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Chapter 126

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At the business plaza, the entire staff was in full swing, rushing about to get their tasks done . The square was surrounded by onlookers who were attracted by the scene, even the traffic police was out monitoring the situation .

Under the arrangement of Zhang Xiaohua, four cameras had been placed in different positions . A camera dolly was set up to let them film the scene more easily, the track for the cameras to move along took more than two hours to lay, the track ran for more than 100 meters . Occupying half of the square, two fire trucks were on standby . The project wasn't too large but it was quite luxurious .

The makeup artist was getting Ling Ming ready inside the trailer and the TSD Troupe had gathered in the square . All the members were wearing summer clothes, they all looked full of youthful vitality .

After the concert at the Tianhe Stadium, the name of the 'TSD Troupe' was now widely known and praised by many as the best dance group in Asia . Of course, this was mainly due to the hype from Ling Ming and advertising of HuaXiang Entertainment .

Xiong Zhuang led 30 security guards around the square . Now that Ling Ming was even more famous and adored, security had to be tightened . Especially in a public place like this .

Zhang Xiaohua was sitting in front of the monitor as a director . Everyone was just waiting for Ling Ming to get in place .

Ten minutes later, Ling Ming slowly walked down from her film trailer . Since it was nearing autumn, the weather had recently taken a cold turn, but Ling Ming still came out wearing only a cool black sleeveless T-shirt with the energy drink logo across her chest, the black tight-fitting shorts she wore left quite a bit of skin exposed .

Seeing Ling Ming appear, the crowd burst into hysterical screams while lifting their phones and snapping photos of her crazily .

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Some of the more enthusiastic fans desperately attempted to rush forward, eager to get closer to Ling Ming . Fortunately, the security personnel and the traffic police blocked them .

Going straight to Zhang Xiaohua, Ling Ming smiled and said: "Boss, I am ready . "

Zhang Xiaohua looked at Ling Ming from top to bottom and said: "Although it is nearly autumn, we have to give off the cool feeling of summer . In the shooting, the fire trucks will spray water on you . You have to be prepared . "

"We are all clear and we are fully prepared, please rest assured boss . " Ling Ming smiled and promised . Two days ago, Zhang Xiaohua gave her and the troupe a heads up . After two days of rehearsal and Zhang Xiaohua's explanation, everyone was already familiar with the plot of the advertisement .

Her song "Feelings" was being used as the background music for the advertisement .

"Okay, hurry and get ready . "


Ling Ming smiled sweetly, then trotting along the way, she walked up to the central position of the square and the dancers dispersed either side of her . All the staff members rushed out of the way . In the end, only Ling Ming was left alone to stand in the center of the square . Her hair fluttered in the wind, on her gentle face was hung a smile, her eyebrows were picturesque, heroic and graceful all at the same time .

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"Everyone get to your stations . "

"3, 2, 1 . . . action!"

Here, Zhang Xiaohua shouted and Ling Ming began to move, with the camera moving along the track to follow her .

When Ling Ming stopped, the makeup artists immediately rushed up to spray some water on her face, making her look sweaty and exhausted .

A staff member was to throw a bottle of the drink and Ling Ming was to catch the bottle, then unscrew the cap, take a swig and pretend that she was suddenly filled with energy . Then, the music would sound and the dancers would rush out from both sides of the square . Each person, holding a bottle in their hands, would then surround Ling Ming and begin singing and dancing with her .

At the same time, two fire trucks would spray water on them . Finally, everyone would shout, "Reckless, you're not you when you're tired, Reckless gives you courage!" Then, the ad would end .

The can was thrown across and Ling Ming leaned forward to catch the bottle, but was too slow to react and the bootle flew past her onto the floor .

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Ling Ming stood stupidly in the same place, watching the bottle roll across the floor, she then immediately looked over to Zhang Xiaohua, obviously afraid that Zhang Xiaohua would be angry .

Zhang Xiaohua smiled a little and didn't care . He picked up the wireless intercom: "Everyone get back into position!"

Seeing that Zhang Xiaohua was not angry, Ling Ming couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief .

With a heavy heart, Ling Ming returned to her position .

After the first shot was successfully completed, the staff once again threw a can and Ling Ming rushed to pick it up, but was still a step too slow, causing the second shot to end in failure again .

Ling Ming's face was bright red and she looked up to Zhang Xiaohua, but she saw that Zhang Xiaohua was still smiling .

"Take the intercom to Ling Ming . " Zhang Xiaohua handed over a spare walkie-talkie to a staff member and ordered .

The staff member trotted over and handed over the intercom to Ling Ming .

Ling Ming put the wireless walkie-talkie tightly to her ear .

"What do you call somebody with no body and just a nose?"

"Uhhh, I don't know, what do you call somebody with no body and just a nose?"

"Nobody knows!"

Ling Ming's face became red and she burst into laughter .

"Boss, that joke was so bad!" Ling Ming's laughter came over the intercom .

"Well you're still laughing aren't you?" Zhang Xiaohua countered .

"I'm gonna ignore you, let's get back to filming . " After Ling Ming said that, she returned the walkie-talkie to the staff member .