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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:57:30 PM

Chapter 209

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Since this could be solved by money, Zhang Xiaohua sighed and decided to just give in .

"Let's do this . I will add another one million yuan . So that's three million yuan to rent the stadium, and I will send over some money for Chairman Sun's expenses so far," said Zhang Xiaohua hiding the anger in his heart .

Hearing this, Sun Qingdong's attitude changed dramatically . He was all smiles and his tone changed: "Boss Zhang sure is determined . Leave this matter to me . I will talk to the leaders of the General Administration of Sports immediately . I'll call back with good news soon . "

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Xiaohua couldn't help but punch his desk, his eyes were filled with pure anger .

Who the hell did Sun Qingdong think he was fooling? He might be young, but he wasn't an idiot .

Zhang Xiaohua was filled with absolute frustration . He could see through the ploy, but he had no way to retaliate .

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"Send over 1 . 2 million yuan to Sun Qingdong's private account," said Zhang Xiaohua .

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Mi Jia nodded and transferred the money to Sun Qingdong's account .

Not long after they had transferred the money to Sun Qingdong's account, Zhang Xiaohua received another call from him .

"Boss Zhang can rest easy now . I've just had a discussion with the leaders of the General Administration of Sports . They are willing to rent the stadium to your company . You only need to send people over to sign the lease now . "

Hearing Sun Qingdong acting as though he had just done them a great service, Zhang Xiaohua couldn't help but feel nauseous . His face and mouth were twitching .

"Haha . . . I'm happy I could have been of some help to Boss Zhang . If you need anything else in the future, feel free to ask, I will try my best to be of help . "

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"Thank you, Chairman Sun . You can rest assured that I won't forget how much you've 'helped' me," said Zhang Xiaohua with deep meaning, then he directly cut the call .

Since everything was settled, he was too lazy to continue talking nonsense with Sun Qingdong .

. . .

All the preparations were ready . The next thing to do was to quickly take people to the stadium to begin building the stage and start selling the tickets .

"Tell Manager Xu to immediately head over to the General Administration of Sports and sign the lease . Also, inform Zhou Yi to bring over his people and the equipment to the Workers' Stadium . Inform Brilliant Brokerage to begin the ticket sales . And finally, notify Ashima Garments to get the costumes ready . "

An hour later, ticket sales began . Together with the continuous advertising by Vimeo Net and HuaXiang Entertainment, the news that Adu was going to hold a concert was becoming well known .

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However, hearing that Adu was going to hold the concert at the Workers' Stadium surprised many fans!

This was a renowned landmark in the capital: a part of their national image . Many couldn't wait for the concert . Just the experience of going to such a landmark was attractive on its own; let alone having a concert there and with the price of Adu's concert being relatively cheap, fans flocked to buy tickets .

Ticket prices for the top row were only 3,500 yuan . Tickets in the middle and bottom row were cheaper around 2,500 and 1,500 yuan each .

Fans began to lose interest in Yang Kun's concert upon seeing this .

Yang Kun's concert was too expensive even the bottom row tickets were 3,000 yuan .

What's more, as Yang Kun appeared more and more on TV every day, the mystery around him began to fade in the heart of fans .

Also every time Yang Kun appeared, he always sang the same song 'Indifferent' .

Although there was no denying that the song was a classic,but if you had to hear this song everywhere and all the time, it was bound to begin to irritate you .

On the other hand, Adu, had just risen, so the air of mystery still remained around him . Moreover, his low-key and modest attitude, coupled with his emotional songs won the favor of countless people .

Therefore, although ticket sales for Adu's concert had only began three days ago, it attracted countless fans .

When all the hype seemed to have reached it peak, HuaXiang dropped a bombshell: announcing that Ling Ming would be a guest star at Adu's concert where she would perform two new songs .

Upon hearing this news, Ling Ming's fans went crazy . They rushed to buy tickets for Adu's concert, and soon half of the 80,000 tickets were sold .

In contrast, Yang Kun's ticket sales took a dive . Though people continued to purchase them, most were just bottom row tickets since they were cheaper .

Many who had already purchased top row tickets and middle row tickets began to feel regretful . If they had known that Adu was going to have a concert and that ticket prices would be so low, they wouldn't have paid twice as much to watch Yang Kun .

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