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Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Third Bride/Refuge

Chapter 63: Not enough Speed



Night at the Taiyou’s Castle

Taiyou had returned from school and was alone in the living room terrace with Kohaku . While sitting facing each other, he told her what happened in school . Seated in front of him was Kohaku wearing a T-shirt printed with Peace with a Heart, a skirt with lace fabric, and a thin hoodie over top . The overall look was coordinated with light blue color as casual look, and even though the base is children’s clothes, it looked really good on her with her steady atmosphere . To Taiyou who was only used to seeing the opposite sex wearing school-uniforms, this was a very fresh look . Kohaku pulled her chin a little after listening to the end of Taiyou’s story, she grinned and glimpsed towards the three sister’s room .

「I got it now, that’s why as soon as those girls came home, they closed up in their room jya」

「By the way, are they in their room right now?」

「Umu, Kotone and Suzune already closed up at the time I called your phone . They were grinning, but when they saw I was looking, they were embarrassed jyana . Well, after being pushed down by a man who was in heat at school, anybody would feel shy」

「In heat――!」

Taiyou was at a loss for words, the way Kohaku said it was too blunt .

「No no, I’m the one who wants to go hole up in my room . I’m the one who had a blunder」

「I agree jya」

Kohaku laughed, grinning . It was a smile that had a hidden meaning .

「Well, come tomorrow and they will be back to normal jya」

「……I guess so」

Although doubtful, Taiyou agreed for now . After learning pieces of information, even if they’re acting weird it’s not to the point that he needed to worry about them . Most importantly, Kohaku said it’s alright; if that was the case, then Taiyou decided to believe her .

「By the way, your level went up jyana」

「Yeah, I became level 11」


Kohaku nodded, moves her gaze left and right, confirming Taiyou’s abilities .

「Your abilities have gone up steadily jyana」

「Well that’s true, but the crucial stats didn’t go up」

「The crucial point?」

「Yeah, I wanted to make Speed go up, but it didn’t go up in this level-up」

「Fumu, that one that is 29 jyana」


Taiyou nodded, and told Kohaku what he had said to Kazane at the classroom earlier .

「I see, that’s why you stayed longer today just to increase your level jyana」

「Yeah, I wanted it to be 30, but there’s no helping it . The speed until now has normally gone up, though sometimes it didn’t, and this was one of those times . Although, after doing these things it would probably go up in time on its own . 」

「I agree jya……by the way」

Kohaku said and changed the topic . In an instant, Taiyou felt a shiver through his back . Sitting facing him, Kohaku’s leaned across the table as she stared at him with slanted eyes . Her face had the allure of both childlike innocence and an adultness to it, it was surprisingly sexy and arousing……No, to Taiyou her facial expression was one that attempted to seduce him . His heart started beating so fast that it almost flew out of his throat .


「At noontime you were always with the girls right jya? Then, it should be my turn now」

「Tu,turn you say, what turn……」

「Saying such tactless things, what an awful husband jya」

Kohaku whispers softly in his ear, and in an instant Taiyou’s rationality that worked throughout the day blew up as a whole but……

――DingDong .

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The doorbell rang with a classical sound, and the atmosphere that was developing until then was blown way .

「Mu!, Who is it at this time?」

As if she were disturbed at a good point, Kohaku’s atmosphere went back to normal in an instant, and she went towards the entrance with a sulky face . Taiyou who was left behind felt somehow saved, or maybe not, he felt subtly . Being completely seduced and carried by the flow hurts a man’s pride, but he also had such feelings of already being charmed by her . With those feelings riding on the balance, Taiyou eventually felt it was a shame for the interaction to be cut short . That’s why this time when she comes back to his side……he thought he would be the one who will take the initiative, but…

「Husband, can you come here?」

Kohaku’s voice called out towards him from the entrance .

“What happened?” he thought, and stood up from the sofa and went towards the entrance .   As soon as he got there, the unexpected surprise visitor made Taiyou’s eyes pop .

「Oh, Hallo〜」

「……Good evening」

The ones who came this late were: Akiha, who had a carefree smile and Aoba, who had a weird face .

「Please enter」

The three similar sisters that has already claimed the position of a housewife in this house, Kotone, Suzune and Kazane came out of their room after hearing the commotion, and quickly prepared tea and snacks for each person on the table . Sitting with the table between them was Taiyou, Akiha and Aoba, and after bringing out tea the three sisters moved like Kohaku; standing near the wall and looking at what was going to happen .

「Thanks……Yup, it’s tasty . Go on Aoba you drink too」


The tea that was brought out was very pleasing to Akiha and she recommended it to her friend that came with her . However, Aoba gripped her hands above her closed knees, and did not move as if she was enduring something . Taiyou thought that Aoba was weird, and while thinking that he looked at the three sisters . They were also wrinkling their eyebrows a little, but nodded back . The girl named Miyabi Aoba kept imposing on Taiyou every time until now, and also imposed on the three sisters, but for some reason, there was no hostility felt from her right now . Looking at the way she was until now, he can only think of this as weird . Something happened; it was natural for Taiyou to think that . He asked about what happened not to Aoba, but to Akiha instead .

「I’ll get straight to the point, can you let me hear why you girls came?」

「Sure, when we met at lunch time you know, you said that you were living in a place somewhat like an apartment right?」

「Yeah, I said that . That’s here」

「Yup it does look a little like an apartment doesn’t it? Wait, I think a dormitory fits it better though?」

「Correct, it’s been used in that manner in the past jya」

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Butting in the conversation, Kohaku answered .

「You are?……Ah, you said husband earlier, maybe」

Akiha had a face that she guessed something, as if to confirm that she asks .

「It’s nice to see you, I am the Azumiya Kohaku, also known as the second wife jya」

「I’m Aoyama Akiha, nice to meet you」

Akiha after introductions was like “Eh?” and looked at Taiyou as if she remembered something .

「You said in the lunchtime that she was an older woman right?」

「Yeah, I said that」

「And it is this person?」

「That’s right」

「……Can you explain?」

Akiha’s reaction was normal; If he had to explain to her about the Eternally Little at this juncture, the conversation would never end . Therefore, Taiyou forcibly changed the topic .

「Rather than that, you wanted to know if I lived in this building? Why is that?」

「Yeah, uhmm, If there is a room open for staying, do you think you could lend us a room?」


Taiyou wrinkled his eyebrows, and looked Aoba at the side . Aoba and Akiha, they looked like they have no baggage at all, but with Akiha with her usual atmosphere and changed into her casual clothes, and Aoba with her school uniform coming at such a time it is clear, even without putting into words, who was the one going that intended to stay over .

「That’s right, I want you to let Aoba stay」

「I see」

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Taiyou said, and looked toward Kohaku’s way .

「Why are you looking at me? I said it earlier, that I am giving you everything with this house jya . Husband should just do what he likes」

「Is that so?」

「Oh, what a splendid conversation!」

Akiha’s eyes sparkles . Literally, it felt as if she really thought that Taiyou and Kohaku’s conversation was interesting .


Kohaku said that, but Taiyou still felt that she was giving him her permission .

Because he got permission, he once again thought about Aoba .

「There’s an open room, considering that you guys are my classmates and not actual strangers, I wouldn’t mind letting you stay over」

「That’s a roundabout way of speaking」

「Well this is provided that you girls give me an explanation for the situation」

Taiyou looked straight at the two girls as he said this .

「I guess you won’t be willing to accept me without hearing the situation, right?」 (Aoba speaking)

「Mmm, I guess that’s reasonable」 (Akiha Speaking)

Akiha said that and looked at Aoba . Aoba was looking down as usual and wasn’t saying anything . Suddenly, Taiyou realized something . Her fists are tightly gripped on her lap, but something in her eyelashes was glimmering . She had the face of someone enduring something . Taiyou made eye contact with Akiha, and Akiha urged Aoba to speak .

「Aoba, if you’re not going to say it, I will tell him in your stead you know?」

Akiha asked, but Aoba didn’t answer . Because of this Akiha let out a sigh and looked towards Taiyou . Just like she declared she would, Akiha began to explain the circumstances in Aoba’s stead .

「Actually, it seems that her……Mothers are going to increase」