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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:22 PM

Chapter 26

"Oh, ba . The merchant is coming . "

Sari Bali is talking with Ben about such things .

"Auntie? What do they have?"

"I don't know . "

Yup, I heard Sari Bali's stupidity .

Even so it is a merchant…

Although I can't say it's complete, our home is pretty self-sufficient . We are able to completely gather food and tools . Well, I just have to buy clothes, but usually I get it when the peddlar's wagon comes in once a month, and if I needed anything else, I'd put out a request with him .

That's why it doesn't matter if I have any connections with the general goods stall . Although it's still good to touch base with the grocery stalls as they work the cashier every day .

Certainly, if I went down there, I could at least meet them . Well, I might as well give a greeting .

I headed over to the general shop while thinking about that .

Since it's next door, it won't take more than a few seconds .


Because it is a general store in a rural village, the shop itself is only about ten tatami mats large, and the selection of items is not abundant, but if you live in the village, it's a necessity .

… Most purchases at the general goods store involve trading one item for another, so the things found at the shop reflect that…

So, I will just greet the person who is standing behind the counter because I have no other interest to be there .

"Is something wrong if you're calling me out?"

"No, I don't need anything . "

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I show a smile to a good-looking woman who could be called a proper country lady .

We don't know each other well, but even in a small village failing to talk to your neighbors can influence things .

"Well, what can I do for you?"

Communication is important, but my communication skill is not high enough to keep me from talking to her . It's kind of a mental attack…

"Do you have any meat yet?"

"Meat? Well, there is some, but why are you asking about meat?"

The general store is a general store after all, it's not a grocery store . Well, adventurers will come and request preserved foods, but they don't handle anything that would be put on a kitchen table . Can't really speak for the city (stores) —, but because of the size of this village, the street venders are enough . Another thing is the barter system .

"Have you heard that a merchant ship entered the harbor?"

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"Oh, I was hungry at the Sea Dragon and managed to overhear that . "

"The people of the merchant ship buy up food every day . Vegetables are fine, but the meat won't last long enough . "

Well, I don't know much about sailing, but knowing shipping ranges it'd be five to seven days by ship . They can load it with all sorts of things, but mostly it'd have to be rockhard bread, root vegetable soup, and dried meat .

It seems to me that the food preservation technology in this era is rather low . Bottling technology barely exists, as bottles are very expensive and small . Moreover, they are very easy to crack . You might be able to use them at home, but they'd be inconvenient to take on a voyage . It works far better just to pack in barrels .

"When did you first see the merchant ship?"

"About three days ago . "

"So, there had been no problems so far?"

"Problems? What problems?"

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The pretty lady tilted her head . Well, you could call her a bit of a wild card at a general store like this .

"I don't know much about merchant ships, but I do know that with a merchant ship, that could carry anywhere from two to thirty people . If there were forty people added to the village, the longer they stay the faster the food would decrease . I think with fishing no one will go hungry, but other foods will surely decrease as well . If you divide the vegetables up, not everyone would be able to vegetables in their home . Of course, a person could go pick some mountain vegetables, but who would go? Who would sow the barley then, a child or an adventurer? I don't know everyone's food circumstances, but I know a bit about what houses can afford . What will tomorrow be like, I wonder who will have enough food . "

There is not enough food in the village at the moment to cover a large number of people . This same problem can happen when a large caravan arrives .

"… that's a big problem…"

"It will depend on the skills of the mayor on whether it will be or not . "

I do not have any authority on my part, even with the other kids . Well, it doesn't hurt to ask, it's not like I don't care . I like this village . I had an attachment here . The people who live here are preferred . But the most important thing is family . If it comes to family or other people, I will choose family without hesitation .

"-I can't take it any longer!"

I grab the hem of the skirt and wave it like someone in a bullfight before darting out of the store .

Oh, and the mayor isn't really stupid, so I think we'll manage somehow .

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