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Chapter 1542: 1542


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Ding Xiadong was sent flying away at lightning speed – like a meteor crashing into the wall of a mountain . Both them were the faction leaders of ancient factions . Both of them were demigods . Still, Ding Xiadong was defeated even before he could realize it . Even though Ding Xiadong had no visible injuries on him, it was still the cold hard truth that there was a huge gap in power between them!

“The Xingxiu God has been defeated by only a single strike… This… This is truly unbelievable…”

“Who… Who is that person… Too damn powerful! With that kind of strength, I think the person might be as powerful as the faction leader of Kunlun Faction itself!”

“Could… Could she be the leader of Ancient Tomb Faction, Long Zishan?”

Thousands of people were left in shock . Their eyes were glued to the woman that appeared out of nowhere . The way they stared at her was enough to tell that they had deep respect for her . Apart from her powerful presence, she had an apperance that no one else expected . She looked like she was only in her twenties . Her skin was fair and there was not a single wrinkle on her face; truly a masterpiece from the gods . Her perfect facial features had made her glow like a goddess and she was wearing a long purple dress with wide sleeves . Like a white stork floating in the wind, her dress had perfectly depicted her untainted temperament!

“She… She’s your Sifu?” asked Chen Xiaobei, shocked .

“You pervert! Let go of me!”

Immediately, Liu Xuanxin pushed Chen Xiaobei away . Clearly, she was green with jealously when Chen Xiaobei had his eyes fixed on another woman .

“Huh?? Why am I suddenly a pervert now?”

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“You are staring at my Sifu in a perverted manner! What are you if not a pervert?!”

“Huh… My lady! What kind of stare are you talking about? I was shocked by how she looks! This is not a perverted stare! All the disciples of Ancient Tomb Faction are addressing her as an elder, and my friend told me that your faction has stayed hidden for 300 years! I did not expect that she has such a youthful look on her! It’s only normal that I’m shocked!”

Seemingly, Chen Xiaobei was telling the truth here . In that moment, Chen Xiaobei was not the only one that was shocked by her look . Everyone else present had mututal feelings .

“Little Qi, are you okay?”

Long Zishan turned around and looked Liu Xuanxin . The way she talked revealed her matured presence that did not match her young looks .

“I’m fine!”

Immediately, Liu Xuanxin ran to Long Zishan and ignored Chen Xiaobei .

Long Zishan then took a look at Chen Xiaobei and asked, “So, you are Chen Zhufeng?”

“Yes . I’m Chen Zhufeng from Bei Xuan Faction! Elder Long, thank you so much for helping me just now!”

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“My intention was to save Little Qi! Not you!”


Struck with awkwardness, Chen Xiaobei did not expect that he would be snapped with such an ice-cold reply .

“Sifu, can we bring Faction Leader Chen with us? Emperor Qin’s tomb is a dangerous place! It’s good to have one more friend to look out for us!” asked Liu Xuanxin in meekness .

Before Long Zishan could anything about it, everyone around them started to put on their displeased look . As for the people in Anti-Xiaobei Alliance, they began to feel worried . Things could get really complicated if Chen Xiaobei became Long Zishan’s ally .

The Werewolf Emperor Dio, was constantly staring at Chen Xiaobei . It seemed like he was deep in thought . In the end, the disciples from Five Swords Mountain and Ancient Tomb Faction shook their heads in disappointment and came out with words to show that they were strongly against it .

“Sifu! Don’t bring that kid along with us! He’s not even powerful enough to help us! Yet, he has managed to make plenty of enemies! Remember that he almost killed Little Qi . Bringing him with us is no different from carrying a bomb with us!” said the Elder Shijie of Ancient Tomb Faction .

“I’m the young lord from Five Swords Mountain Alliance, Feng Bucun! Greetings, Faction Leader Long!”

Suddenly, a handsome young man went to greet Long Zishan with both of fists being put together in a polite gesture . Not only was this young man extremely good looking, he was also a very powerful figure in Jianghu as well . He could be considered as one of the most eligible bachelors around . The moment he spoke, a couple of female disciples of Ancient Tomb Faction started to blush, falling instantly for him . However, Long Zishan did not even lay her eyes on him . Considering that she did check Chen Xiaobei out from head to toe just now, it seemed like Chen Xiaobei was someone that mattered more to her .

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“Elder Long! I have mentioned to Lady Fang that we should form a temporary alliance when we explore Emperor Qin’s tomb . I just hope that you won’t bring someone useless with you!”

Lady Fang was the Elder Shijie of Ancient Tomb Faction, Fang Yin!

“Sifu! Five Swords Mountain are really powerful! They are well prepared for this operation! I believe that we can benefit greatly from them if we join forces and team up!”

Long Zishan would ignore Feng Bucun but she would never ignore Fang Yin .

“This time, you are supposed to look for your golden opportunity during this trip! Since that’s the case, you can do whatever you want from now on! It’s up to you to make the decision! It could end up good, bad, or nothing at all! The choice is yours . ”

Immediately, Fang Yin and a few other disciples joined Feng Bucun .

“Sifu, how about you? Are you coming with us?” asked Fang Yin .

“I will not join forces with anyone!” replied Long Zishan .

Upon hearing her decision, Fang Yin and the rest of them were left in disappointment . The one who was most disappointed was definitely Liu Xuanxin . Now, she knew that her Sifu would never agree to bring Chen Xiaobei with them . To her, Chen Xiaobei was now surrounded by potential enemies . If Long Zishan chose not to bring Chen Xiaobei with her, that would have meant that Chen Xiaobei would most likely end up dead in the end!

“Little Qi! How are you going to choose? Are you going to follow me or follow that someone over there…?” asked Long Zishan . It was as if she knew what Liu Xuanxin had in her mind .


“She will follow you, Elder Long! This girl is really clumsy! I don’t think I can take care of her!” said Chen Xiaobei .

“You are the clumsy one here! You have no right to make the decision for me!” said Liu Xuanxin .

“He’s afraid that he will drag you down along with his troubles!” said Long Zishan .

After hearing that and a realization struck her, Liu Xuanxin was filled with joy . She did not expect that Chen Xiaobei would make such sweet move for her .

“All’s done now! It’s getting late! Let’s take out the key to open the tomb together!” said Chen Xiaobei .