Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10.2

Rose in a Yuri Field Chapter 10 Part 2

For the time being after arriving at the inn, I decided to have Rose bathe him to remove the dirt .
Meanwhile, I gave the innkeeper a silver coin and ask him to choose suitable clothes and shoes and leave it in the dressing room .
While waiting for bath time to end in the room, the door was knocked with Kon Kon .
I mistook the child that Rose took out of the bath .

Slight childishness could be seen in her chestnut eyes while her golden hair shines up to her waist which had regained its shine .
Probably as a consequence of taking a hot bath her cheeks were flush slightly red .
But in the first place was she a girl…

“Er Err! Thank you for taking care of me… There is nothing I won’t do to return it…” (Homeless girl)

She is tense but she squeezes out those words .

“I don’t need anything return in particular . It good that you got well” (Anne)

She looks surprised from the bottom of her heart when I said so .

“That what I had said . Ojou-sama help you with good intentions” (Rose)

Rose said as if it was natural while puffing out her chest .
I guess there was some trouble in the bath .

“For now try and introduce yourself to Ojou-sama . It would be rude to not give your name?” (Rose)

“Ah, I called Leia . That… What should I do…” (Leia)

“Nice to meet you, Leia . My name is Anne Rose Ainkfalts . For now, let rest and think about what we shall do tomorrow . Are you interested in anything else?” (Anne)

Then Leia raises her hand nervously .

“Anne Rose-sama is a goddess?” (Leia)

“It seem so” (Rose)

“It different!!” (Anne)

Rose answered before I could .
Why on earth was such a question asked? It doesn’t look like a joke since it was said with a serious face but I wouldn’t say such a thing…

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“It true…” (Leia)

Leia muttered softly .

“Then Leia please take a rest on the bed in this room . Because it is big that even two people can fit” (Anne)

“Please wait a minute Ojou-sama! My room would be big enough then!” (Rose)

“Wouldn’t it be too small for two people to lie down on the bed in your room?” (Anne)

“I-In that case lying down with Ojou-sama together…” (Rose)

And the confidence in the latter half disappeared .
I said it before but I think that it would be unnatural to sleep with your master .
Beside my bed would be too small for two adults .
Even so, I think it would be a waste to reserve a new room if two people can sleep together .
Saying so I will sleep with Leia tonight .

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After letting Leia take a rest in the room, and having told the circumstance to the bodyguards, I distributed the food I bought from the stall .
Each and every one of the bodyguard applauded my act and having received a meal bought directly by me they began to eat while weeping with joy .

Though that not something to cry about…
Also since the food was originally salty, how will it taste like now with more salt added .

For a nobility to do something like this, doesn’t seem to be common here .
Everyone began showing off their loyalty .


When I tried to sleep with Leia in bed, Rose came in probably wanting to talk .
Because tonight was the last night she seems to want something memorable .
Come to think of it the next night I would be sleeping in the dormitory in the school .
Once the guard duty end, Rose will return to the Ainkfalts territory .

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Then today the last time we will be together .
But there is one problem .
It would not be possible to do it right beside Leia and as for the room Rose was waiting in, there was a gap large enough on both end of the partition door that a cat would be able to pass through, this was so that the guards could respond quickly to the master in the room .
I thinking what I should do

“I definitely won’t make a sound so it all right” (Rose)

Rose declares so .
Well, Leia is also tired and is probably sleeping, the bed in the waiting room only had space for one person so there was no choice but for us to be on top of one another in our underwear .

Rose said that she won’t make a sound but for the sake of precaution I shall block her mouth .

I took Rose purple panties and roll it into a ball and stuff it in Rose mouth .
But it looks like Rose was fired up for tonight because her underwear was quite a sexy one and there still room in her mouth .
I took off my light pink underwear and stuff it in Rose mouth too .
After doing light foreplay with her breast and vagina, I thrust my erect meat stick in slowly and started to piston intensely .
That night the underwear held in Rose mouth became soaking wet with saliva by evening .