Rise of Humanity - Chapter 591

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Chapter 591: 591

Chapter 591 - Swords Gate

Zhong Yue stood up straight and struck the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron, sending it flying away, “Lion, keep it up for a few more moments and perhaps you will obtain the Pure Yang Yuan Shen!”

Shi Buyi on the other hand, stood up straight and channeled the remaining power in him, “I can’t do this anymore . I have no more strength, you?”

With a cold smile, Zhong Yue went head to head with the godly spirits everywhere, ripping them shreds . He swung a white silk ribbon that wrapped around the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron and slammed it away while saying, “I still have some strength left!”

As the ribbon and the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron clashed again and again, dragon claws suddenly appeared from the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron and grabbed towards the ribbon!

However, the claws were severed by the ribbon and the ribbon that was as sharp as sabers under Zhong Yue’s control cut right into the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron!

“What is that!?”

Clan Master Xia, Zhurong Yanwei and the others’ expressions changed immediately; the ribbon cut straight into the supposedly indestructible Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron and not even the other saint weapons could stop the ribbon at all!

This silk ribbon was the Tai Yin Innate Qi gifted to Zhong Yue by the Moon God as a token of appreciation for saving her life . The Tai Yin Innate Qi was not as strong Tai Yin Innate Qi

but it was, after all, an innate product, the origin power of the Innate Moon God, which was on another level to weapons such as Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron .

“Quick! Take the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron back!” Clan Master Xia shouted as his face turned pale .

Immediately, the cauldron flew backwards at high speed, knocking Zhong Yue backwards and causing him to bleed . He slightly lost his balance and when he retrieved the Tai Yin Innate Qi back, but he couldn’t hold it back and coughed out even more blood .

The Tai Yin Innate Qi was powerful but the one controlling it was still Zhong Yue; each time the Tai Yin Innate Qi clashed with the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron, Zhong Yue would have to receive the full impact . He could be considered very lucky that he did not die .

Zhurong Yanqin blinked and looked at the altar of the Kun Peng Celestial Race where their people remained standing there after they reclaimed the Divine Wing Saber . She then said gently, “Mr Kun Da and Mr Peng Da, how are you both able to sit there so calmly? Zhong Yue has been killing your people time and time again and he even stole your race’s saint weapon . Are you really going to sit back?”

Immediately, Mr Kun Da and Mr Peng Da were slightly convinced by her; the conflict between Zhong Yue and the Kun Peng Celestial Race had indeed reached in irreconcilable point . They, however, did not attack because every region had its own rules; and if they interfered in this battle, they would be breaking the rules of the West Barren .

This was not a battle for personal vengeance but a battle that would greatly affect the reputation of the West Barren’s celestial race and the humans . Thus, if the Kun Peng Celestial Race involved themselves in this battle, both Mr Kun Da and Mr Peng Da feared that they would offend the celestial races .

“This is a great chance to cripple the power of both West Barren’s celestial races and the Great Wilderness’ human race! We must not interfere!” said Kun Da towards Peng Da through psyche transmission .

Right away, Peng Da made up his mind and replied as he smiled loudly, “Thanks but no thanks, Madam Zhurong . This is the matter of West Barren and we dare not break your rules . Let’s go!”

Immediately, the Kun Peng altar flew away from the Divine Battlefield with the Divine Wing Saber while the Kun Peng Celestial Race’s strong Qi Practitioners surrounded the altar . However, much to Kun Da and Peng Da’s dismay, a dragon roar sounded and a divine sword ascended to the sky and slashed towards the Divine Wing Saber!

“The Coiling Dragon Divine Sword of the dragons!”

The expression of those from Kun Peng Celestial Race changed immediately, they quickly activated the Divine Wing Saber’s power and wielded the saber to fight back!

As the saber and sword clashed, terrifying power surged and swiped across the battlefield .

The Kun Peng Celestial Race and the dragons were eternal enemies; previously, the dragons would be more than happy to sit back when half of the Divine Wing Saber was still with Zhong Yue, but now, once the Divine Wing Saber was fully retrieved by the Kun Peng Celestial Race, the dragons no longer sat back, and they swore to rob the saber from their enemy!

Suddenly, the sky darkened, dimension trembled as a gigantic Kun appeared behind the Divine Wing Saber and his eyes were humongous!

The spirit of the Lord Kun!

The spirit of Lord Kun appeared in the Divine Battlefield as well, emitting a tremendously strong aura . He was heavily injured by Bi Xie Celestial Emperor and the Xuan Yuan Sword . He was said to have fled into the Wood Celestial Star, but somehow, he had now revealed to have returned and hid in the Ancestral Star!

And as soon as the dragons wanted to rob the Divine Wing Saber, he had immediately made his appearance!

The huge Kun’s body suddenly transformed into a huge Peng with golden wings which then turned into a celestial with avian features and a human body . The celestial being then grabbed onto the Divine Wing Saber .

The power of the saber had reached a peak in his hand, and this power was tens of times stronger than Zhong Yue’s . He then swung the saber, knocked the Coiling Dragon Divine Sword away before he flew into the air, launching thousands of attacks in a blink of an eye towards the Coiling Dragon Divine Sword in an attempt to break the sword!

Years ago, the hatred and war between the two races had become irreversible when Lord Kun lost to Lord Dragon and his entire race had been chased out of the Ancestral Star, force to flee to Celestial Wood Star . Hence, the two races had thereby sworn to annihilate each other!

And at this moment, with a dragon roar, a dragon claw reached out from nowhere and held onto the Coiling Dragon Divine Sword and Lord Dragon with the dragon’s head and human body walked out from the dimensional space . Far away, a gigantic altar appeared and the experts of the dragon race surrounded it while worshipping!

The two Deity Overlord’s godly spirits immediately sparked up a fierce battle and they fought ferociously .

Meanwhile, Shi Buyi, who was standing on the Sui Tree, shivered upon this scene .

He never thought that Lord Kun would hide within the Divine Battlefield, waiting to claim the saber back from Zhong Yue!

If the Kun Peng Celestial Race failed to retrieve the saber back from Zhong Yue, Lord Kun would have probably acted personally!

By then, when the legendary Lord Kun himself intervened the battle, both Zhong Yue and Shi Buyi would be killed for sure!

Did he know that Lord Kun was hiding nearby so he purposely let the Kun Peng Celestial Race take the saber back just like that?

Upon thinking this, Shi Buyi looked at Zhong Yue who did not seem surprised at all and continued fighting with the godly spirits as if everything was within his expectations .

This guy is truly terrifying… Perhaps, he really did have the confidence that he can get out alive from the West Barren!

The hope of fire lit up again in Shi Buyi and he quickly squeezed out all his remaining strength and fought back .

“The 208th sacrifice,” murmured Zhong Yue as he stood up shakily while wiping away the blood around his mouth .

Behind his head, within the light wheels . were two hundred and eight godly spirits that were suppressed and the Xiao Mang grand ancestor’s spirit in Feng Wuji’s head!

“Not enough, I need more!”

On the Sui Tree, the many gods were still charging at him . The Martial Divine Masters of the Xia Clan were awoken, and two of them were fighting Zhong Yue ferociously . Shi Buyi . who had already collapsed, was kept into Zhong Yue’s Yuan Shen secret realms .

Now, there left only Zhong Yue standing off with the many gods .

“The two hundred and ninth sacrifice!” Zhong Yue slammed his fist onto a godly spirit, shattering it . The godly spirit was then sucked into the bronze lamp/

Boom! Boom!

The two martial Divine Masters’ attacked him from behind, dealing massive damage onto Zhong Yue, causing him to lose balance and fall off the Sui Tree onto the ground . But suddenly, a huge branch stretched out from nowhere and lifted Zhong Yue back up .

As soon as Zhong Yue stood again, he swallowed back the blood that came rushing up his throat and continued fighting as he needed even more sacrificial offerings!

This fight no longer decided who would win or lose, having already escalated into a life and death battle . Zhong Yue would either walk out alive after a bloodbath or he would either die right here!

Somewhere not far away from them were Lord Kun and Lord Dragon that fought ferociously . Their battle was even more intense as without their common enemy, Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, they did not hold back as they desperately tried to destroy each other .

While Lord Kun and Lord Dragon fought, their people continued praying around the two different altars; the prayers echoed throughout the battlefield and with the addition of the people of the West Barren, the prayers almost covered the noises created by the war in the Battlefield .

Clan Master Xia, Zhurong Yanwei and the others, however, could not be bothered about the battle between Lord Kun and Lord Dragon . Even though the Zhong Li Celestial Race were enemies to the dragons, even teaming up with the Kun Peng Celestial Race against the dragons, they did not show any sign of lending a helping hand to Lord Kun; all they did was pay close attention to Zhong Yue .

Suddenly, Zhong Yue’s aura weakened all of a sudden and Clan Master Xia’s eyes lit up .

“It’s time!” Zhurong Yanwei said with a smile . “His strength won’t allow him to cast that strange Qi anymore . ”

With a nod, Clan Master Xia shouted, “Everyone, let us begin the prayers for the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron!”

The people of Xia Clan, Zhurong Clan immediately started the prayer, spiking the power of the cauldron and the eight dragon heads on the cauldron raised up .

This was a killing blow that was being executed .

By now, Zhong Yue’s power had come to an end, and this strike will be killing blow on the Sui Tree, stripping Zhong Yue of his final lifeline so that they could finally destroy him!


Clan Master Xia and Zhurong Yanwei shouted and bowed towards the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron, controlled the cauldron to slam towards the Sui Tree with relentless power!

“Not so easy!”

A shout sounded suddenly as Four Symbol Banners appeared and turned into four huge gates each a thousand metres wide, and the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron slammed right into one of the gates .

Then, the paintings of the four legendary beasts, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise appeared on the flags, each emitting fearful power! As the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron slammed into the gate, the roars of the eight dragons on the cauldron could be heard; their claws and bodies could be seen vaguely trying to escape, but quickly, they were overwhelmed and sealed by the four godly beasts .

The four flags shook non-stop and the battle within the gates continued vigorously .

“Four Symbol Banners?”

The shocked husband and wife immediately looked at the direction where the four flags came flying and all they saw was an altar surrounded by thousands of human Qi Practitioners that flew across the snowy mountain .

And right in front of the altar was Jun Sixie, behind her was Fang Jiange and the people of Swords Gate!

The pupil of Clan Master Xia shrunk and he murmured, “Swords Gate . ”

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