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Chapter 187

Translator: Ranzan

After receiving the blindfolds, the maid bowed once, and then walked away .
He looked at the blindfolds in his hand and the maid that was walking away .
What a mystery, Taiyou thought .
This maid and that maid . I wonder if Juunishima’s maids are all like this, or if this maid is an elite one or something, Taiyou thought .

(Well, whatever…)

But, since he had the blindfolds that he requested anyway, he took them in hand and approached the three sisters .
He looked at them as a new thought entered his mind .

「Oh yeah, could you each take out your smartphones?」
「Sure . 」
「What do you plan to do?」

The three sisters asked, each at the same times . He took the phones up from each of the three sisters .
Then, after that, he blindfolded each of the sister’s eyes .

「Okay, let’s do this . 」

After having their phone taken, the sisters showed a slightly frightened, expectatious face .

As they went out into the garden, Taiyou sat Suzune onto a large rock . One might have questioned whether or not they should even touch such a large object of art located in the garden, but the turned on Taiyou ignored that fact .
Kotone and Kazane were put in different places, far from each other, as the uncomfortably separated Suzune, who was far from the others, was also like the others blindfolded .
After that, he placed the smartphone in front of Suzune and the others with the frame of each camera on them .

「Don’t take off that blindfold . 」

Taiyou whispered in her ear . It was a very soft tone in which he said it, softer than a passing insect .

「Uh, okay . 」

Suzune fearfully assented as Taiyou took a step away to separate himself from her .

「Did…you leave?」

Suzune pleaded in a small voice, suddenly small, because she was worried .

Taiyou simply watched the three sisters . As he stood there, he quietly erased any audible trace of him being there and simply stared at Suzune .


Suzune called out once more in a crying voice, as there was no answer .
They all began to plead .

「Koto-chan, Kaza-chan, is Taiyou there with you?」

Her words soon seemed like she was talking to herself, this three-girl telepathy .
Watching this, Taiyou took his smartphone out and turned on an app .
In a three split screen was Kotone and Kazane, and Suzune right in front of him .
All three of their smartphones were linked in one transmission .
A transmission of all of them in their respective places . There on the screen were their different places – Kotone in a building corridor, Kazuya on a terrace to a hot springs .
All three had their eyes covered, but weren’t bound up . They could take them off at any time, but they followed what he said and didn’t take them off .
Kotone’s mouth opened on the camera .

「Taiyou-san? Are you there?」

Suzune asked the same right in front of him .
Kazane asked the same on the smartphone .
All in order, a chorus of the souls .
They all called his name, and all looked worried .
Three unevenly sized sisters .
Yet looking at them, you couldn’t hardly tell the triplets apart .
His love for them bubbled up from the depths of his heart . Like a fountain, limitlessly .
While holding that sweet throbbing in his chest, he approached Suzune . He held his breath as he stood before her, put out his hand, and tickled her chin with his fingers .


Her voice leaked out, at the same time, the bodies of the two girls on camera twitched and shivered .
Just like one would do with a cat, he tickled around her chin .


As she called his name, she reached out and drew closer . Taiyou did the opposite, dodging her while continuing to tickle her .
Suzune seemed enchanted . Her former fears seemed to have melted away .
Her mischievous nature seemed to be aroused as well .

「Hee, hee」

Unlike normal, this was a laugh that she stifled in the depths of her throat .

「Wha? T, Taiyou-san?」

With an euphoric face, she lifted her face without fear or surprise .
She called out his name in a plea, but there was no reply . He wouldn’t give her any .

「Taiyou…what are you doing?」

She plead over and over again . The idea that it might not be Taiyou, but someone else emerged, and she began to look like she would reject him .


Suddenly, Suzune held back her voice . Taiyou didn’t miss avoiding her arm reaching out right before she said this .
She wanted to take off her blindfold, but she remembered what he had said and kept in on .
She did what Taiyou told her to do . Don’t take off your blindfold, he said .
With a worried expression, she called out to her sisters .

「Koto-chan, Kaza-chan, is Taiyou with you? Well, maybe he’s here?」

Silently, he simply continued to tickle her chin .

「Ah…hey, Taiyou-san…right? Please, Taiyou-san…say it’s you…」

Even so, no response .
She put her hands out…she looked as if she might take off her blindfold, and pleaded with Taiyou .
He dodged her arms and spun around to her back . He grabbed her shoulders with this hands, held her fast, and licked her earlobe .

「Ah, no!」

Her whole body shook .

「D…don’t do that…」

She twisted around, squirmed, and tried to flee .
As he held fast, he looked at his smartphone . The other two sisters were moving in the exact same fashion .


He was enjoying this deeply, he wanted to say something but kept his mouth shut .
It was deep…no, he was being overcome with enjoyment .
They were physically separated, these three sisters linked by sensation .
He knew he had to do this to them while he licked the ear…then the neck of Suzune .

「Nnn…ahhh! Taiyou-san…Taiyou-san… 」
「You…you shouldn’t do this . Please Taiyou-san…Taiyou-san…where are you…」

When she said that, she ended it in a sniff, as her heard her sniffle a bit .
He knew it was time to end this, he thought, as he spoke to her in a gentle voice .

「Did it feel good?」

From a whimpering voice, Suzune’s broke out into a smile .

「Answer me, did it feel good?」
「Did it feel good?」

Three times he asked her and she didn’t answer him .

「Um, well…it’s a bit embarrassing . 」

She covered her face a bit and looked rather bashful .

「I see, so next question . Did it feel good, Kotone?」
「Kazane, what about you?」

Though they weren’t there, they were still connected and could hear .
Suzune was silent for a moment .

「Answer me . 」

Since he was asking them to answer, Suzune did so in a small voice .

「Yes . 」
「Wha? I couldn’t hear you so answer in a louder voice . 」
「It felt…good . 」
「Who did?」

Suzune couldn’t answer .
He knew why, as all three of them felt the same thing .
Three people felt the same as one, triplets that all shared the same soul .
It was Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane’s answer all at once .
That’s why it was answered in such an embarrassed tone .
Taiyou knew this, and thought it was perfect .
That’s why he urged them all again .

「Say it . 」

His hands on top of her shoulders slipped down and touched her small but well-shaped breasts .
He squeezed them lightly and touched them .


In the synchronized images on the smartphone, he could see all three of them writhe in pleasure .
Two of them he didn’t touch…they were free of any hands . Kotone and Kazane were completely free of anything .
But they didn’t take off their blindfolds, and simply endured the pleasure Taiyou was giving them .
They were tied together in invisible chains, chains that sweetly enraptured all of their bodies .
Taiyou squeezed those chains tighter .

「Say it . 」
「Say it . 」

Then silence .

「I…thought it felt good . 」

The three had told Taiyou exactly what he wanted to hear .

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