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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:18 PM

Chapter 29

When I reached the top of the small mountain (a mountain not twenty meters tall), I could see the harbor .

Basically, along the coast of this country, there are many cliffs and rocks like the Rias coast, not suitable for ships to come in, but with sandy beaches and places for fishing .

It is said our village started fishing by chance .

There were sixteen densely built houses and four boats on the sandy beach .

Since they fish in the morning, right now they'd be handling fish (bottom draw net) together at a beach workshop .

Fifty meters to the left of the beach, there was a huge boat beside a rocky field .

"Surely it seems like an island . "

It is five hundred meters away from here, but for this age I could understand how this size is hard to imagine .

It appears similar to western ships, but the shape is more like a tanker (if you can imagine arbitrarily) .

I thought it could only be so big if it was able to dock, but it was docked . It spoke more the quality of the ship and the skill of the sailors that it was docked so beautifully .

Near the rocky place was an area for quick-load storage, and a lot of boxes were piled up there .

Four people were patrolling, men with swords looked around . One of them noticed us and informed the rest, one of them going into the ship .

"They seem vigilant, but what are they carrying?"

"I don't know what . According to Naga, they burn a lot of wood at night to keep watch . "

It's not something illegal, some kind of metallic imported item .

As you go down the mountain, there are a few fields with open spaces and a firewood hut .

In the open space, the young ladies worked, a few coming out as they noticed us .

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"Mayor, what's the matter?"

Among them, the biggest chatterbox came out .

"About the ship, has anything changed?"

"No, nothing — ah, there was something . The captain was having some problem with a youth . How about food?"

"Lady, how is the condition of the fishery?"

I asked the lady before the village head opened his mouth .

"Huh? Because the sea god has been in a good mood lately, we've had a good catch . "

"Are you keeping the fish?"

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"No, I don't . I always go to the village to sell it . "

Even if you are not a fisherman, any sailor will catch fish during a voyage (well, you poke it with a harpoon) and you eat, salted fish is also a fine preserved diet . It doesn't have to be piled up . It won't get eaten if it is piled up or you could lose it when you bump into a Sea Dragon . Well, I don't care that much, I don't want the fish . I'm just concerned about the villages access to food . It's annoying, guys!

"Ba . "

"Lady, if you have a big catch, give me another fish . Next time, I'll bring a wild boar . "

"A wild boar! That's great! I'll pack you a barrel of fish myself!"

Compared to other villages, meat is often eating, but meat is still a luxury . From child to adult you'd be overjoyed if you had (chicken in the pot) once in three days .

"Bad, lady…"

"What are you saying? Because of you, I can eat meat, and the kids get work, so I'm here to say thank you . "

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This is the result of daily work . You give and you get .

"We're heading off . "

"Oh, I'll get ready . "

You thank the lady and start the carriage .

"Village chief, I won't talk during the discussion, but if you have some trouble I'll help if I can . "

"Is that so?"

My negotiation skills are not high . I bargain with peddler Anchan often, and also shop with the caravan partner . At the very least, I won't make a fool of myself .

Because the village chief knew it, he accompanied me .

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