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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:32 PM

Chapter 4

There are two customs I have every morning .

One is to bow to the morning sun for two beats .

This doesn't come from some religious custom in my old life . It was something I started here since I turned six .

This is a world where the weak die and death follows you everywhere . You could call it survival of the fittest .

There is no police, and the medical care has developed very little . As custom for a world with swords and magic, monsters come out ordinarily, and thieves aren't unusual either . A famine could easily come if the weather got worse . Still, taxes were a constant . This was before my time, but I heard that it was once normal to have to sell your own daughter to survive .

Although I have three abilities, this life isn't smooth sailing . There were once or twice where I thought I would die, and I've seen people die six times now in easy and unreasonable ways .

This is a tough place to live . I know this because of memories from my previous life, so I understand . I should be happy I'm alive, it's a blessing to be alive .

I'm always thankful when I think about this . I want to express it . I want to show that I am alive so that I do not forget about my past life, but live in the present .


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"Thank you for our lives and being able to live this day . "

I bow deeply .

By the way, it never fails to rain or storm, but I have no problem because I can freely manipulate barriers .

My second habit is to visit the tomb of Oton .

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Father's tomb is right below the house looking from the front, under the big willow tree .

It is a grave with name of Oton carved into a kamaboko-shaped slate, with a sword stuck in with full force .

Compared to the tombs of my previous life it is a modest thing, but in this life it is a decent hero's tomb (according to the talks of peddlers and adventurers) .

Well, Oton is a hero, so I have no complaints .

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Oton was the only exclusive adventurer in the village . He used swords and magic, and had enough ability to even fight equally with an ogre .

However, he couldn't win against a group of orcs . He was able to drive them off from the village, but he died shortly after from his injuries .

He was a younger man than me in my previous life, so I couldn't think of him as my father, but he was the one who raised me and protected us . I'm thankful for being alive and hold affection for him . I'd waiver rain or storm to prove that fact .


"I am really happy to be born as Oton's son . "

I don't bow, but I show a smile .

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