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Published at 14th of June 2019 09:00:09 PM

Chapter 67

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Hyuga Compound…

Clan Head's house…

As the White smoke cleared a beautiful sweater made of sheep wool came in everyone's view . The color of the dress is white and red and blue colored flowers on it and the color of the hoodie of the sweater is also blue which it looks like a big red rose from outside while the inner side is covered with white fur to make it even warmer in the cold . The buttons are golden red color on the sweeter to make it even more beautiful . Though it is sweeter it also looks like a long coat some ways and beside the dress, there is also a golden snake-like Dragon hairpin with shiny blue glowing gems like eyes on the hairpin to make it look more lifelike .

After looking at the dress Hinata exclaimed with a happy smile and said with excitement "So beautiful ~ . " while thinking 'I knew it Kirito-kun won't let me down, mine is really more beautiful than sister Ayame's sweeter . '

'It really is beautiful sweeter and I don't think I saw such . a beautiful sweater in my life . ' Hinako thought inwardly while looking at the dress then she looked at Kirito with surprise and added in her mind 'I wonder where Kirito-chan got this dress from and I think I would also like to have one . ' then she looked at her husband .

'He might have got it from outside and from the look and build quality it must be very expensive . ' Hiashi thought looking at the dress then he felt someone is looking at his direction then turned at the side just to see his wife looking at him with shining eyes as he understood what she means and thought with a sigh 'Now where would I get it from!!?~ '

'And Ino and her friend were arguing over their dress the other say . ' Shikamaru thought looking at the dress with interest .

'The cookies are so good~ . ' Choji thought while biting the cookies and added looking at everyone with a smile 'Go one look at that dress more and I will be finished . Gehehe~~ '

'Why does mine looks so simple and normal now??! ' Naruto thought comparing his and Hinata's sweeter .

'And earlier you were bosting now look Ledy Hinta's sweeter is much better compared to yours . ' Neji thought mockingly as he looked at Naruto and a proud smile appeared on his face after a nod .

"So what do you think? "Kirito asked with satisfaction looking at everyone's reaction in the room .

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"Can I try it now? " Hinata asked with excitement in her tone .

"Yes go ahead after all this is for you Princess . " Kirito replied with a smile .

"I will be back soon . " Hinata said and quickly went toward her room to change the dress though she could wear it right here she decided to put her old one in the right place .

After Hinata left the room Hinako asked "Where did you get it from son? " with a curious smile as she also wanted a similar kind one because the design is so beautiful and as a woman how can she let it be .

"Oh when I was in the land of snow I got it while I was strolling in the market as you know the land is cold the whole time of the year so the price of this kind of clothes are very low and I thought I should buy soen for cold and while I was at it I bought some extra . "Kirito explained normally .

'Yes, it explains everything after all in the land of snow they can't use different designs of clothes so they would make good desire winter clothes . ' Hiashi nodded after thinking until then .

As they were discussing Hinata finally came back with her new dress with a smile on her face as he entered the room she said with an excited tone "How do I look? "

"Honey come over here let me fix your hairpin . " Hinako said with a nod while looking at Hinata and while looking at her while fixing the hairpin she thought 'How cute but I won't be able to see you grow up but I am glad she found someone she likes and the good thing is I saw him before I left her . Sigh . '

After everything was over they decided to leave as the outside started getting dark .

When everyone almost went out Hinako suddenly called for Kirito .

"Do you need me for something Aunty? " Kirito asked with a curious toen as everyone is waiting for him outside .

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"Yes, I wanted to request you something . " Hinako said with a serious tone .

"What is Aunty please tell me and I promise if I can help you with anything I will do it . " Kirito replied with a serious tone .

"Good . " Hanko said with a serious tone than added "Then promise me you will always protect Hinata and never let her become sad? "

"Sure I will try my best . " Kirito said with a smile because he didn't felt it would be that hard besides he also didn't think he would make her sad no not only her none of his friends .

"Thank you, son . " Hinako said with a satisfied smile .

"Oh, right I forgot to give you this . " Kirito said and handed her a sealing scroll while thinking 'Thought I bought it for my mother but as she isn't with me I will give it to you because… '

"This is? " Hinako asked with surprise .

"There is a sweeter which I got before and it should be your size . " Kirito said with a nod .

"But… " Before Hinako could say something "Kirito we are getting late will you hurry??? " a shout came from outside of the house .

"See you later Aunt Hinako . " With that Kirito went out of the house .

"Why did mom called you Kirito-kun??? " Hinata asked with curiosity looking at Kirito .

While Hinata and Neji are busy saying goodbye to their friends Hiashi stood beside his wife and feeling her husband beside her Hinako asked with a gentle tone "So what do you think of him? "

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"I know what you are thinking but the clan . " Hiashi replied with a sigh .

"Yes I know but I still want my daughter to be happy . " Hinako said with a gentle smile looking at the happy faces of the kids .

"Don't worry I will try my best to do whatever I can . " Hiashi said with a gentle smile looking at his wife .

"Yes, I believe you, dear . " Hinako said while putting her head on her husband's shoulder .

After Kirito gave Neji a white sweater from storage which didn't have any design he left with his friends from Hyuga compound .


As the 4 kids appeared near the crossing from where they will go their separate way Kirito gave Shikamaru a green sweater and Choji a red one .

"Thanks, I like it . " Shikamaru said with a smile .

"Though I like it still if you gave me something to eat it would have been better . " Choji said with a nod .

"Also can you give this dress to Ino when you met her . " Kirito said while taking out a dress not anyway worst than Hinata's .

"Leave it to us . " Shikamaru said with a serious tone .

After saying goodbye they went their separate way .


Twins house…

After coming back to his home this time Kirito was really surprised finding the room clean and looked at Naruto as if he can't believe he is really the same brother he left behind months ago .

"I know what you are thinking but believe me I didn't want to clean the room but Sensei came the other day and told me he will punish me if I don't clean the room . " Naruto said with an annoyed tone looking at Kirito .

"No wonder . " Kirito said with a nod .

"What did you say??? " Naruto asked angrily .

"Nothing . " Kirito replied with a simple tone than added getting serious "Anyway how was your training this past month? "

"You won't believe how much I improved . " Naruto replied with a smile .

"Really . " Kirito said with a mocking smile looking at his elder brother because Naruto said the same thing the time as well .

"Yes, you can try if you want? " Naruto said with confidence .

"Fine, I will see when I return back next time . " Kirito said with a smile and added, "Ok come here I want to show you something . "

"What is it??? "

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