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Published at 27th of April 2019 11:16:40 PM

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Gone with the Wind!

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Underneath the hole, as he goes further, there is no light and it was so dark that Gao Ge can't see his fingers . The only thing he can see is where the small blue light on the head of Ghost Light Snake shines . Gao Ge is like the ship lost in the sea, while Ghost Light Snake is like a lighthouse .


For a long time, Gao Ge is not the kind of people who lack the spirit of adventure .


Even if in his previous life, he was an ordinary person and had no advantages, but he still dared to venture to find opportunities .


Now he is more willing to take risks .


It is impossible to survive if he hides in a cave . He doesn't want to resign to his fate .


Gao Ge is a man who takes the initiative, just like he had been thinking about killing Lyu You before . Before Lyu You injured Yue Xincheng, he had decided to kill Lyu You . Why he had such an idea was because he had known that Lyu You wanted to kill him and Yue Xincheng .


Excepting Xia Lu to protect him?


Xia Lu has the ability to protect him, but Gao Ge doesn't want to be protected by her .


He always feels that it is very stupid to put his hopes on others .


He has been adhering to this concept all the time .


He has an intuition that the appearance of the Ghost Light Snake was like the hand that reaches into the water to catch the drowning person . No matter how others think, Gao Ge feels it is an apt description .


He has been panting as if he has walked dozens of miles, but he has a sense of excitement .


He can feel that he is walking through a narrow tunnel .


There is no light except the blue light on the head of Ghost Light Snake .


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In fact, he has fallen for many times, but he always gets up at once . His clothes have broken and there are many wounds on his body, but there is no time to think about it . He doesn't dare to let the Ghost Light Snake leave his sight . What he can do is to catch up him as possible as he can .


Fortunately, Ghost Light Snake is not very fast, and he can keep up .


He guessed that Ghost Light Snake is also very depressed .


Damn it! Did I hurt him? Why is he chasing me so closely?


Have I bitten your Daddy? Have I killed your Daddy?


Gao Ge does not know what Ghost Light Snake thinks . He only knows that he will have the opportunity to get out of here as long as he runs with the Ghost Light Snake .


At last--


The Ghost Light Snake stops . Its body is shaking, like a cluster of ghost fire swaying .


Its rocking body seems to yell at Gao Ge:


Would you please stop chasing? I'm home!


Gao Ge also stops and frowns . Suddenly, he has a bad feeling .


He has always believed in his instincts, because logic may deceive him, but intuition can never deceive himself . It sounds absurdity, but many a great scientist are crying that the highest state of science is theology .


Is intuition related to theology? Maybe it's a little far-fetched .


Suddenly, Gao Ge's eyelids twitch .

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He is shocked to discover that the blue light in front of him now becomes two .




Has the motorcycle become a Land Rover?


Before Gao Ge figure it out, the third blue light has appeared .


And the fourth one, the fifth one .


In the end, the faint blue light is already dense, like lots of blue worms crowd together . If Gao Ge has Trypophobia, he may be crazy and pinches his philtrum .


Gao Ge doesn't lack imagination .


At the very least, he can think of what the situation is .




This bastard is really home .


He subconsciously takes a step back .


He is freak out .


Honestly, Ghost Light Snakes are precious medicinal materials . At the very least, eat them can consolidate the strength . For the cultivators, they are definitely valuable . But that's too much, he can't eat them all .


Now Ghost Light Snake are not food, he is .

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Gao Ge has regretted it .


If he can choose, he would rather be eaten by the Thunder Tiger than to be eaten by these Ghost Light Snakes .


It is probably the most vicious curse that a man falls into the snake's nest .


Thinking carefully, he has not offended anyone since he was born again .


Em . . .


Strictly speaking, he must be cursed by Lyu You who has been eaten by the Thunder Tiger .


Huff! Damn Lyu You!


In the face of such a situation, to be honest, Gao Ge even doesn't want to escape . After all, if the Ghost Light Snake didn't guide him, he might have fallen down and had been eaten by the Thunder Tiger before he stood up . In this case, he had better stop running and clap hands for the big Ghost Light Snakes . That might be a better end of him .


However, to his surprise, those snakes don't attack .


This is a very strange confrontation . After all, the strength of the two sides is hugely different . As long as they attack, Gao Go must die, but these snakes do not act . It seems that they are afraid of something .


Suddenly, from the depths of the cave, there was a bright blue light .




There is a loud explosion .


For a moment, Gao Ge can feel that the cave is shaking as if it is falling down .


That dazzling blue light moves fast, and after the big sound, there is thunder .


In the cave, there is thunder! That is really scary .


At that moment, the dark cave was as bright as day . When Gao Ge sees clearly the intensive Ghost Light Snakes in front of him, he gets goose pimples . If there is someone who is still calm when facing such a scene, he will kneel and sing "Being Conquered" for him .


Unexpectedly, those Ghost Light Snakes just flee instead of attacking him . Soon they have disappeared .


He did not understand why those snakes are so timid and are frightened by a clap of thunder . That doesn't make sense! Ghost Light Snakes always seek revenge for the smallest grievance and it should be understandable if they rush over and kill him .


However, Gao Ge, at this time, did not have the thrill of surviving a disaster .


He is deeply worried .


Besides, he is very curious about what the thunder is . Why does it scare so many Ghost Light Snakes away?


In his previous life, he had never heard of such a World of Mystery in the Mount Duanlong .


Suddenly, Gao Ge's pupils shrink again .


The wind is whistling .


In this cave that he does not know its structure, he listens to the wind and waits for the wind .


Finally . . .


Gone with the wind!

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