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Published at 9th of June 2019 09:13:00 AM

Chapter 44

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Snow country…

Currently, Kirito who is wearing a warm cloth is walking right behind Koyuki while keeping a safe distance .

Koyuki suddenly stopping walking and then turned toward Kirito to ask with a smile "Your name is Kirito right??? "

"Yes, princess . " Kirito said with a neutral face .

"Say do you want to become friends with me??? " Miyuki asked with hope after looking at Kirito properly .

As she lives in the castle and rarely able to meet someone at the same age as herself, she has never been able to make friends with anyone but after meeting with Kirito who looks almost the same age as her or a little younger she has some hope though he has a weird hair color but she doesn't mind it that much .

"If princess doesn't mind I will be happy to become your friend . " Kirito replied with a smile looking at Koyuki .

Looking at the smile on Kirito's face Koyuki's heart skipped a bit and her face became red for a moment feeling this unknown feeling she turned around and started running toward the market without replying .

'What happened just now!!!  ' Thinking this Kirito started flowing right behind Koyuki .



Currently, Naruto is still practicing the first step of Swift release in the training ground 7 .

"Try to move a little faster kid… " Saito suddenly came behind him and said while slapping Naruto on the head .

"Come on sensei I am doing this from last week and nothing changed . " Naruto complained stopping on his truck .

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"and you still can't avoid a single incoming log . " Saito said with a neutral face .

"That's because there are so many and you did something weird to me the day I start the training . " Naruto complaint because he starts feeling weak ever since he starts practicing Swift release .

"That is because I want your body to become stronger a little bit before we move to the next step of the training… " Saito said while putting his hand behind Naruto's back after making some hand seals and said "Release "

"What did you do to me sensei???  " Naruto asked confused by the sudden change in his body as he started feeling a lot stronger than before .

"That is not important now show me the results of your training . " Saito said with a nod looking at Naruto from whom he felt a lot of change in the body .

"Just watch me . . . " Naruto said and started running very fast as he has never before .

Upon getting released from the seal which was restricting the flow of his chakra and weakening him he has finally gone the furthest way ever after starting his training till now .

'Looks like he is ready for the next step of his training… ' Looking at Naruto who almost arrived at the finish line without getting thrown away by a log suddenly Saito thought with full of smile on his face .

"Not again… " Naruto shout out getting smashed by a huge log and falling in the water .

"Looks like I need to make the training a litter harder . " Saito said while healing Naruto .


Hyuga compound . . .

Inside the training building…

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Currently, Hinata and Neji are fighting against each other .

"Brother Neji stop holding back against me . . .  " Hinata said with a serious tone while throwing a palm strike against Neji .

"Are you sure Hinata . " Neji asked with a serious tone and he was holding back because he didn't want to hurt Hinata .

"Yes, I am Sure and I want to get stronger so if you hold back like that against me then how will I be able to get stronger . " Hinata said with a serious nod .

"Alright, here I come, prepare yourself Hinata . " Neji said while jumping back two steps behind and taking a new battle stance .

"I will also try my best . " Hinata said while taking a new battle stance against Neji .

After just 4 rounds of a clash, Hinata was thrown away from her spot and falls on the wooden floor .

"Hinata!!! " Hiashi quickly rushed toward her daughter to inspect if she is alright .

"Hinata!!! " Feeling that he strike without proper care Neji also went closer to see if anything was wrong .

"Neji!!! " Hizashi shouted toward his son angrily for his sudden did .

"It's ok I am fine father… " Hinata said while standing up before anyone could help her and said looking at Neji with a serious face "I need to get stronger to defeat you . " and in her mind, she thought 'also to stand beside him . '

While the clan elders were looking at everything from the side with a serious look while agreeing in one thought "It is about time we put the seal on Neji . "

"Yes, you are right 3rd elder . " The 5th elder said with a serious nod .

"Yes the kid got enough strength and he might cause trouble in the future . " 1st elder .

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"What's more he even hurt Lady Hinata and calls her by her name directly such . . . "


Nara compound…

Shikaku and Shikamaru are playing shogy .

"I finally win against you, dad… " Shikamaru said while putting a price forward .

"Do you really think you own . " Shikaku said with a smile while putting his pice forward .

"Not again!!! " Shikamaru said with a shout looking at the bord and asked "How can I never win against you, dad??? " with frustration .

"That is because you need to go a lot way before you can defeat me . " Shikaku said while putting his hand on his beard .

"*sigh~* What a drag… " Shikamaru said and looked seriously at Shikaku then said with another sigh "You know the other day Naruto told me he is also learning his clan jutsu just like us…"

"Did he told you what is the name of the jutsu??? " Shikaku asked with interest though he knows Naruto and Kirito are learning from Saito sensei but didn't know the details .

"He said something like the Swift Release… " Shikamaru said with a confusing tone and tried to know if his dad knows anything about it because he has never heard about it before .

"Swift release huh . Saito Sensei is really teaching him such a strong jutsu at that age . " Shikaku said with a frown .

"Say dad is it really true that swift release is stronger than our shadow possession jutsu??? " Shikamaru asked seriously .

"It depends upon who is using the jutsu . " Shikaku said with a neutral tone looking at the clouds .

"Stop looking clouds and come inside the dinner is ready . " while they were looking at the clouds lazily and sighing from time to time heard a loud angry from Shikamaru's mom from inside the house .


Land of snow…

After eating some ramen with Kirito Koyuki came out of the shop and started moving towards the pet shop .

"Princess are we going toward the per shop??? " Kirito asked looking at the shop in front of them .

"Yes we are and for the last time, I am telling you to stop calling me princess and call me Koyuki . " Koyuki said angrily .

"No, I am sorry princesses I can't call you by your name that will be dishonorable to you . " Kirito said quickly shaking his hands .

"Didn't you say earlier we are friends now??? " Koyuki asked with a serious face and little bit anger looking at Kirito .

"Yes, I did . " Kirito gave a simple nod as he said that while paying the bills for ramen and saying that as her friend he should pay the bill .

"Then call me by my name if you think we are friends . " Koyuki said with a demanding tone .

"But . . " Kirito said with a shaking tone .

"There is no need for hesitation, after all, I am not going to feel discovered and I will feel dishonored if you call me princess even after me asking you all this time . " Koyuki said with a sad face .

"Fine, I will call you by your name Koyuki . " Kirito said with a sigh .

"Good now let's go I heard there is a rare kind of pet they found and we will find it in that shop . " Koyuki said and started dragging Kirito with her to the shop .

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