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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:29 PM

Chapter 13

The cart that I made is not the same as a standard cart . By making the coachman seat high, I devoted the bottom to more storage .

That's where the mud is flung . Since it's rounded, not much gets in, but I still leave four buckets in there to keep stuff protected .

If we attach saddle bags to the horses and hooks on the sides of the carriage, it's possible to further increase its load capacity .

I put the barrier-protected items for Grandma under the driver's seat .

After placing it, I had more time so I headed back to the storage warehouse and brought cookies (in four boxed wooden boxes) to deliver to the people at the shrines and beach .

Wheat is naturally equal to bread in this world and cookies are not thought of as bread . There is no one who knows how to make it, so cookies are a sweet secret of our home .

Well, I can teach it, but since I use honey instead of sugar, if I taught it there are only about one or two people in the village that you could get honey from . Even more is that I'm the only one that actually knows the process of separating the nectar from the honeycomb and having the tools to do so, so teaching has no meaning .

Besides that . Making cookies, or to be accurate, baking them, is Sepuru's doing . There's also the fact that though the villagers all have a fireplace and kettle furnace, they have no ovens to make them with .

Results: Cookies became out patent . Order continuously come to our house . However, I never thought of selling them . Ah, rather, I trade them since there's not much profit in these transactions . The customers are kids, and kids can help . It can be said to be justifiable .

"You guys are doing good, but take a break . "

I say to the two who are exerting themselves .

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Though they have magic, their bodies and minds are still inexperienced children . It would be bad if they overdid it . Used to hearing those words, they obediently stopped their practicing and dash towards water .

I kept my eyes on them and eventually went back into the house . I gathered my workshop (my workshop is the area in front of the fireplace) and took them outside to use as a temporary workshop .

Though I have various side jobs, the most rewarding job is making stuff for adventurers .

That's not to say I make swords, spears, or armor . No, I do not have the expertise or skill necessary, I'm an amateur — but with the technology to make it, there are some things that will sell properly .

Leather bags and belts, simple leather shoes, long explorer staffs, disposable throwing spears, stone arrows, iron arrows, small bows for hunting, axe handles, practice wooden swords, kimono spears, and so on .

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Well, I like woodworking from cutting and shaving trees in my previous life, and I can afford to make parts with a weaving machine thanks to my strength and barrier magic . In truth, woman around this mountain can make various things from the long-haired goat fur .

Though I make various things, my latest project was making throwing knives .

Throwing knives are sold at a weapon's shop and are part of the blacksmith's territory, but this world lacks in variety . In general, adventurers who use throwing knives are few to begin with . It's considered a bit of a taboo . A person who cannot create a magic ball or magic arrow is seen as a beginner .

If so, wouldn't it be great to sell to those beginners? They can use the throwing knives as a diversion or surprise attack . However, it wouldn't be effective against skilled adventurers or intermediate monsters .

That's why even if it looks stupid, knives can be effective . If you make various kinds, it can become a hidden weapon, and with poison you might even be able to kill an orc .

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Well, people aware of their usefulness is still low, but it's still popular with adventurers in this village . Little by little, it's spreading by word of mouth . Most of all, the throwing knives I make are cheap . I just collect sand iron and combine it with Earth magic . It is really easy . For practice, you can get ten stone knives for only three small coins . That is cheap, only about 300 yen .

I have confidence they'll sell well once they become popular . If people understand their usefulness, others will imitate, but I don't really care . Originally, it was just one of my side jobs, something I did for myself . If I can throw one seriously, I could even crush a dragon's scales (only if) . It is absolutely no problem .

"Should I make a Kunei type today?"

Pushing my right hand into the box containing sand iron, I imagine the shape of a Kunei and join the sand together .

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