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Rise of the Wasteland - Chapter 181

Published at 22nd of April 2018 02:40:05 PM

Chapter 181: Chapter 181 - Crazy Man

Chapter 181        Crazy Man

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Rachel Connor was astonished when she saw Zhou Qingfeng . She has been thinking about her escape plan but she never thought of Zhou Qingfeng at all . They were staring at each other under the water . After a while, Rachel recovered from her astonishment, returned to the surface, and continued to shower as if nothing had happened .

A few moments later, Rachel quickly turned around as she suddenly realized that she was naked right in front of Zhou Qingfeng . However, when she turned around, she thought it was inappropriate to show her naked hips too . Thus, she swam away and went to take her towel .

Rachel covered herself with a towel and realized Zhou Qingfeng must be the one that the guards were searching for from earlier . She thought for a few seconds and spoke to the female guards, “Can you guys leave me alone? I don’t like being stared at when I’m showering . ”

Two of the female guards were bulky and burly . Their fists and arms were very muscular, they had ferocious looks, and they appeared to be even tougher than men . They thought nothing was going on so they walked out to the changing room .

As two of the female guards left, Zhou Qingfeng and the kid were breathing heavily after they returned to the surface of the pool . Rachel, who was covered with a towel, asked angrily, “You little b*stard, why are you in my bathroom? Are you peeping at me while I’m showering?”

“It was an accident . ” Zhou Qingfeng opened his armband computer and typed on it, “I was going to ask, why are you here? Do you know that your husband’s searching for you like a madman?”

As Zhou Qingfeng mentioned ‘husband’, Rachel immediately calmed down . She quickly typed on the virtual screen of the armband computer . “Are my husband and daughter okay?”

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“They’re fine . They’re coping well, they’re just worried about you . ” Zhou Qingfeng asked again, “Why are you on this ship?”

“David went after Angie when the chaos emerged and I was attacked by gangsters when I was at home . I ran away since I couldn’t fight them . I didn’t have anything with me and I can’t reach David, so I went to Fernando for help . ” Rachel was confounded when she talked about Fernando .

Zhou Qingfeng guessed, “So, two of you… . . ”

Rachel snapped, “Nonsense! Do you think I’m a prostitute? I was seeking his help to get back to my husband . In fact, he was helping me initially . He even contacted many of the mercenaries from the South he knew of for help . ”

“But his mind started to change as more and more mercenaries joined . He started to just think about himself and his wild ambition . After that, he robbed this ‘Polarlys’ and decided to build his own team . He even became one of the Big Five of Skull and Bones and started to constrain me . ”

Ugh, it’s all my fault . I snatched DogMeat and that’s why Angie didn’t manage to go home . Thus, David Lawrence went out and so Rachel escaped from their house . In the end, Fernando gathered all these men and caused all these problems .

“Ugh, What is this Mr . Fernando Rethnor trying to do?” Zhou Qingfeng showed his curious face, “Is he going to… . ”

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Rachel immediately shut up and she appeared to be unhappy . She typed on the computer, “You should get me out of here instead of thinking about those meaningless questions . ”

“I only have a carbine, a pistol, and a few grenades with me . It’s impossible for me to fight against these hundreds of mercenaries . ” Zhou Qingfeng was not heavily armed as he had only come to investigate .

“I don’t care . You need to get me out of this stupid place; this place is driving me crazy . Fernando is asking everyday… . ” As Rachel was talking, the female guard outside suddenly shouted, “Madam Connor, Mr . Rethnor is here . He’d like to have dinner with you . ”

Zhou Qingfeng and the kid again dived into the pool again as he heard the female guard coming in . Rachel looked at Zhou Qingfeng in the pool, said something to him, and left . When he returned to the surface, she was already gone and the pool was silent once again .

Phew… . , Zhou Qingfeng heaved a sigh of relief and brought the kid back to the laundry room . Again, he intimidated the washerwoman and prepared to leave . However, it was difficult for Zhou Qingfeng to leave now because it seemed like the guards on the ship had changed . All of them looked serious and focused .

“Feels like Fernando is really a major influence . The entire ship looks so different when he’s here . ” Zhou Qingfeng suspected that the guards were alert probably because of his diving equipment . He was going to abandon the diving equipment he had hidden .

“Butcher, my equipment will probably be discovered . The guards on the ship are searching for me . I’ll just dive right into the sea and leave . I’ll meet you in the south bay . ” Zhou Qingfeng found a rope on the ship and went down into the sea with the rope .

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Fortunately, the bay was very close to the shore . After Zhou Qingfeng met up with Butcher, they returned to Staten Island the next morning .

When Zhou Qingfeng was leaving the ship, Rachel was walking into the captain’s cabin of ‘Polarlys’ . The long table was filled with delicious food and there were even candles on the table . The entire atmosphere was warm and harmonious .

Fernando Rethnor was wearing a fancy suit, sitting at the end of the long table with a warm smile . The moment he saw Rachel appear with a low-cut dress, he praised her sincerely: “Rachel, you’re so beautiful! You’re giving me surprises all day every day . ”

Rachel sat at the other end of the long table with a neutral expression . She did not even look at the man opposite and started to eat her dinner . Fernando remained calm and patient . He smiled and said, “You’re so beautiful even when you’re angry, I’m so amazed . ”

Fernando was not even there for dinner . He just stared at the beautiful woman that was sitting on the opposite side the whole time . He was staring at her face, her body, her movements, and he was fascinated . However, it did not last long . A man came to him and mumbled a few words beside him . Following that, a set of wet diving equipment was placed in front of him .

Fernando’s face changed immediately . The way he looked at Rachel was replaced by anger and coldness . He shouted, “Rachel . ”

Rachel ignored him .

Fernando outraged . He punched the table and snapped, “Rachel Connor, look at me!”

Rachel was shocked by his punch and raised her head .

“Did your husband come? David Lawrence’s here, right? He was going to save you . Unfortunately, he failed . ”

Rachel did not reply to him .

“Rachel, my dear Rachel . Do you know how much I love you?” Fernando stood up and tore apart his shirt, “I’d even dig my heart out and show you but you’re not responding to any of my love . I’m so disappointed in you!”

“You're the main reason why I’m befriending with your husband . I’ve been showing you my love but you don’t see it . You know what? I don’t like David at all . I hate him because he’s arrogant and proud all the time . I hate him!”

“You know what? Your husband can’t save you . It’s the end of the world . I don’t care about laws or morals anymore . I’m gonna do whatever I want . I’ll marry you, organize a wedding with you, and throw a huge party after that . I don’t care what you think . You will be mine for the rest of your life . ”

The crazy man roared, “No one can save you, no one can change this, no one can take you away from me, no one!”