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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:30 PM

Chapter 9

Although I promised I'd teach them magic, it's not like I was taught by a mage or anything .

You can do it . You can do it if you try . If you don't think about it too much, your spirit can feel it out . The ground moves as I command it with the wave of my hand .

Although it's ridiculous, I can't really help that . This is reality and there is no helping it .

Well, back when I was about three-years-old, I did not understand much about this world . I tried to use magic like I remembered in anime and manga, but only later did I learn the difference between magic and witchcraft (information from a traveling mage) .

Magic is the law of all things which creates a phenomenon when you maintain an image in this world of demons .

Witchcraft is a method to embody the phenomenon by solving the reason using magic .

Don't get it?

Basically, it's a feeling, don't think about it .

No, there are no schools in this countryside area, nor do they sell grimoires that even a monkey could understand . I figured this out on my own .

However, according to the rule of thumb, if it is a human species (other species like humans are called beast races or dwarves), either one of them should be usable .

Though I got my magical talent from three wishes, I could use fire and water magic properly . My younger sister and younger brother also could use them (although theirs are weaker) .

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However, since magic uses magical power, there is a limit . You could say there is a limit to solving with reason .

Even if you can imagine a fire, why does it burn? That's why if you can imagine fire ignited on firewood, the strength of the magic increases .

Even I do not understand much about the principle of combustion, however, I was able to burn a large tree to charcoal by imagining the presence of oxygen .

… Apparently, this level of magical power might cause someone to faint from surprise…

By the way, it seems like the barriers come from something different from magic and witchcraft, it is a mysterious power born from the unknown .

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Anyway, that's it . You can do it . You can do it if you try . Do not think about it . You only have to feel it . There is no problem, as long as you understand that .

"Well, first let's review . Sepuru, fire from your right hand, ice in your left . "

"Fire and ice, got it!"

A fire of exceptional size and a lump of ice the size of watermelon were born .

"Well, next, Tota, wind on your right hand, thunder in your left . "

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In the right hand is a cyclone of wind, in his left hand between the thumb and forefinger is a streak of electricity similar to a stun gun .

It's possible for them to do this because of my instructions . Probably…

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