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Chapter 202

Translator: Ranzan

「W…what is it?」

Kohaku got off from Taiyou’s knees, and walking next to Aoba, whispered into her ear .
Whatever Kohaku told her, Aoba seemed to be a bit flustered by .
But it was only for an instant, as her confusion seemed to disappear quickly, and she seemed to have committed to whatever it was .

「Well, let’s do it then . 」

On the other hand, Kohaku was ready to do whatever she had told Aoba to do . The nubile granny had a face like she was plotting something sinister, as both she and Aoba looked at Taiyou .
The two girls nodded at each other in agreement, and split to the left and right, then surrounding Taiyou on both sides .
They both approached him on either side, looming close to him .
He seemed like a man holding a flower on each side, on top of the sofa . An unpopular male student like in this position, he had a grim face, much like someone who was about to curse someone to death . <<<
With all of this attention, this is how he embodied happiness in this scene . Kohaku and Aoba, both of them pressing their hot bodies making Taiyou’s heart seem to steam .

(Did Kohaku talk to Aoba to get her to do this?)

Taiyou was a bit lost .
Like a protagonist deaf to choices in a love novel, he already had a physical relation with the two women . Maybe this mean that he could touch both of them without holding back from now on .
Kohaku really had just been sitting upon his knees . Even though she looked like a child on her father’s lap, she was flirting with all her might, dripping with an erotic nectar .
If he was now in this position, even without the whispering it seemed that Aoba that had sat beside him was the other side of the attack .
Why had Kohaku whispered into her ear?
He had his doubts, but they were cleared up right away .

「Husband, I want you to treat me, ruff . 」
「Please be nice to me-ow . 」
「… . wharrrt?」

His question seemed to leak through his nostrils, in a very nasal voice .
Kohaku seemed very excited, while Aoba was shy…and Taiyou confused .
What were his two wives doing, Taiyou couldn’t understand .

「What are you doing, Kokaku?」

He knew Kohaku was up to something, as he asked her .

「It’s not Kohaku, ruff, I’m just your Eternal Little doggie Haku, ruff . 」
「Are you okay with throwing away your identity like that?」
「All okay, no problem, ruff . 」
「All you make is problems!」
「Hey, Natsuno-kun . 」
「Please pet me-ow…」

He was now as red as a freshly boiled octopus . Those cute lips putting those cute expressions together like that, with that cute meow at the end .
It was so cute he couldn’t help himself, but it was also kind of painful to watch .

「If you’re that embarrassed, you don’t have to do that…」
「I’m not embarrassed at all…meow . 」
「Wait, wait…」

On the left was doggie Kohaku, on the right was kitty Aoba .
Surrounded by the two, being squeezed by their bodies .
Even though he was encapsulated by the heated radiance of the two girls’ bodies, he was grimacing awkwardly .

(This kind of suits them so . )

He said silently to himself .

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Everything for you, everything to support you . As she declared this, she seemed like the type that would speak it, like a dog…a woman like a beloved dog .
Unlike the usual pressure put on him, Aoba’s was more subtle, holding her body back in a weaker posture .
Taiyou almost seemed to have the praiseworthy nature of an owner that was loved by his two pets .
On the other side, out of one of the wives Taiyou had was a girl that hated him when she met him, Aoba, as a cat . Including the ponytail that she swished around as she gestured was the emotional nature that comes with being a cat .
Her face was look aways from his, but her body was firmly against his . He noticed that she wasn’t being curt with him now, as she held her body close .

A cat and dog .
The two roles playing like this was ever so cute .

「Ruff, ruff . 」

Kohaku on one side mimicking a barking dog, and the face-turned, mouth-closed, but body-close nature of Aoba .
He told them that all this was unnecessary, but now it was starting to turn him on .

「Paw . 」

He said, putting his hand out towards Kohaku .


Said Kohaku as she gleefully jumped away from him, and crouched down to put her ‘paw’ straight onto Taiyou’s .
As she put her hand onto his, while panting away, she looked at Taiyou with eyes full of expectation .
Praise me, praise me, as if her eyes were saying .

「Awww, such a cute puppy . 」

He pulled her hand towards him and when she drew close he gave her a kiss .
When their lips separated, her face seemed to look almost intoxicated by it all .

「Kweeen . 」

It seemed as if she might have forgotten her role as a dog, but she whined at him like one, and then exhausted, tumbled into his arms .

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He went to pet the back of her cutely-cut bob-cut, while he looked at Aoba .


Perhaps because she had been front seat to the light kiss that he had given Kohaku, she sat with an flushed look .
She stared at him with a greedy stare, and he responded by tickling her chin with a curled finger .

「Hyaan . 」

Taiyou mischievously mimicked her strange sound .
He didn’t just say that, but stopped stroking Aoba’s chin and went back to stroking Kohaku again .

「Kweeen, kweeen . 」
「Yes, it seems Kohaku is the cuter one . 」

Both of the girls seemed really into it…or maybe not . Purely, he thought only one was into it .

「I’m happy, ruff . 」

Different from before, now she mimicked a dog in a much more mellow voice .

「Bark once more for me . 」

He kissed Kohaku for barking as she did again . Just a quick peck .
After Aoba saw the kiss, she looked at him, and turned away, pouting .
She wasn’t completely turned away from him though . She seemed a bit lost at what to do, and glanced at Taiyou now and again .
He slightly lost face was very cute . So cute, in fact, he wanted to jump on her .
But Kohaku was the one that stopped him .

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「Kuweeen . 」

She imitated a whimpering dog again, pulling at his clothes, looking straight at him .
Gesturing almost as if she was begging, but looking at him with very different eyes .
He understood what her eyes were saying, and calming himself, began to tease Aoba .
After Aoba was teased a bit, she fidgeted, looking even cuter .
Finally, it looked like she was ready to play along .

「M, meow…」

She was imitating a cat, and pretending to lick her paw .


With that gesture she looked up at Taiyou . After seeing her Taiyou couldn’t hold back any longer .

「Damn! You’re too cute Aoba!」

He pulled her arm to him just like he did with Kohaku and kissed her .
He pushed her down onto the sofa .
He kissed her all over her body .

(So sweet…)

He thought of kissing Aoba like that .

(Which one is the sweeter?)

Thinking that, while holding Aoba, he began to kiss Kohaku .
Kohaku, then Aoba .


Both of them were so cute, he was lost in fooling around with both of them .