandoned residential area to be their temporary training ground .

At the moment where everyone found the atmosphere to be shabby, Song Ye opened her bag and poured out more than ten guns . Seeing that, everyone’s eyes were about to pop out .

“Where, where did all of these come from?”

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Wang Tie Chuan swallowed his saliva . He had almost bit his own tongue . Song Ye picked up a gun and handed it over to him, with a face showing no care about it:

“From Zhou Zheng’s safe . ”

The reason she had started the fire at that time was that she had touched this item . Guessing that it was important to Zhou Zheng, she had then made the plan to lure him away . Till death, Zhou Zheng could have never guessed that the thing that he had protected with much effort ended up to be an empty safe .

Towards her sinister way of doing things, all of them felt impressed by it . They then chose the weapon that they find suitable for themselves . The boys had felt excited as it was the first time they touched a gun . Just when they were about to try it out, Song Ye turned around surprisingly and dragged all of them to hit the sandbag .

Although the residential house had seemed shabby, different scenery can be seen within it . The sports equipment there is as complete as an outdoor war zone . Song Ye removed her outer garment and only wore a refreshing singlet . Her calm face contained a dignity that will not allow refusal,

“All of you should train as long as I did . If the same standard cannot be reached within a month, they will not be allowed to train using the guns . ”

Although it was an order, all the boys were energetic regarding it . No matter how capable Song Ye was, she was only a girl . With them losing to her when it comes to fists, it would be hurting their pride if they couldn’t beat her when it comes to stamina . Betting on that, all of them used all their force when punching the sandbag . As they were beating it, they heard Song Ye’s instructions,

“Every time you punch it, the sandbag needs to tilt forty-five degrees and adjust your breathing . Notice the rhythm of the punches and control the strength exerted by your muscles . ”

These instructions that seemed useless was not heeded by the boys in the beginning . In the end, they had somehow held on for an hour with only their brute force and was now laying on the ground due to tiredness . While sweating profusely, all of them looked at Song Ye as she hit the sandbag mechanically, feeling dejected .

In the end, Song Ye had also felt so tired she lied on the ground after two hours . Since it was the body of a fifteen-year-old that had never gone through intense training, she was not able to hold out for too long as well .

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Maybe due to the enforcement of the supernatural ability, her body had not shown any signs of fatigue on the second day . With her body feeling light as a feather, she went to school just to see her subordinates that were like zombies in front of the school gate .

After exercise, their body muscles were aching and all their limbs were stiff . This was the most common symptom .   Any active fifteen-year-old boys will not be able to handle the extreme intensive exercise . And now all of them had quite a pale face .

Regardless, Song Ye still found that to be insufficient . When they passed by the basketball court, seeing that the weather was quite nice, she then announced,

“Let’s have a friendly match after school . The winning team will have their training time decrease by half an hour . ”

In between great suffer and decreased training, the boys competed with their life on the line, attracting countless girls and boys over to spectate and cheer for them . Among the cheering crowd, the one who had the greatest amount of fans cheering belonged to none other than the school prince Xu Zi Hang .

“Keep it up, Xu Shao*!”

“Xu Shao, you’re the best!”


Within the passionate cheers, Cu Zi Hang’s complexion was becoming worse and worse . Who asked him to hold onto such a great title . Even though his body is about to break apart, he still has to keep up his good image due to that .

Very quickly, among the boys that looked like a bunch of old men, an extraordinarily agile shadow can be found . Under the sunlight, the slender body had a loose sports T-shirt on them .

The stature that was slightly smaller had movements as nimble as a snake . From their movements, the large basketball appeared like a toy within their hands . What attracted the attention the most is the fair and exquisite face . With sweat on their face, they appeared to be so beautiful as if they were a prince that came out of a comic . The girls by the court had once again become excited .

“Ah, which class are they from . So good looking!”

“It’s surprising that other than Xu Shao, there’s still such a handsome boy who is even more pretty than a girl . ”


Although Song Ye’s name was known upon entering class one, not many people actually relate that face with that name together . Since it was her purpose to confuse the mass with the face that made her appeared to be ambiguous . But there were so many people in the school . For sure, there will be one or two of them that knew Song Ye . For example, the Wang Han who had rushed over with a towel and a bottle of water, preparing to hand it over to Xu Zi Hang to get his attention .

1 . Rather than “Young master, I’m going to put it as Shao from this point onward cuz young master is not fully explaining the term . The term is more like an informal/causal/joking way of calling a young master, depending on the nature of their relationship .

2 . Originally in the raw, it was actually “with limbs similar to old people” rather than “the bunch of old men” . So, I just change to a bunch of old men to make it funnier