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Chapter 1541

“You…” Ding Xiadong’s face reddened like a ripe tomato .

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The last time, he was beaten up by Old Luo . Then Chen Xiaobei took a toll on Xingxiu faction by denouncing them, and making things worse, he then extorted 100,000 Spiritual Stones out of them .

This matter had become the butt of jokes in China’s Jianghu .

Chen Xiaobei touched a sore spot, slapping Ding Xiawu in the face with his arrogant chatter . .

“Great faction leader Ding!” Chen Xiaobei grinned . “I have a little bit of medical skills… based on your vital force, I can tell that your injuries have yet to heal completely! You better go back and take a good sweet rest . What if something happens to you in the tomb? It would be a great loss you know, if you die suddenly!”

“You… You are the one who’ll die suddenly!” Ding Xiadong roared . “I will make you a dead man now!”

The dispute quickly caught the attention of everyone surrounding them . All eyes were on the two, and people began to whisper amongst themselves .

“This is going to be a good show! Xingxiu God is going to kill Chen Zhufeng!”

“Isn’t Chen Zhufeng supposed to be very powerful? Why is the Xingxiu God so brave?”

“Powerful my ass! Chen Zhufeng has powerful people backing him up! Now that they are not here, he’ll die for sure!”

“Even if Ding Xiadong doesn’t make a move, the Anti-bei Alliance will do so when the tomb is opened . It’s a dead end for Chen Xiaobei wither way!”

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“Chen Xiaobei is so brave huh! He knows that this is a ‘Feast at Hongmen’, and yet he still came!”

“That’s not bravery! That’s recklessness to the stupidest extent! Dumbass! Just watch . The Xingxiu God might be able to kill Chen Xiaobei with one stike!”

The majority of the thousands of people agreed that they were about to witness Chen Xiaobei’s death .

“Dipshit! Do you have any last words? You better say them now!” Ding Xiadong spat .

“Last words?” Chen Xiaobei shrugged . “Do you think that you have the ability to kill me?”

Chen Xiaobei was obviously unafraid of this threat . First of all, Ding Xiadong was still recovering from his previous injuries, and secondly, Chen Xiaobei had Osnur inside his Verdant Emperor’s Divine Gourd . Even if they did eventually break into a fight, Chen Xiaobei would still be unafraid .

Unfortunately, Ding Xiaodong knew nothing of that, so he continued, “I say this before the heroes of the world: if you are not dead today, I will bang my head on the wall until I kill myself!”

“Hehe!” Chen Xiaobei’s heart did not even skip a beat at this threat .

He already had the Verdant Emperor’s Divine Gourd in one hand, ready to release Osnur at any time, and kick Ding Xiadong’s ass!

Suddenly, Liu Xuanxin stood in front of Chen Xiaobei . “Stop it!”

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This girl did not know about Chen Xiaobei’s trump card, so out of worry for him, she ignored her Shijies’ protests and pushed her way to the front .

“Huh?” Ding Xiadong snorted . “What are you? How dare you block me?”

Because Liu Xuanxin was wearing a mask, her young voice made the senior Ding Xiadong address her with contempt .

After all, he was the faction leader of a high-rank reclusive ancient faction . He had demigod strength and he was not about to give face to a youngster .

“I am the seventh disciple of Ancient Tomb faction!” Liu Xuanxin said politely . “Please give face to our faction leader, Long Zishan and let’s talk this out!”

“Long Zishan? Hmph! Me? Give face to Long Zishan? Who will give face to me then?”

Ding Xiaodong had just made a public declaration before the heroes of the world, that if he did not kill Chen Zhufeng today, he would kill himself instead!

If he gave Zishan face and not kill Chen Xiaobei, he would be simply be putting his reputation at stake!

“I…” Liu Xuanxin was dumbstruck . She did not know what to do from then on .

“Lucky Goddess, go back to your Shijie . Don’t worry about what’s happening here!” Chen Xiaobei said .

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“No! If I’m here, Ding Xiadong would have something to worry about! If I leave, you’re dead!” Liu Xuanxin said stubbornly .

“Hahaha! Who do you think you are, little girl? Why would I be worried about you? That’s the stupidest joke I’ve ever heard!” Ding Xiadong mocked . “Even if your precious Sifu comes, I won’t be the least bit worried! If you don’t get out of my sight in three seconds, I will kill you too!”

Fear flashed in Liu Xuanxin’s eyes . She could sense the murderous intentions oozing out of the now very angry Ding Xiadong . If she did not step aside, she would be one to die .

But Li Xuanxin stood her ground . She had already made up her mind, and she was going to defend Chen Xiaobei to the death!

“Goddess, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Xiaobei asked . “Our relationship has not reached that level yet, right? Have you really fallen for me?”

“Stop that nonsense! How could you still joke at a time like this?” Liu Xuanxin scolded .

Clearly, Chen Xiaobei was still unaware of the intimacy that had happened between them .

The last time when Chen Xiaobei rescued her, it had already taken root in her heart and occupied a very important spot! By breaking the one last barrier between them, they would become the most intimate of lovers .

That was exactly why Liu Xuanxin was willing to protect Chen Xiaobei even if she had to die .

“It looks like you don’t plan to move! Then go to hell with Chen Zhufeng!” Ding Xiadong was not joking . His Ethereal Force was at the ready to kill both Liu Xuanxin and Chen Xiaobei!

“Faction leader Ding! Please have mercy!” Ancient Tomb’s elder Shijie screamed . “Little Qi is my Sifu’s favourite disciple . If you kill her, our Sifu will definitely not let you off the hook!”

“Hmph! Stop using Long Zishan to try and stop me! She’s nothing to me!” Ding Xiadong did not stop, but his Ethereal Force got more and more powerful – ready at the palms to strike at Liu Xuanxin and Chen Xiaobei at full force .

“Stupid girl! Why aren’t you running away?!” Chen Xiaobei grabbed Liu Xuanxin and brought her to his chest, using his own body to protect her .

“If you’re going to die, let’s die together!” Liu Xuanxin said bitterly, but firmly .

“Don’t worry! I won’t let you die!” Chen Xiaobei had one arm around Liu Xuanxin and the other raising the Verdant Emperor’s Divine Gourd .

“Xingxiu old dog! Who gave you the balls to kill my disciple?!”

Suddenly, an explosive voice of a woman shouted . The owner of the voice stood in front of Chen Xiaobei and Liu Xuanxin, and then countered Ding Xiadong’s attack with a slap!

Rumble! Rumble!

A purple Ethereal Force burst open and came head to head with Ding Xiadong’s Ethereal Force .

Two demigods crossing swords was like a meteor slamming into earth . The explosion was tremendous, tearing the ground, and sending people with lower cultivation toppling over .

What happened next was beyond everyone’s imagination!

The purple Ethereal Force penetrated and struck Ding Xiadong in the chest, causing the old man to eject blood from his mouth .