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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:58:05 PM

Chapter 173

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At 10 o'clock two days later, Zhang Xiaohua held a meeting in the company to put plans in order for Yang Kun's concert.

In the conference room, Zhang Xiaohua was handing out tasks to everyone and making various arrangements for the upcoming concert. Everyone was listening carefully and recording notes.

When a female staff member came in slowly and whispered to Zhang Xiaohua: "Boss, there are two lawyers here to see you."

"Lawyers?" Zhang Xiaohua squinted his eyes and said to the female staff member: "Let them in."

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Soon, two middle-aged men in suits and appeared in front of Zhang Xiaohua. They were unsmiling and solemn.

They were both known to Zhang Xiaohua, one was Lawyer Wu who had come to cancel Wang Jingwen's contract last time. The other was Lawyer Chen who had come with Yang Kun yesterday.

Seeing this Zhang Xiaohua tensed up.

"Boss Zhang, we meet again" said Lawyer Chen.

Yesterday after the new contract was drafted up, both parties had met up to sign it.

So now seeing Zhang Xiaohua, he didn't hide his sense of superiority. He directly looked down on Zhang Xiaohua with a victorious attitude.

"We are here on behalf of Mr. Yang Kun to cancel the contract he has with your company." Said Lawyer Wu while taking out a bank cheque: "This is the 60 million yuan needed for the cancellation fee."

Hearing all this all the members in the conference room broke out in gasps.

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Breathing in and out deeply, Zhang Xiaohua forced himself to calm down, anger wouldn't solve anything it would just give the other party the upper hand. Losing his temper in front of them, would only make them feel prouder.

Resisting the anger in his heart, Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said: "Don't you have any other tricks than stealing other people's works and accepting ungrateful scum into your company?"

"Boss Zhang, please speak in a way corresponding to your title." said Lawyer Chen

"Mr. Yang Kun has taken the initiative to join us at New Century Entertainment of his own freedom, no one has the right to interfere.

This is very simple, Mr. Yang Kun wants to cancel the contract with your company and we have brought the cancellation fee. So just sign the agreement and accept the money. It's not like you have a choice in this matter so please stop wasting time and get on with it."

As soon as he heard this, Zhang Xiaohua's anger rose by three levels!

If he could, he really wanted to punch the two lawyers, then throw them out of the window.

He couldn't understand what Yang Kun was thinking, he had seen what had occurred with Wang Jingwen.

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After a great effort to calm down Zhang Xiaohua on behalf of the company, decisively signed the termination agreement, then looked at the two lawyers and said coldly: "Leave the money and go."

Although they had achieved their goal the two didn't seem to be willing to leave:

"I have to remind you. From now on, you have no right to interfere with anything involving our client.

Even with the cancellation of the contract. Remember Mr. Yang Kun still retains the rights to his songs. So don't try your old trick again. All of this was stated in the new contract signed by Mr. Zhang and Mr. Yang Kun yesterday. I hope that your company will abide by the contents and the law otherwise our lawyers will be ready to meet you in court."

Zhang Xiaohua couldn't help but frown. He was very clear about the contents of the contract. But seeing the two of them so smug made him unhappy.

With a sneer, he picked up the phone in front of him and connected to the security department and said: "There are two uninvited guests here in the conference room. Please come and escort them out."

Less than 20 seconds later, Xiong Zhuang rushed into the conference room with more than a dozen security guards. He surrounded by two lawyers and fiercely stared them down.

"Send them out"

"Yes, boss!"

The security guards said in unison, the momentum was so powerful that the two lawyers lost their courage in an instant, putting down the 60-million-yuan cheque they made their escape.

"Xiao-Hua, Yang Kun, he..." At Yang Kun's betrayal, Yuan Datong was infuriated and was about to curse but seeing Zhang Xiaohua's brows full of black lines and his fierce expression he stopped himself.

"What should we do now, we still…. what will we do about the concert..." Emma asked quietly.

"We will host it of course, what's there to discuss, although that bastard is gone, we still have Ming'er. We can give the concert to her. If they want a fight we will have one, we will see how they will compete against us then" said Xiaohai loudly with indignation.

"Yes, let's have Ling Ming takeover. Besides, Yang Kun only has the lyrics of the ten songs but without our guidance the ten songs are destined to become trash."

"Yes, he is bound to end up like Wang Jingwen. Watch how he will come back begging."

The others followed suit spouting comments full of anger and spite.

Everyone here had been together under the same roof for so long with Yang Kun watching his journey from a bar singer into a famous singer. Everyone had put in a great deal effort to make this transformation possible. Now he did this….

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