Rise of Humanity - Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: 493

Chapter 493 - The Talent Dies Young

Zhong Yue kept the willow leaf in dejection . It felt as if a huge chunk of his heart had been carved out with a blunt knife .

With Bi Xie sacrificing himself for his ancestor, Zhong Yue had lost a Fellow Daoist with whom he could walk alongside in his path of cultivation .

This would be the last battle he could ever have with Bi Xie .

From today onward, there would be no more Bi Xie, only the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor .

“Does it end just like this?”

Outside of the Lesser Void World, Mister Kun Da, Clan Master and the others were feeling empty as well . It was a great pleasure to witness the battle of the two strongest young cultivators . The battle had brought many inspirations to even the magnates like themselves .

This, was something that could never have happened!

From the past until now, since when could the younger cultivators bring inspiration to them? It was always the other way around, and now, the situation took a drastic turn .

“These two young supreme cultivators … what a pity that Bi Xie is going to be taken over by the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, to become the celestial emperor’s second life . ” Zhurong Yanqin sighed with regret .

Such a young cultivator who had such strong achievements . Bi Xie could surely embrace a higher achievement than the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, and yet, Bi Xie decided to sacrifice himself for his ancestor’s wish . This really didn’t sit well with Zhurong Yanqin’s .

“After this battle, where will they be in the Legendary Board?” A magnate suddenly asked .

Mister Kun Da instantly directed the divine mirror at the Legendary Board and a series of cold breathes could be heard from the crowd .

In the Legendary Board, Bi Xie and Zhong Yue’s names had already overtaken the four ancient experts, taking the first and second place respectively!

But their names were still changing places continuously, sometimes Zhong Yue would rise to the first rank and sometimes Bi Xie .

This was because even the Lang Ya Board couldn’t determine which of the two had higher talent .

“Bi Xie, do you have any wish you have yet to fulfil in this life?” Abruptly, the Warhorn flew out from Bi Xie’s Yuan Shen secret realm . Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s voice could be heard saying .

“My grand ancestor . ” Bi Xie bowed at the Warhorn and he shook his head while saying, “My only wish was to battle with Brother Zhong, and it is now fulfilled . I have no regrets . ”

Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s Yuan Shen flew out from the Warhorn and entered Bi Xie’s forehead .

Zhong Yue sighed deeply, but didn’t intervene . Bi Xie was the direct descendant to Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, he had the celestial emperor’s blood and was willing to sacrifice himself . He had no right to stop him .

Furthermore, with Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s capabilities, it wouldn’t change anything if Zhong Yue were to step in . Thus, Zhong Yue could only stand and watch by the side .

Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s Yuan Shen was incredibly strong, Bi Xie’s Yuan Shen couldn’t even stand a chance in the face of his ancestor’s strong Yuan Shen and would surely be crushed in an instant .

Bi Xie’s spirit and soul would disperse into thin air and from then onward, Bi Xie would no longer exist .

After the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s Yuan Shen possesses the new body . He would have to get accustomed to the new mortal body and root his soul and spirit in it .

There were always risks in possession; it wasn’t as simple as just taking over the mortal body . If one rashly took on a new body, the possibility of rejection was incredibly high .

This was all due to the incompatibilities between the possessor and the vessel . The greater the disparity between the two, the higher rate of failure .

If the possessed body came from a different race, then the possessor would have to spend more time in altering the body’s bloodline and structure to fit itself .

Thus, possession normally only occurred between those who shared the same bloodline and cultivation technique . This would greatly increase the odds of success and would allow the possessor to avoid the effort of restructuring the host body .

This was also why Demon Saint possessed his disciple . His disciples cultivated his cultivation techniques, and possessing his disciple would allow him to synchronize with the body faster .

However, as they were not of the same race or same blood, the demon Saint had to go into seclusion to repurpose his new body for himself .

It was already close to a miracle for Tian Myriad Mother to be able to possess Shui Qingyan’s body . Shui Qingyan and Tian Myriad Mother were two completely different beings with virtually no similarities between them; one was a human and the other was a demon . They even had differing cultivation techniques . Thus, Tian Myriad Mother used a long time to get accustomed to Shui Qingyan’s mortal body, still not being able to gain full control even prior to her death .

This was why Tian Myriad Mother’s prowess was weaker than her spiritual form; the mortal body restricted her prowess .

On the other hand, Bi Xie was of the same bloodline as the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, and he shared the same cultivation technique . Hence, the process was significantly smoother for the Bi Xie Emperor .

Zhong Yue closely watched Bi Xie . As soon as he saw Bi Xie’s eyes dim, Zhong Yue sighed in his heart and walked away .

Bi Xie was gone, now, there was only Bi Xie Celestial Emperor .

The other Qi Practitioners were also rushing out from the Lesser Void World at the same time . Suddenly, the heaven and earth changed, and the Lang Ya Board shuddered violently . The other four boards had also shrunk into banners and they slashed down at the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor!

Zhong Yue’s face has changed drastically . The Lesser Void World started to crack and the dimensional barrier began to crumble away!

The surrounding had suddenly become so huge . Outside of the cracked sky, two 10,000 feet long fire dragons rushed in . Two dragons eight claws, each clawing one side of a eight-legged cauldron as they rammed over at the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor!

The cauldron had eight copper dragon sculptures engraved on it, and as of now, the copper dragons had also awakened . They soared and pounced down at the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor!

The Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron!

The shabby Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron appeared and struck at Bi Xie Celestial Emperor . Although the saint weapon was heavily damaged, it was still a strong divine weapon, being able to smite the Lesser Void World Cities with ease .

Even that Realm Linker Divine Mirror was severely damaged, nearly shattering into pieces from the saint weapon’s aura!

Zhong Yue was stunned, he quickly flew toward the Lesser Void World exit . The other Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners were also bolting out toward the Lesser Void World exit!

“Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron! Lord Xia’s spirit!” The Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners were shouting loudly, “Our grand ancestor, he is also here in the Lesser Void World!”


The sounds of the horn blew in the sky and the Warhorn flew out of Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s forehead . It flew out toward the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron and as soon as the horn sounded, the Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners started exploding into ashes!

Abruptly, a surge of godly aura trembled the world from the top of the twin fire dragons . A giant was seen standing tall on the fire dragons, it was none other than Lord Xia’s spirit!

Not long ago, he was just badly injured by Bi Xie Celestial Emperor and hid in the Lesser Void World to remedy his injuries . But the battle between Zhong Yue and Bi Xie had awakened him from attending his injuries and attracted his attention .

During the battle, Lord Xia didn’t dare to act as the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor’s Yuan Shen was right in the Warhorn inside of Bi Xie’s secret realms . If he had galvanized into action back then, Bi Xie Celestial Emperor would have undoubtedly killed him on the spot .

However, this was the time when the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor was in the process of possessing Bi Xie’s mortal body, his Yuan Shen was still not fully compatible with his new vessel . It was a critical moment for the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, which also made for a good opportunity to kill him!

The Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron and the Warhorn clashed together . A wave of destructive force swept the earth and plowed the soil up from the underground!

The mountains crumbled and the rivers blasted into the sky, it was like an apocalypse was approaching!

There were innumerable Qi Practitioners currently in the Lesser Void World, who were here to gain experiences, but now, they were all vaporized by the impact force of the two divine weapons!

Thankfully, Zhong Yue started moving out before the battle has started . He bolted out at a thousand miles per second, exiting the Lesser Void World a split second before the godly impact wave struck reached his back!

Meanwhile, there were also a few Qi Practitioners that were close were still rushing out to the exit!

Outside of the Lesser Void World, the images of the Realm Linker Divine Mirror suddenly blurred out shattering into pieces seconds later . The Realm Linker Divine Mirror would have been destroyed by now .

Mister Kun Da’s face changed slightly, he could feel his heart aching in pain . They had all seen what happened before the mirror was cracked . The boards turning into banners that slashed at the Bi Xie Celestial Race and two fire dragons that descended from the sky . But before they could see any sign of the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron, the Realm Linker Divine Mirror had already been crushed away .

They all had a vague sense of what was happening in the Lesser Void World but they weren’t too sure either .

Suddenly, Feng Wuji shouted, “Seal the Lesser Vord World, don’t let any Qi Practitioners out!”

Clan Master Xia, Zhurong Yanqin and the others were startled . One of the Zhu Rong experts chided angrily, “We still have many disciples in there…”

“Can they survive?” Feng Wuji sneered coldly, “If they can’t, then we might as well seal the door and let the Zhong Shan Clan member die in it as well!”

Just as he finished speaking, tens of Qi Practitioners rushed out from the Lesser Void World .

The experts looked around and only saw the traces of these tens of Qi Practitioners . There weren’t any signs of Zhong Yue .

Then, a wave of godly aura came blasting out from the Lesser Void World entrance, pushing the crowd back to evade the incoming godly aura .


A loud noise came from the door entrance, cracks started to emerge on the Lesser Void World entrance and the newly built Lord Xia statue shattered into pieces again!

“Is the Zhong Yue not out yet?” Mister Kun Da and the others were all overjoyed .

Such a strong godly aura, even the magnates like them would have died in it . If Zhong Yue didn’t manage to escape that, then he was surely already dead!

Hahaha! The talented ones always die young! Hahaha!” Clan Master Xia laughed out loud .

While Feng Wuji looked at the few Qi Practitioners that have escaped from the Lesser Void World, he suddenly said, “Clan Master Xia, just as a preemptive measure, it’s better we kill those that have escaped as well! Only with them all dead, can we be sure that Zhong Yue is already dead!”

Immediately, Clan Master Xia’s face turned gloomy and Zhurong Yanqin sneered coldly at Feng Wuji, she said, “High priest, don’t you think you are acting a little bit paranoid? We have all looked, does anyone of those who’s escaped look like Zhong Yue? Slaughtering my own disciples for no reason, how do you think we can lead the Zhong Li Celestial Race in the future anymore if we do this?”

Feng Wuji stamped his feet on the ground and sighed in his heart .

The godly aura then came blasting out from the Lesser Void World door entrance again . This time, it was a whole lot stronger, being able to blast right into the Fiery Capital . The whole city plunged into a state of chaos and disorder, experts were rushing out from all domains and it was now impossible to find those who had just escaped the Lesser Void World anymore .

Zhong Yue must be in the crowd, but Clan Master Xia and the others are just too soft and weak to make the necessary decisions! How valuable can the lives of tens of your disciples be? Indecisive, irresolute . Weaklings!, Feng Wuji angrily vented in his heart .

Suddenly, another loud boom came from the Lesser Void World and the entrance started creaking, it was at the brink of collapse!

“RUN!” Clan Master Xia’s face abruptly changed as he shouted out loud .

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