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Chapter 55
Chapter 55 Honey Trap

“Look, look, it’s Murong on TV! She's looks so awesome!" Liu Manman excitedly pointed to the screen .

Chu Mo suddenly ran out of her room, shouting, "Where is Murong, where?"

There were five bedrooms in the apartment . Chu Mo, Liu Manman, Murong and Lin Qingwan all lived in different rooms .

Another girl ran out of the last room in a loose yellow dress . She looked like a young college girl .

When he looked at her, Ye Fei was stunned . The girl also stopped in her tracks .

"You!" they both cried simultaneously .

What a coincidence . The resident of the last room was none other than the beautiful nurse Ye Fei had met at the hospital .

"What? You know each other?" Lin Qingwan raised an eyebrow .

"Not really, I've met her once," Ye Fei shrugged .

"Hey, yes, I met him at the hospital today, but he was taken away by the police . How did you get released so soon?"

The nurse had a round face with deep, charming dimples . She stuck out her hand and said, "I haven’t introduced myself . My name is Mu Cheng . "

"Ye Fei . "

Ye Fei was a little stunned and shook hands with her somewhat awkwardly .

Mu Cheng's hand was smooth and icy cold . Ye Fei could not help squeezing her hand for a while .

He didn’t mean to seize the chance to touch her, but he found that Mu Cheng's body temperature was not normal, two or three degrees lower than the average person’s . He thought it was quite strange .

"What are you doing, come on, come here, look, look!" Liu Manman shouted in excitement .

"Let go of my hand please . " Mu Cheng said sweetly, noticing that Ye Fei wasn’t going to release her .

Ye Fei hurriedly retracted his hand . "Oh, sorry, I got distracted . "

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"Humph, you don’t look too bad, but you are a shameless rogue! Whenever you see a cute girl, you can’t keep your hands to yourself…" Liu Manman muttered to herself . Because of what happened at the Burning Bar yesterday night, she already had a very strong bias against Ye Fei .  

Ye Fei didn't want to talk to Liu Manman . He just focused on the TV and watched the police arresting Fire Dragon .

The caption below said that the police had received an anonymous tip and busted the largest drug trafficking network seen in ten years .

Murong could be seen strutting proudly in her police uniform .

"Go, Murong, go!" Liu Manman shouted at the screen .

Eventually she realized that it was the Burning Bar’s façade behind Murong . She looked surprised for a moment, but didn't seem to think much of it .

Liu Manman often hung out in these kinds of nightclubs and knew what went on behind the scenes . Most of the people there, including the stars, often took drugs . She started shouting again: "Nice going, Murong! Can’t believe this bastard dared to harass our Qingwan!”

Ye Fei frowned .

According to the news, the police station had deployed a large number of policemen to handle the arrests . It seemed that the evidence he found was crucial in solving the case, so the media joined in to record the entire process .

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There were advantages and disadvantages to this .

The advantage was that whoever was backing Fire Dragon’s network would find it hard to help him out of the mess he was in while he was the focus of so much attention .

But the disadvantage was also obvious: as soon as the media got involved, everyone would know about it . Some unknown person might help Fire Dragon run away .

Ye Fei narrowed his eyes . Although he had only met Fire Dragon once, he knew he was definitely not a simple nightclub owner .

This man was very ambitious and dangerous . If he got away, there could be dangerous consequences .

Ye Fei was riveted to the screen, eager to see whether Murong had successfully caught Fire Dragon .

Unfortunately, the media didn’t have any more details about the case .

Ye Fei was somewhat disappointed .

A dainty little snore came from Lin Qingwan behind him .

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Liu Manman pushed her, "Sister Qingwan, how can you sleep at a time like this? Come, since everyone is here today, we're going to talk about something important . "

"What?" Lin Qingwan yawned . She was too tired . She stood up and headed to her room to sleep .

"Sister Qingwan, sit down! It's serious . "

Liu Manman grabbed her hand and pulled her back down to the couch . She shot a quick wink at Chu Mo and Mu Cheng and had them sit around too .

"Sister Qingwan, we don’t mind you staying here . We have known each other for a long time, so you’re always welcome with us . "

Then Liu Manman looked at Ye Fei and said, "However, this is a girls’ apartment . You can live here, but your bodyguard can't keep sleeping in the living room every day . He is a man; this is too inconvenient . I am not worried about that myself, but Chu Mo and Mu Cheng feel very awkward . "

Liu Manman quickly pinched Chu Mo's and Mu Cheng's hands before anyone could say anything .

The two women exchanged a glance and finally said, "Yeah . . . It’s not very convenient . "

Chu Mo lowered her head and did not dare to look at Ye Fei .

If it weren’t for Ye Fei’s help, Chu Mo would have lost her money on the bus .

Chu Mo didn't even have time to thank Ye Fei, but now she was forced to ruthlessly call for Ye Fei to be kicked out, which made her very uneasy .