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Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Lingerie Show


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After he waited a bit, the wives came out all at once as if they had planned this .

“Wooow . ”

Taiyou let out an exclamation . His heart began pounding at the sight of them .

They were all in their undergarments .

Kotone, Suzune, Kazane .

Kohaku, Aoba, Youran .

Akiha, and Ruri .

Not only were they all in their undergarments–they were all wearing different styles . Seeing all of this, Taiyou could feel the carnal desire rising within him . But even before that–

“You’re all very pretty . ”

That was his first and foremost thought .

Yes, seeing them in their undergarments was erotic, but it was nothing impure .

If anything, it was more accurate to say that they were women with a noble, elegant beauty about them . It was like he was gazing at works of art .


Ruri spoke up . She was wearing white on the top and the bottom, with lace aplenty adorning the entire thing, reminiscent of her normal attire .

“I see you’re wearing white . ”

“Darling, that’s because…you said white looks good on me . ”

“It sure does . Your beauty just astounds me, and the combination with white clothing and your white skin just does wonders . Wait, that is white, right?”

“Actually, it’s…a little bit water-colored . ”


“Yeeeah…no . ”

“Oi oi, you almost had me there for a sec . ”

It was nice to see Ruri joking around for once, and Taiyou laughed merrily .

“Master, could you look at mine, too?”

Youran called out . She had her hair in twintails . Where Ruri was white, Youran wore a contrasting black, in addition to something close to green, blue, and purple on the ribbon in the center .

Overall, the design combined an adult-like nature with an additional cute, childlike nature .

“So you chose black . ”

“Yeah . ”

“Of course you’re pretty, but don’t you think letting your hair down would make it look even better?”

“Like this?”

Youran unraveled her twintails . Her long hair fell with a thud, covering her entire body like a mantel .

The atmosphere immediately changed . The term “finishing touch” came across Taiyou’s mind .

“Yep, this is perfection . You definitely look better with your hair down . ”

“What about my tone? Do you prefer me speaking normally or more formally?”

“You’re good the way you are . But I say this because the other version of you would look better with its own outfit . With this outfit and your normal personality, however, you get full points . ”

“Oh . ”

Youran smiled happily . Taiyou kissed her on the cheek before turning to Aoba and Akiha . They were both wearing essentially the same thing, except Aoba’s was a white negligee and Akiha’s was a pink one . They had probably bought those together . The clothing was low in transparency, making their beauty stand out all the more .

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“Y’know, you girls could be in a painting and I wouldn’t know the difference . ”


“Heck yeah . I’ll show you what can make us even more of a masterpiece . ”

Akiha said, pointing her icefish-like finger at Aoba’s negligee and lifting up the hem with a yank .

“See, like this . ”

“Hey, Akiha! What are you trying to do?”

“Well, I just thought a little yuri was in order . ”

“Come on, we don’t need that…”

“Haha . ”

Taiyou laughed .

While Youran had tried to accent herself, Akiha had done the exact opposite . But that was just like her, and it made it very fun to watch .

“Taiyou-san . ”

“How about…”


The three sisters spoke up, and now he turned to look at them .

In one sense, this was the biggest surprise for him .

They were wearing lace garments with the same design . The only thing different were the sizes . Kotone’s was extremely natural . Suzune’s was still fine . Kazane’s, meanwhile, confounded him with how they even managed to get that size . The mismatching triplets, with their matching but different sized outfits were a little odd, but their beauty was even greater .

“Of course you’re beautiful too . ”


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Their voices overlapped in a beautiful chorus .

“Yeah, of course . ”

“Thank goodness…”

“We were so worried…”

“That you might not like it . ”

“Silly, you know that’s not true . ”

He kissed each of them .

“Now Husband, please compliment me as well . ”

“…You’re a disappointment in many ways . ”

“Now why’s that, matey?”

Kohaku’s eyes opened in surprise .

The young-looking elderly lady was wearing a black see-through outfit . Taiyou pointed this out with a dumbfounded face .

“What’s up with that get-up?”

“Be it not erotic?”

“But it’s too obvious . You’re the only one acting like an exhibitionist here . ”

“Well I be the only adult here after all . ”

“Not sure what you’re getting at . ”

“Should I not have done that?”

“…No, there’s nothing wrong persay . ”

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Taiyou smiled awkwardly .

“It’s been a while since you last did this sort of thing, so it’s refreshing to see again . ”

“Kukuku, if ye like it then there don’t be any problem . ”

Kohaku laughed contentedly .

“More importantly, why exactly are all of you fine ladies in your underwear?”

Taiyou used the word “ladies” for a reason: it was a loaded question aimed at Kohaku, implicitly suggesting that she was responsible for this .

“Aye, a bit earlier I was playing hooky and watchin’ me cable television . ”

“Please refrain from skipping out on school . It makes the whole enrollment thing pointless . ”

He interjected, but Kohaku ignored him, continuing on .

“And I saw a lingerie show, thought it be fun to try it out, ja . ”

“Lingerie show?”

“Like a fashion show . You know the show Barikore?”

Youran said .

“Yeah . ”

“It’s just like that, where the models walk the stage in their underwear . ”

“Whaaat, I didn’t know they did that . ”

“It don’t be too rare overseas, lad . ”

“And so you wanted to try that, eh?”

“Aye . How do ye like it, Husband?”

Kohaku asked, and all their gazes fell on Taiyou .