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Published at 25th of November 2019 02:29:17 PM

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 The Heartbeat of the Boy

Wang Han felt that she and Song Ye must have bad blood between them; or else, why would Song Ye always be there to create obstacles for her?

Her fingernails were broken by Song Ye in the toilet yesterday and she still felt the pain when recalling it . She was obviously trying to steal the person she likes away from her from how she was taking the chance to be close to the person she likes through the match . All the old and new grudges burned within Wang Han’s heart .

When she was about to head there to grab her happiness, she then saw a petite and cute girl tugging her sleeve timidly,

“Xue Jie*, do you know Song Ye? Can you help me call for her? I’m her younger sister . ”

Younger sister? Wang Han was startled for a moment . She then stared at the girl beside her, with a suspicious tone:

“You said that you are Song Ye’s sister, but how come the both of you don’t look alike?”

Although the girl looked cute, but when compared to Song Ye, the difference between them is like heaven and earth .

“My, my name is Song Mei Mei and Song Ye is my elder sister, it’s true . I knew that she had just changed from class five to class one, not to mention she had even run away from home too . ”

Song Mei Mei hurriedly explained as she lowered her head, but her face was vicious . What she hated the most was the suspicions in the eyes of other people, which kept on reminding her of how she is not as good looking as Song Ye .

“You said Song Ye ran away from home?”

Regardless of what relationship the girl share with Song Ye, Wang Han was interested in how to humiliate Song Ye after all the things she had gone through . Song Mei Mei’s eyes turned and she pulled Wang Han into a corner as she exaggerated the story . From saying that it was actually Song Ye running away from home to how she beat her own parents and how she had a sugar daddy . She just made her out to be as worse as possible and Wang Han, on the other hand, felt more and more intriguing . Not even bothering to get Xu Zi Hang’s attention, she hurriedly walked away and began to plan things out .

Looking at Wang Han that was walking further and further away, a cold smile appeared on Song Mei Mei’s cute face,

“Stupid woman, just go and do all the hard work by yourself . Song Ye, hehe, don’t you even think you can stand proud without collapsing . ”

Song Ye who was on the basketball court did not know that she was the focus of some people’s thoughts . She finished the match with sweats all over her body and led the boys back to the training ground as a bunch of girls surrounded her to pass her towel and water .

After a week, everyone had become thinner from the training, but they were more vigorous than before and their body endurance became higher as well .

As Yun Hua had no need to go to school, her movements were freer in relative to the others, so she had spent most of her time in the training ground training to the point she would go over her own limit; which had made her have the best stamina after Xu Zi Hang .

After having a habitual basketball match in the evening, Song Ye’s phone rang as she was walking out of the school gate .

She took her phone out and saw that it was a call from Yun Hua . What business did she have with her at this time of the day? Feeling puzzled, she answered the phone and noisy music can be heard from the other side of the phone . The sound of someone breaking things can somehow be heard,

“Yun Jie, where are you?”

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Song Ye stopped in her tracks and her face became darker . From the other side of the phone, the sound of Yun Hua’s rapid breathing sound can be heard . With concerned impatience in her voice,

“Song Ye, I’m now at Yun Street’s Bar Number 4 . There’s someone here who was trying to find troubles with Night Gang and I was marked on the moment I entered . ”

After going through the training lately, Yun Hua had become more calm and mature as she dealt with things . From her voice, it can be seen how grave the situation was .

“Find a place to hide yourself first, I will head there as quickly as I can . ”

On the way, Song Ye explained the situation to the boys . Due to the temperament of Xu Zi Hang and the others, all of them spatted profanities and was about to grab a gun and go .

“News is spreading really quick recently, so we can’t use guns . Entering to save others is the top priority now . ”

Song Ye understood that if shooting cases were to happen now, it will attract the attention of the military . Now that her base is not stable yet, it will be difficult to even get away .

Luckily in this period of time, Xu Zi Hang and the others already treat her as their rightful leader . Since Song Ye had said it, no matter how angry they felt, they can only prioritize the mission .

At the entrance of Yun Street’s bar, there are two hooligans guarding the door . No matter day or night, or how chaotic the inside becomes, as long as no one step out, everything in it will remain unknown and hidden from the outside . This was also the reason why Zhou Zheng dared to traffic the drugs .

Song Ye had Wang Tie Chuan to deal with the two hooligans in front of the door and she led Xu Zi Hang and the others in . As they entered the space with dim lighting, the ear trembling music had even made their hearts beat with the rhythm . When they adapted to it, they can then hear the sound of things crashing from the dancing hall in front .

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“You lead some of the brothers to search through each room, Yun Jie might be hiding nearby . ”

Song Ye deduced the probable location from the distance of the sounds and ordered Xu Zi Hang beside her . Hearing no reply, Song Ye furrowed her brows as she looked into his face . Being stared by the cold glance, Xu Zi Hang then regained his senses and slightly stepped back and answered after half a beat:

“Mmn, okay . Be careful yourself . ”

Song Ye found Xu Zi Hang’s reaction to be weird but she did not have the time to learn about it . She hurried to the dancing hall in front after issuing each person’s mission .

Under the colorful light, Xu Zi Hang placed his hand on his chest and felt the beating of his heart clearly . As the music was so loud that one can only communicate by shouting, Song Ye had leaned over to talk . At that moment, he saw Song Ye’s clean forehead as he lowered his head . The amber-colored eye under the light and the thick and pink lips as she was talking appeared to be dreamy, making his heart beat .

At that moment, he realized how amazing and strong the person in front of him was . Not to mention, she was a girl as well, a girl of the same age as he was .

At the age to fifteen years old that blossoms like a flower, the heartbeat was too sudden to the point he felt at loss . But at this moment he clearly understood how far the distance between him and Song Ye was .

And wanting someone in their thirties not knowing what love is to be aware of the boy’s feeling is clearly impossible . As she was rushing to save people, what happened earlier was forgotten soon after .

The nearer they were to the hall in front, the noisier it becomes . Seems like the number of people is not less .

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Song Ye ducked into the dressing room and changed into the waiter’s attire and had even worn out a baseball hat . After disguising herself, she then openly walked out to the dancing hall . There were more than ten people that came to crash the place .

With watermelon knife in their hand, they were interrogating the brothers while stepping on them .

“Talk, where did the bitch go to? Does she belong to the Night Gang?”

Maybe because they were unable to find her, the hooligans kicked the ones on the ground to vent,

“Pei*, it should be us that’s going to rule after the death of that old fart Zhou Zheng . What’s with this Night Gang, they are not comparable even to those in the West Street . ”

“That’s right, not dared to even show their faces like a bunch of turtles hiding in their shells . If Night Gang does not dare to come out, Yun Street might be better off belonging to those from the West Street . ”

Each of them said so provocatively . As they were feeling great while insulting them, a sudden pang can be heard and shattered glasses scattered on the floor . The hooligan that was having fun earlier had closed his eyes and fallen directly onto the ground .

1 . 学姐 Xue Jie means Senior (female) . But putting Senior in there feels weird, so I place the original pinyin in . What do you guys think, should I leave Xue Jie or Senior?

2 . 呸 Pei is like spatting sound – an action done when you’re looking down on someone/to show your reluctance in complying to them when they are threatening you, depending on the situation
Funnily, it can also be an expression similar to touch wood/saying the wrong thing .

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