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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:28 PM

Chapter 14

I made it .

I've created it, but for whom? I'll think about it .

Although throwing knives are not common, a kunai can be used for many things, it was a weapon used by ninjas .

It is not specialized in slashing or specialized in poking . Both weight and strength are about half and half . Well, if you coat it with a barrier, the strength will dramatically increase, but there is still no use for it .

"Well, if I used it, I could pierce an ogre, but I can already use barrier bullets . "

Although I have power, I do not have much speed . Well, years of running through the hills and fields means I'm pretty fast, but there are a lot of demon beasts that can run over a hundred kilometers per hour in this world .

In fact, I once fought a gray wolf with a club, but they were unaffected by it . In the end, I had to make a pitfall with Earth Magic to defeat it .

If they come at me with speed and numbers, I'd need something I can use rapidly with high quantity . That's when I came up with BB-sized bullets made from iron in order to decimate their numbers .

With this effective tactic, I can kill a group of goblins instantaneously, even though it's noisy to walk around with a leather bag full of 2,000 iron balls .

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It is effective for extermination, but not suitable for hunting . So, I just flick an acorn-sized piece of gravel with my fingers .

With this good body that can handle up to five tons, I wouldn't be beaten by a pistol, but couldn't I do something using the barriers . When I figured that out, my equipped pebble disappeared . So did my knife . It's the ultimate super convenience .

"This one sucks . "

Well, if you do a lot one or two crappy ones aren’t unusual, the Kunai was returned to the iron sand .

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"I guess the standard is the best way to go?"

It's easier to create the standard forms, and they're easier to use too . I'm sorry to the consumers (adventurers) for trying to change the sheath and box for each knife .

Pushing my right hand into the sand box, I imagined the classic arrow-type throwing knife and joined the sand iron .

Ten sets of three coppers . About 2,500 yen . Even cheap knives are six small coins . About five thousand yen . It is very easy to buy .

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I can usually make about 60 to 70 knives from a batch of iron sand . Well, I collect them properly and put them in a box .

This time was 62 . About 18 coins and 3 small coins . It's about 15,000 yen, but the cost of materials is free . It only takes a little bit of work . You can make them within 20 minutes .

Well, since there is no demand, it will become surplus stock .

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