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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:29 PM

Chapter 12

Finishing loading the firewood took about an hour .

But, what . It has already been ten years since I've been in this world but my old sense of time did not go away .

If you live out in the country such as this, you only need to know the morning, evening, day, and night . The elders of the village use intuition and experience to know when they need to sow the wheat, and the time for the Harvest Festival is determined by the village head . There is a census for the year of birth, gender, and seasons . However, there are not more than five people in the village who knew how to follow those dates .

By the way, I also know what day of the month today is, but I usually don't care because it's enough to know the four seasons, morning, and night . You can use the sun's relation to the mountain, but when the mountain hides the sun you can't tell the time .

When I have to know the time, I check the year clock and sundial in the garden . It isn't accurate because it's handmade, and you can't read it when the weather is bad, but it's no problem . Time in the country is fuzzy .

I soon could see the two of them .

They're still at it .

Tota and Sepuru are both still engrossed in magic training .

Is it in our blood, or is it my influence that causes Sepuru to differ from normal girls? As opposed to being fashionable and wanting dolls, she instead wants to cook, use magic, and hear stories .

Well, she is who she is . It's fine as long as she does what she likes . But between Sepuru and Tota, which would leave the house first .

Of course, it is fine if they stay here too . It is common around here for up to three generations to live in the same house .

Well, with my powers and Earth magic, I'll build Sepuru a house when she gets married .

Am I thinking too far into the future?  Speaking of which, am I going to bring food the grandma?

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I go around to the back of the house, entering the storage I had created with Earth magic .

Although I call it a storage warehouse, it can also serve as a shelter . The entrance and exit are hidden with barriers so that it is impossible for anyone other than family to enter it even if they found it by chance .

Once I entered, I immediately could see our stored goods . Besides staples, I also had stored rails and agricultural machinery so there is no risk of it being stolen, and also kept all the tools that are part of my side jobs that no one else would know what to do with .

There is a passage in the back, and it goes to the landing of the stairway in four meters .

If you go down you reach the residential area and if you go up you reach the storage . By the way, the lights are created with barrier magic . I never imagined that barrier magic would be able to capture light, but this mysterious power is super convenient .

"Indeed, dust builds up like a mountain, doesn't it?"

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I haven't been here recently because I left things to Sepuru for the last year, but it has indeed become full .

My barriers are also able to stop time, it doesn't matter even if the food is piping hot . But ultimately there is too much saved .

"What else should I do besides take it to grandma's place?"

After taking it out, the shelf life is only about ten days . If you look at the whole, that'd only be about 1% of the total .

"What to do…"

If I made another storage room, it'd be full in about two years . I'd sell it but the barrier magic is a secret . Grandma and everyone else think it is magic, but it's not normal magic .

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It worries me if this were to get out so I won't do it intentionally . If it got out, I could be kidnapped and turned into a slave or something, what kind of joke would that be?

"I could become a peddler . "

That would make things convenient and I could use my abilities without reserve .

"I could always just keep bringing it over to grandma . "

I filled a basket made from barrier and headed back outside .

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