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Chapter 52

Looking at Emma's firm little face, Zhang Xiaohua's heart suddenly produced a warm flush of blood . It travelled along the blood vessels in his body, permeating into the internal organs and gradually warming his whole body . The whole world suddenly brightened for him!

Looking at the bank card on the table, Zhang Xiaohua felt that the card was as heavy as Mount Tai . In Zhang Xiaohua's view, this card is not filled with just money, but care and affection . No amount of money could compare to a friendship like this .

However, Zhang Xiaohua really did not expect that Emma would stand up for himself and help him pay his debts .

Zhang Xiaohua knew that Emma's family was not well-off and her family was building a house . Her parents' health wasn't very good, and she needed the money to help send her younger brother to the college as well . This money was very important for her, but despite all of that, she did not hesitate in using it to help him .

On the contrary, at this time, in the eyes of Zhu Yuncai, Emma's bank card was as light as a feather, without the slightest weight, so he simply ignored it .

Zhu Yuncai looked at Zhang Xiaohua contemptuously and smiled as he said: "One million and you want to send me out? Haha . I'm asking for 5 million . If you don't give it back to me today, I'll let people come here every day to make trouble . "

At this time, Zhang Xiaohua didn't even get a chance to speak back . Yuan Datong's violent temper was instantly stimulated . He took out a bank card and slammed his way to the table: "I still have 300,000 in this card . "

After he finished, he patted Zhang Xiaohua's shoulders gently to indicate his confidence . Then he turned to Xiaohai and co, but he didn't need to speak any words, everyone instantly reached an agreement through their eyes .

They went to Zhang Xiaohua's side, took out their bank cards and put it in front of him . "Boss, we have a total of 4 million here, plus with those from Emma and Yuan Datong, exactly 5 . 3 Million . You can figure it out what you wanna do, we all believe in you!" said Xiaohai .

At the same time, Ling Ming also tossed a roll of change from her pocket . She pulled out a crumpled hundred dollar bill and threw it on the table with her hands . She said: "The boss shouldn't be afraid . I'll help you too . " It made everyone laugh, she truly was a living treasure .

"You guys . . . "

"Don't worry, we are family . "

Zhang Xiaohua was touched and wanted to say something, but Yuan Datong interrupted his words with a smile . The word "family" was enough to explain everything .

Looking around at these friends who didn't even have a bit of a blood relationship between each other, yet treated each other better than their loved ones, Zhang Xiaohua only felt his nose turn sour, and his eyes seemed to have sand in them . He couldn't resist rubbing his wet eyes .

Although Zhang Xiaohua did not want to cry, he was in tears . The tears contained no traces of sadness, they were tears filled with joy . At the same time, he no longer felt lonely or helpless, he could not find a reason feel alone or helpless when he had such a strong backing behind him . The name of this mountain was - Family!

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They all had smiles on their faces, Zhang Xiaohua just remained silent . Instead, he slowly turned his gaze away from them as his pupils seemed to be gradually covered in a layer of ice, exuding a touch of coldness . Sitting on the chair of the boss, he faced Zhu Yuncai with a calm tone: "Take these cards and disappear from our sight . My family has repaid all my debts with you, but don't feel like this is over, snakes never live long . "

Watching Zhang Xiaohua's cold, ruthless eyes, Zhu Yuncai felt chilled, and he could not help but tremble . Moreover, he felt that Zhang Xiaohua had started treating him as a prey .

Under a guilty conscience, Zhu Yuncai did not dare to stay any longer . Not to mention the purpose of the trip had been reached and he had no more reason to continue playing rogue . He took away the bank cards along with a sheet of pincodes and left .

Zhang Xiaohua breathed deeply and rekindled the blazing flames in his eyes, evaporating the icy coldness that lingered in them .

Looking at the smiling faces around the room, Zhang Xiaohua smiled and quipped: "Why do you carry so much money on you? Are you not afraid of being robbed?"

Emma grinned as she said: "I am not afraid of the boss' jokes . This is the first time we have made so much money . One million yuan . I don't feel at ease when I leave it at home . I only feel safe when the card is on my body . These two days I was afraid that I would lose it or it would be stolen, I couldn't even sit on the bus without feeling for it every minute to check . "

"Yeah, since I got the money, I realised how dangerous life is . I have started to notice so many more dangerous thing around me . It's quite strange," said Xiaohai, scratching his head and giggling . The others also shared the same feeling .

Zhang Xiaohua's laughed without words, but in fact he knew it as well .

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Who didn't like money in this world?

Not to mention millions of yuan?

It seemed that Zhang Xiaohua's mind was seen through . Yuan Datong patted his shoulder and smiled as he said, "You don't need to take it to heart . This money is yours, you earned it for us . Now that you are in trouble, how can we sit idly by?"

"Yeah, boss, the money was originally yours, and we knew ourselves . Now that you have fulfilled your promise, letting us experience what it is like to be a millionaire, we have no regrets . If the company makes money later, just give us our share according to the normal distribution ratio . " Emma said with a smile, although others did not speak, they silently nodded .

Zhang Xiaohua was very grateful to God for having met this group of good brothers and sisters .

And Ling Ming, he really did not misread her, at a critical moment she was actually so loyal .

But from the boss' point of view, Zhang Xiaohua would not let anyone in his company lose everything .

He had promised to let them become millionaires, so the money was theirs . Just now he was in debt, but they helped him repay it . How could this be allowed?

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Where was his majesty as the boss?

"You can rest assured that the money I borrowed from you will be returned in double next time . " Zhang Xiaohua promised generously .

Upon hearing this, Yuan Datong felt happy, the hippie smiled and said: "Then you owe me 800,000 yuan next time . "

Zhang Xiaohua's face sank and he immediately replied, shouting, "What are you going on about? Your card only had 300,000 RMB on it, why should I repay you 800,000?"

"Aren't you saying double reward?" Yuan Datong eloquently .

"Yeah, that's only 600,000 . Not 800,000 yuan?" Zhang Xiaohua justified himself .

"Brother, it seems you forgot that I paid the deposit for TSD Troupe . That was 100,000 yuan, double that is 200,000 yuan, plus the money from the card makes 800,000 RMB . "

"That was helping people in the company? What's more, you're the general manager . Can you be more generous? Can you not be so stingy? After all, it's only 100,000 yuan . Even if I give it to you, do you actually need it?"

"Yes!" Yuan Datong answered

They couldn't help but follow the frolic, the company suddenly became a mess . A constant burst of joy and laughter once again .