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Romance RPG - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

Published at 14th of March 2016 09:35:57 PM

Chapter 7

Strange, why isn’t he moving anymore? Did he actually get angry? Miss A Hundred Points, who was also Meng, suddenly felt that the sword in her hand was no longer moving . She couldn’t help but frown as she pondered over it .

Feeling embarrassed, Meng lifted the sword out of the river . She was only a bit angry that the sword had come online, but hadn’t told her . Also, she was feeling a little self-conscious . Her worries had been overheard by a guy… sword, so she had pushed the sword into the water, merely thinking of reducing her discomfort .

“Sigh! Why am I getting embarrassed by a sword? I’m such an idiot . ”

Meng sighed as she glanced at the sword . However, the sword’s pair of eyes that grew beneath the hilt was closed tightly, and his pair of lips even further down appeared purple . Meng started panicking and yelled desperately, “Sword? Sword, what’s wrong with you? Don’t joke around anymore . If you dare to scare me on purpose, you’re doomed . ”

Meng shook the sword left and right . However, the sword didn’t open his eyes . On the contrary, a lot of foam seeped out of his mouth . Meng had a flash of realization and thought, Don’t tell me he was drowning?

Drowning, drowning .  Meng frantically placed the sword on the ground and tried hard to recall the treatment for drowning, which she had previously been taught in a military course from either middle school or high school, she wasn’t sure which one .  First, open his mouth .  Meng looked at the pair of lips on the sword . When she reached out to pull them apart, she was even a little self-conscious . In any case, the one in front of her was still a guy… sword .

However, the lips really were soft . Meng couldn’t help but blush… Goodness! What was she thinking? Meng slapped her cheeks hard, and then looked at the sword . There was a lot of water flowing out from the corner of the latter’s mouth .

Meng tried hard to remember that distant military course . It seemed like the next thing to do was to lightly press on the stomach and allow the water accumulated inside to flow out . As she supported the sword, she stretched out her hand to press on his stomach… Wait a minute!

There isn’t any stomach! As she looked at the sharp and hard sword blade, Meng wanted to cry but no tears came out .  Is there any use in pressing this?

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“Ah! I don’t care anymore . ”

Meng promptly picked up the sword and turned it upside-down . Then she shook it forcefully, as if she was shaking pearl milk tea . Sure enough, a stream of water gushed forth ceaselessly from the sword’s mouth, and at the end, there was even a faint sour odor . Whether or not he had even vomited out his gastric juices, she didn’t know .

After shaking for a while, Meng stopped as she panted . She placed the sword on the ground and observed him . His eyes were still closed tightly, and Meng started worrying . She murmured in her heart, Next is to measure his breathing, and measure his heart rate, but… there isn’t a nose, nor a heart and certainly not a pulse, then… I’ll leave out this step .

Next is, artificial respiration… Flustered, Meng lowered her body . Just when she was about to perform artificial respiration, she remembered that artificial respiration was mouth-to-mouth . Her lips paused a few centimeters above the sword . She hesitated, but when she looked down and saw the sword’s tightly shut eyes, Meng didn’t hesitate anymore and inhaled deeply . Then, she bent her head and glued her lips onto the sword’s lips, slowly passing air into his mouth .

Over and over again, Meng inhaled air into her lungs, then blew this life-saving air into the sword’s mouth . At this moment, the two of them seemed to be sharing life .

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Consciousness gradually returned to Lin Jian Yin’s mind . The first thing he felt was a soft touch on his lips . His eyelids fluttered, and when he opened his eyes, he just happened to see Meng with her eyes closed as she passed the air in her mouth to him . Meng’s long eyelashes were right in front of him, and when her eyelids occasionally quivered, they would even brush against Lin Jian Yin’s eyelashes .

Logically speaking, he should make a sound to tell her that she did not need to continue . He had already regained consciousness . However, Lin Jian Yin was dumbstruck as he looked at Meng’s long eyelashes, and even unthinkingly blinked so as to let both their eyelashes touch .

After she finished blowing, Meng left Lin Jian Yin’s lips again . However, the latter was a bit unused to his lips becoming cold . She inhaled a few breaths of air again, and just when she was about to lower her head and blow, her slightly opened eyes swept across a pair of large eyes on the sword .

Meng’s lips paused a few centimeters above Lin Jian Yin’s lips . Her eyes stared frozen at Lin Jian Yin .

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This awkward atmosphere continued for a while, until Lin Jian Yin reluctantly broke the impasse . “This– I just woke up… It’s true!”

Meng slowly spat out, “Go to hell!”


A sword glowing with a white radiance streaked across the horizon .

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