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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:30 PM

Chapter 10

No, is this not enough for you guys?

The genius of these kids is too much to be wasted .

Living in the rural countryside, it could be said to be more than enough .

It'd be enough if you create fire to heat a cup of coffee of create ice to use in a refrigerator . If sister's powers were used on a goblin, he'd be turned to ash or made into a statue of ice in a flash .

Tota's wind and thunder are similar . His blood would boil and he'd be cut to shreds . Even Orcs would die .

Moreover, that could be considered excessive even if my power is ten times greater .

Really, what kind of people are they . Aren't these kids a bundle of possibility? No, they're a chunk of talent . My honor and dignity is seriously in crisis here, enough to make me cry . Without my three skills, I'd be completely outclassed!

"Big Brother?"

Oops . Calm down, me, Calm down . Think cool, be cool . I'm the embodiment of a person who can do anything . I'm their teacher . I need to make myself look resolute and composed .

"Hm… barely passible . "

I'm not jealous . As an older brother, I must always keep a firm tone with my siblings . Don't get me wrong .

"Well, today, I'll teach you image control . "

"…Image… What kind of thing is that?"


Both of them were tilting their heads to the side . Fuck . I just used words that don't exist in this world again .

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There is also the difficulty of teaching an eight-year-old and a five-year-old with easy-to-understand words, but there is a limit to the vocabulary of this world . Because there is no substitute word, it becomes difficult to talk with people in the village when it comes to words from my previous life . When I saw blank looks I'd say "This world sucks sometimes . " No, it was probably the same in my previous life .

"Oh, that's right, it's a lesson where think in your head and make it move . "

Neither face shows any understanding . Seriously, this education sucks .

"Well, the best thing to do is show you . "

Pointing my finger upward and concentrating my magical power at my fingertips, I created fire .

"You can now convert magical power into fire and wind, but that is only the first step . Something like a newborn goat standing for the first time . It's a mere step in the path of magic . "

The path to dignity is also performed one step at a time . They'll need to learn more than their brother first!

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"First up, Sepuru . "

Saying this, I moved my index finger from right to left, creating a line of fire . I moved it down . Then I moved it from right to left, and continued on .

The square is completed with fire .

"I previously taught you how to release magical power from your body… the Application of it… this can be done by changing that power . Tota, look at this whirlwind . "

Although, he could see the whirlwind in my right hand, I swayed my right hand uncertainly .

"Well, look!"

I erased the square of fire, and I created a streak of wind like a thin CD with the power to slice (taken from a certain anime character with a crane head) this time .

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I threw it like a disk into the blue sky .

"And, well, if you train, you could draw a picture in the air or fly with the wind, but first you must think about what you want to do with that fire or wind in your head, and manipulate the magic to do it . First, think about it on your own . "

"You're not going to teach us how?"

"Don't be foolish . It's not possible to teach . You must try and fail . You're not a goblin, think using your head first . "

If I told you, you'd accomplish it too easily,___ *cough* I mean, my younger brother and sister, the way of a thousand miles starts with the first step .

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