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Repugnant Gateway - Chapter 45

Published at 8th of June 2017 06:09:58 AM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 - The Second and Third Rounds

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All the people were amazed in uttered disbelief that the TianQi sect had won the first round of the competition . Moreover, it was a complete victory . Li Hu was tall and strong as a bear, but he was completely inferior to the little girl that was in front of him,  Qu Liu’er . The scene was extremely contrastive . A slim girl compared with a strong man and victory fell to the weaker one .


Qu LiuXi jumped down gently, and then she clasped her hands, saying, Qu LiuXi from the TianQi Sect . Thank you for your instruction . ” The crowd kept silent for a while and then they cheered . Those who had made bets on the Illusory academy also unconciously sided with the other people .


At that time, Qu LiuXi’s eyes were lit up with total confidence .


An Zheng sighed with relief and smiled at Qu LiuXi . Qu LiuXi also looked at him, and her face was quite red .


Du ShouShou applauded until his hands had turned red . He shouted out the most loudly,


– “Qu Liu’er! You’re so good!”


Qu Liu’er went back with her red face . Her manner was extremely lovely .


In contrast, Zheng ZhuangBi’s face was inappropriate . He essentially did not care about the competition because those children of the martial school did not only have a teacher, but they also lacked proper materials for practice . However, they had won over a disciple of the academy who was taught very carefully . It was strange . However, strange things had already happened, which had made him hard to accept .


Some disciples of the academy came and carried Li Hu back . Because there was a lack of oxygen in his brain, Li Hu was still faint . Thanks to Qu LiuXi’s mercy . Otherwise, a fist to Li Hu’s nape could have permanently disabled him .


– “Consider yourself lucky!”


Zheng ZhuangBi told An Zheng coldly:


– “Anyone can have their lucky moment . Also, no one knows if they will step on dog shit when they leave the door early on that day . Don’t be satisfied . We still have two more grounds, but you have said that if you had lost once, it meant you had all lost . ”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulders and felt lazy talking bullsh*t .


Zheng ZhuangBi turned back and looked,


– “Who is second?”


Chen Zhou saw An Zheng not move, so he stared at Feng XiaoShi . Feng XiaoShi seemed to be afraid of Chen Zhou, so he moved towards one step:


– “Vice Dean, I want to fight for the academy . ”


Zheng ZhuangBi nodded,


– “Very good . Don’t lose the academy’s face again . ”


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Feng XiaoShi clasped his hands,


– “Feel secured, Vide Dean! I am not as stupid as Li Hu . ”


Du ShouShou warmed up his shoulders and moved towards one step,


– “It’s my turn!”


He had just intended to move forward when An Zheng stopped him,


– “Let me!”


Fatty was surprised for a while . He was intending to ask An Zheng, “But you have not even started?”, but An Zheng had proceeded to go for half a way on the main street and clasped his hands to the enemy .


When Feng XiaoShi went for half a way and saw An Zheng, he immediately hesitated and turned back to look at Chen Zhou . He found that Chen Zhou’s face looked as if he just ate a fly . Chen Zhou thought that An Zheng would have waited until the last round, but An Zheng took his turn second, which made Chen Zhou passive . He knitted his brows thoughtfully for a while and then he told Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “Mister Vice Dean, I’ll take this turn . ”


Because Zheng ZhuangBi had been bribed by Chen Zhou, he would definitely not refuse . However, Gao SanDuo smiled coldly,


– “What? Knowing you are not equal to your enemy, so you change another one? Telling you this, Mister Vice Dean, does your academy have any face? If Dean Mu comes back and knows that you have lost the academy’s face, I am afraid that you cannot live a peaceful life in the future . This Illusory Perennial Domicile has no good people . Everyone knows how each other are, but we all care about our face . ”


Gao SanDuo slapped his face,


– “No matter what kind of people we are, we cannot lose our face . Am I right?”


Zheng ZhuangBi’s look changed nonstop and he looked at Qiu ChangChen unconsciously .


Qiu ChangCheng said,


– “This competition is on you . I will only observe . However, you must pay attention to the academy’s face . ”


Zheng ZhuangBi felt that something was wrong there, but Qiu ChangCheng raised his voice, so he turned back and looked at Chen Zhou,


– “You will wait until the next round . ”


Cheng Zhou had intended to keep protesting, but Zheng ZhuangBi’s face was glacial,

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– “Shut up!”


Chen Zhou’s eyes were inexplicably filled with cruelty but he finally could not dare go any step further . He was not afraid of Zheng ZhuangBi but Qiu ChangCheng . Qiu ChangCheng was the deputy general of the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry of Yan Kingdom . Behind him was the entire army of the Yan Kingdom . Although he had been supported by the Chen family, how could he have compared himself to a kingdom? At that time, if he had lost Qiu ChangCheng’s face, Qiu ChangCheng would also execute him .


Therefore, Chen Zhou could only look at An Zheng with an angriness of unimaginable proportions and his eyes revealed murderous looks .


An Zheng smiled a bit and looked at Feng XiaoShi,


– “Are you ready?”


Feng XiaoShi was quite nervous . In his mind, An Zheng was the strongest one in the martial school . He had heard that those children recognized An Zheng as their leader . Therefore, An Zheng must have been the hardest one to cope with . Chen Zhou thought that he was the only one who would cope with An Zheng, but finally Feng XiaoShi was the one . This matter caused Feng XiaoShi to be hopeless . However, he was in for a penny then, so he had to be sure to clasp his hands to pay back,


– “I am Feng XiaoShi fom the Illusory academy, The Second Stage of Essence . ”


Obviously, he willingly revealed his weakness . He thought to himself that he could never win, so it would be better for the enemy to have mercy on him . Not long ago, he felt that he was about to level up to the Third Stage of Essence . This year, he was only seventeen years old, so his improvement progress was not seen as very fast . However, he could be ranked to the medium level . He was one head taller than An Zheng, and he was also respectful, which had caused the people to have strange feelings . Those who bet on the academy also worried nonstop .


– “An Zheng…”


An Zheng smiled and said,


– “Not that yet warmed-up . ”


Those words had just been uttered and the crowd immediately got noisy .


– “You… what did you just say?”


Feng XiaoShi could not believe his eyes . If his rival was the leader of the martial school, it was impossible that he had not warmed-up yet . Lately, although the girl had used her tricks to win, she had already warmed-up for real? If An Zheng had not started-up yet, how could he make those children respect him? Therefore, the first reaction of Feng XiaoShi was that An Zheng was playing a joke on him . ”


Feng XiaoShi said,


– “Po… bro, we all are practitioners, so we should compete uprightly . Don’t lie . ”


An Zheng,


– “I am not . I really have not started-up . If you don’t believe me, you can ask the senior of the academy to check, if I am telling a lie . ”


The surrounding crowd argued . All of them did not believe in An Zheng’s word . Zheng ZhuangBi did not also believe, so he moved to An Zheng and took his wrist . His eyes said that he would reveal An Zheng’s lie . However, after checking An Zheng’s pulse, his face turned pale,

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– “You… you have really not warmed-up… haha, you have obviously not been warmed-up .


– He had really not warmed-up . He really did not know how to write the word “Death” . A person who has not warmed-up suddenly had the gall to declare war with a person of the Second Stage of Essence . It is hard to know if he is courageous or stupid .


– My bet is secured now . It was as if he had just committed suicide . Not having warmed-up but already boasting that three victorious rounds could be seen as true victory . It appeared to be a cheat . You wanna scare your enemy?


– What place is this academy? That it is so easy for us to be scared? This guy is done . He uses bricks to hit himself . Let me see how he fares!”


The crowd was getting more and more noisy . Most of them were laughing and speaking in an ironic voice . Those who had made bets on the academy had thought that they would possibly lose, but they felt relaxed then . People were making great noises, so the situation could not be controlled . Gao SanDuo also looked at old Huo doubtfully, and his eyes revealed questions and questions . Old Huo smirked at him, and Gao SanDuo shook his head unwillingly, mumbling: “It’s done for my holly germs now . ”


Zheng ZhuangBi released An Zheng’s wrist, moved to Feng XiaoShi, laughed and said,


– “Competing with an enemy who has not even warmed-up yet, if you cannot win, you will really lose the academy’s face . Now, however, I now understand why he has asked me not to kill anyone lately . He was so scared… haha, Feng XiaoShi, it’s time for your abilities . ”


Feng XiaoShi also laughed out loud and nodded gently,


– “Don’t worry, Mister Vice Dean . I am sure to be gentle and not to kill him . ”


For Chen Zhou, he looked complicated . He did not believe his enemy was that weak . He even had a plan that was made a very long time ago and he had divided his plan into many divisions . Firstly, he would humiliate An Zheng in order to take revenge for his one arm . However, he realized that he had evaluated An Zheng too high back then . In a short while of all kinds of flavors, he was disappointed, and he was also happy .


Du ShouShou got mad and yelled at the crowd, but he seemed to be hopeless in doing so . He intended to run to An Zheng in order to stop him but An Zheng moved forward .


– “Please enlighten me . ”


Feng XiaoShi pinched the joints of his fingers,


– “An Zheng, I really admire your courage, but in my opinion, this courage is too silly . ”


An Zheng did not say anything but did a gesture of invitation .


Feng XiaoShi said,


– “Then don’t blame on me . Be careful . Life is one’s most important asset . If I injure you by chance, don’t say that I had bullied you . ”


After he finished, he suddenly took a step forward . Amongst the disciples of the Illusory academy, he was ranked fair . His anxiety disappeared, and he was not stressful anymore, so he started without mercy . He intentionally wanted to humiliate An Zheng . Therefore, after his first step, he took three more long steps to An Zheng’s face and gave him a thick ear at once .


He did so not because he wanted to injure An Zheng but to humiliate him . If that thick ear had come accurately to its target, the martial school would also lose its face .


An Zheng stood there and waited until the palm of Feng XiaoShi came close in order to make a movement . When he had made a movement, he looked as if he was a dragon that was flying towards the heavens .


An Zheng had spent more time practicing in the Repugnant seal than Du ShouShou’s people because he knew that his natural powers were weak . Therefore, he had to focus on stronger body refining . If he maximized his body refinement, he could fight with a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage . He suddenly caught Feng XiaoShi’s wrist and then pulled it towards his chest . At the same time, he made a kick . In a twinkling of an eye, Feng XiaoShi’s body was lifted up .


– “Chest!”


While speaking, An Zheng sent out twelve fists to Feng XiaoShi’s chest .


– “Abdomen!”


He pulled up the entire body of Feng XiaoShi . At that time, Feng XiaoShi’s body and the ground were parallel, and he had no reaction . An Zheng lifted up his knee and kicked at Feng XiaoShi’s abdomen .


– “Spine!”


Feng XiaoShi’s body had not landed yet while An Zheng had been kicking twenty times towards the back of Feng XiaoShi . Ouch! Feng XiaoShi’s body slapped on the ground, and dust flew to all directions .


– “You’re too slow!”


An Zheng bent down and took Feng XiaoShi’s head in his hands, sending three fists which had made the enemy’s face full of blood all over his his face .


After that, An Zheng stood up and took Feng XiaoShi’s arm . Crack! And his arm became soft . He again took the other arm with the same performance . From the time An Zheng started until he had smacked Feng XiaoShi down had been only thirty seconds .


– “Oh my god!”


A person screamed,


– “He has really not started-up yet, but his body refining was at its peak . ”


– “It’s why he isn’t frightened . He really had overwhelmed him . ”


An Zheng stood up straightly and then he suddenly rushed into Chen Zhou,


– “The third round starts . An Zheng from the TianQi Sect, declares war on you!”


Chen Zhou was surprised for a while and then he had a grim smile,


– “Very good!”

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