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Chapter 166
Chapter 166 The Dog King

Ye Fei rode a motorcycle into the Wei Zhuang .

This was a small village in the suburbs, extremely dilapidated, littered with rubbish heap .

In fact, Shanghai this city has developed rapidly in recent years, a lot of garbage appeared every day, especially the life garbage, it was difficult to deal with them, so they were pulled to the landfill near Wei Zhuang .

Garbage pollution was very serious, the water near the Wei Zhuang was also polluted, many people suffered from various kinds of diseases, so most of the villagers had moved out of this place .

At night, few people came out, so Wei Zhuang became a deserted village .

Ye Fei went to a well, looked at the watch, it was two minutes to 12 o 'clock, but did not see anyone here .

For this situation, Ye Fei was not unexpected, this group of kidnappers were not ordinary people, they would not directly appear here, they must know the police had surrounded the place, at any time, the police might rush over, arrested the kidnappers .

The kidnappers must have other tricks to get rid of the cops .

Ye Fei waited two minutes, it was just 12 o'clock at midnight, then someone called over, it was a strange number .

"Ye Fei . "

The voice in the phone was changed by software, it was sharp and soft .

"It's me . "

Ye Fei coldly said .

"You are lucky, come here on time . If you're late, I'll kill that woman and feed her to the dog . "

The mechanical tone in the phone had no emotion .

"You just want the money, there's no need to kill that woman, I have brought the money, how I give you?"

Ye Fei held up his suitcase, at the same time, he scanned in the dark village, then he found someone staring at himself in the dark, but he did not do anything .

If the money was gone, you could earn it .

But if the person died, it was all over .

Now Ye Fei needed to find a way to rescue Qin Xiaomeng .

"I want you to give it to me personally!"

The kidnapper ordered, "Look up at the sky, you will see a red dot . Follow it to go . "

Ye Fei looked up, there is a red dot in the west of the sky, was flashing .

The general people could not see clearly what the red dot was, but Ye Fei clearly saw it, that was a remote control plane, the tail had a small light .

"It is really high technology . This method, the general kidnappers can not think of . "

Ye Fei rode the motorcycle, followed the remote control plane to the west for a while, came to a cement road, at this time, the phone rang again, the kidnapper ordered Ye Fei to follow a garbage truck in front .

Ye Fei did not speak, directly did as the kidnapper said, after a while, the garbage car incredibly drove back to the urban area .

At this time, another jeep came over, someone waved his hands, let Ye Fei follow him, finally they came to an old building .

It was a broken building, but a lot of cars parked downstairs, most of them were Land Rover this kind of off-road vehicle, Ye Fei stopped the motorcycle, then heard the noisy sounds of barking, obviously there were many dogs inside the building, in addition to barking, Ye Fei also could vaguely can hear people's cheers .

"This is the underground boxing house of the Dog King . "

Ye Fei suddenly remembered what place it was here .

The Dog King was the same as Fire Dragon, was the famous bully . But Fire Dragon did the drug business, he did the gambling business .

The Dog King had five gambling houses in Shanghai, the biggest of them was this underground boxing house .

The surface of this building was an ordinary building, in fact, it was an gambling house, there was also the project of dog-fighting, many rich people liked this bloody and cruel project . Gambling on dog-fighting was an important entertainment item .

And in the basement, it was the famous underground boxing .

The Dog King could earn at least twenty or thirty million Yuan a month from these two items .

"The kidnapper is the Dog King? It is impossible, he does not have this IQ . Besides, he can't invite Cheng Bai such an international giant thief help him . "

Ye Fei frowned, guessing the identity of the kidnapper, once he thought the man behind the plot must be Su Zongheng, but he did not reveal any slip .

Ye Fei didn't know, in fact, Su Zongheng was the boss of the Dog King .

The man on the Jeep pointed to the building and motioned Ye Fei to go into this building .

Ye Fei got off the motorcycle, tightly grabbed the black suitcase in his hands, slowly walked toward the building .

Two strong men at the door stopped Ye Fei, said, "We'll search you . "

Ye Fei raised his hands, let these two strong men search .  

They immediately took out the metal detector to search Ye Fei .

The metal detector did not ring except Ye Fei's cell phone was found .

Ye Fei relieved, there were three throwing knives on his body, if they find out, it would be throwing .

Fortunately, although the Sky Dark Steel was called "steel", but actually not steel, was a rare metal in the universe, heavier than steel .

Ye Fei came into the building, someone immediately took him upstairs, in a big room, he saw a man with deep eyes . He was not stronger than Fire Dragon, also was not the martial person . However, when this man was standing there, he had a daunting power .

Ye Fei knew, this was murderous look .

The Dog King killed more people than Fire Dragon .

"Dog King, I've brought the money . Where is Qin Xiaomeng? Let her go!"

Ye Fei threw the box to the table, opened the suitcase, full of money .

"How much money is here?"

The Dog King didn't have any expression, in his eyes, five million Yuan was nothing .

"Five million Yuan . "

"Five million? Why did you take such a little money! I said you must bring fifty million Yuan . ”

A cold smile emerged from the face of the Dog King .