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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:57:25 PM

Chapter 214

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Suddenly thinking of an idea, Zhang Xiaohua spun around and shouted:

"Adu, wait . Go change back into your usual clothes . "

Adu who was turning to face Zhang Xiaohua showed a puzzled look, but then nodded and went to change .

Three minutes later, he returned this time wearing casual clothing instead of his costume for the concert .

Zhang Xiaohua looked him up and down then nodded, turning around; he called for a makeup artist, pointing at Adu and said: "Gently smudge his face and mess up his hair . Make him look haggard and grimy so much so that you can't recognize him"

The makeup artist immediately got to work .

Within a few minutes, Adu's previously handsome figure disappeared, and its place appeared a grubby looking man .

If anyone saw him, no one would associate him with the most popular singer nowadays - Adu!

Zhang Xiaohua laughingly pointed at him and said: "Lets go . I have somewhere I want to take you . "

Although he had no clue what Zhang Xiaohua was doing, Adu followed, driven by his belief that no matter what Zhang Xiaohua was doing, there was a reason behind it .

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. . . .

Ten minutes later, Zhang Xiaohua drove into town and parked at the roadside beside the People's Square .

This was one of the most lively places in Tianjing City . It was located in the most prosperous business district of the city center . The square was full of people coming and going, the flow of traffic seemingly endless .

Adu began to feel anxious, wondering why Zhang Xiaohua had dressed him up and brought him here .

Considering Zhang Xiaohua's arrogance, Adu didn't dare to ask questions . He could only act according to Zhang Xiaohua's instructions . Who told him to pick such an eccentric boss?

Zhang Xiaohua observed the crowds of people from the car . He hadn't come here for nothing . Seemingly satisfied, he turned to Adu and said, "Okay . Now get out the car and go and sing . "

" . . . "

Adu was shocked . His hands and his forehead began sweating .

"But Boss, there are so many people out there . I can't go out there looking like this!" said Adu wanting to cry .

"Don't worry, no one will recognize you with the way you look . Haha . . . Even if someone recognizes your voice, they'll probably think that you are just an imitator . Now go out and sing . Make sure you sing loudly, I want you to attract everyone's attention," said Zhang Xiaohua .

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Looking outside and seeing the huge crowd of people in the square, Adu couldn't help but shudder .

"Boss . . . "

"You only have two choices: going out and singing, or I take you back to the company, and we cancel the contract and go our separate ways . " Zhang Xiaohua said in a deadly serious tone .

Steeling his heart, Adu opened the door and got out off the car . He walked straight to the center of the People's Square and stood there unmoving .

Facing this endless flow of people, Adu began to sweat from nervousness . His heart became restless, and his breathing short and haggard .

He stood staring at Zhang Xiaohua as though begging for him to call him back .

But Zhang Xiaohua sat in the car leisurely with a smile on his face .

Adu pitifully took a few deep breaths, slowly closed his eyes and began singing:

"I hide in the car .

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Holding a bottle of champagne

I wanted to give you a birthday surprise

You come closer and closer

But I hear two voices

I couldn't do anything

I was caught off guard

Seeing how close you two were

Seeing this gave me the courage to leave

He must love you very much .

Even more than me

It took only took a minute to break up .

He must love you very much .
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He knows how to please you better than me .

He's not as childish as I am

Unlike me who makes you ashamed~"

Although it was acapella, Adu's hoarse but gentle voice instantly attracted the attention of a large number of people, and soon a crowd formed surrounding Adu .

Of course, what none of them would have guessed was that this unkempt young man singing was actually - Adu!


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