Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 11.1

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Chapter 11.1

School arrival

It has finally begun .

Now, what shall I do?
Leia is having breakfast in the room with me now .
Rose is also in the room .
So the talk about Leia future will be among us three .
Last night after the act with Rose, I returned to bed and slept .
I was scared that when Leia woke up and I was not beside her in the morning but was sleeping in the waiting room where the bed was too small for two people to sleep in .

“For the time being I think Rose should take her back to the territory…” (Anne)

I suggested that a while ago but Leia didn’t want to leave and clung onto my waist .
She was abandoned by her parent when she was small so thinking that she may be thrown away again she broke into tears and it was hard to calm her down .

Then suddenly Rose had an idea and strike her palms together with pachiri .

“How about letting her enroll as a new student in spring?” (Rose)

“That…” (Anne)

Certainly, if she enters the school, the problem would be solved .
She could be with me while at school and after graduating it would be possible to get a job that she desires .
But it just that Leia shouldn’t be able to enter the school .

“Leia is not old enough…” (Anne)

Even by stretching it Leia is about 12 or 13 years old .
Although it is only a few years, but it would be harsh to have all the childish feature of a child disappear at the age of 15 .
Even Leia herself doesn’t know her true age and when asked she said “A little over 10” and it wasn’t far from appearance .

“That is so, but the Ainkfalts house is one of the school main investors . The school probably can’t say no if Ojou-sama wanted to” (Rose)

I see .
It may be so if I said so .
Because the Ainkfalts house have contributed a large amount of money to the school some selfishness may be allowed and another family may have already done their own selfishness .

“I understand . Let go with that . Is that ok Leia?” (Rose)

Certainly, she did not understand what it means to go to school as she was tilting her head to the side but once she understands that she could be with me she nodded .

Right before dusk that day, the carriage pass through the large solid gate that led to the royal capital .
As the wheel of the carriage passes over the stone pavement with gotsu gotsu, we could feel the hustle and bustle of the people outside .
Leia was enjoying herself staring out the window the whole time watching the townscape change as the carriage travel .
But since a while ago, the amount of pedestrian traffic decrease and in turn the clothes of people became more expensive looking .

We were entering the noble district .
In the noble district, only the noble, their guards and servants, those have a recommendation and wealthy merchant with selected salesclerk are able to enter, that why there fewer people than a normal district .
And our carriage came to a stop in a corner .
There is a wall about 3m in height and it seems to have more of an artistic value than practicality unlike the wall surrounding the royal capital .
Even though it in the noble district the wall is different being pure white and having intricate craftsmanship, truly unique .

Royal Academy Saint Ayer

In front of the gate .
The gate-keepers confirmed our identity by checking the family crest on the carriage and opened the full coloured gate with 4 people .

“Welcome home! Lady Ainkfalts!” (Gate-keeper)

As the carriage pass through the gate and head toward the student dormitory, the gate-keepers salute .
When the big building that just like a castle we saw in the distance gradually become smaller, the carriage stop right in front of it .

“Castle…?” (Leia)

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“No . This is our home from today” (Anne)

The building that Leia mistook for a castle was the student dormitory for this school .
This is a dormitory of the school where the royal family and children of high-ranking feudal lord noble go to and each student is given one private room .

“We will have to say goodbye to Rose and friends here… thank you very much” (Anne)

Now that they finished their duty to send me here they will return back to the territory .
I lower my head slightly and give my thanks to Rose .

“I will pick you up for summer vacation! Take care!” (Rose)

Rose saluted cleanly as a knight .
Then Leia wave goodbye with me, Rose looking lonely for an instant and her eyebrows bending into the letter へ but immediately turn back and left .

“Shall we go too ?” (Anne)

After having wave Rose goodbye, we opened the door to the dormitory and went in .

“Uwaaaa…!” (Leia)

In the large lobby there was a chandelier shining brilliantly on the high ceiling, wide stairs similar to those of large wedding hall in the front and as you ascend the stairs it divides left and right and was beautifully illuminated by the stained glass .

On the first floor of this dormitory, there are shared facilities such as the public bath and dining room, from the second floor to the right it the normal dormitory for the medium rank noble and wealthy merchant .
And as for the stair leading to the left it the dormitory for the high ranking noble with a higher status .
While there is lesser room than on the right side, the left side room is more luxurious and wider and they are called room of the right side and room of the left side .
There is also a lounge for tea breaks and chatting in both the left and right .
I climbed the left stairs while Leia raised cries of admirations, turned in at the hallway where a large carpet was spread out and knock on the door before waiting for an answer and entering the room .

I had wanted to put my baggage in my room but I didn’t have the key so I visited my friend who I had left my key to .
After a short reply, entering the room there was a young woman with semi-long curly red hair wearing a light blue dress sitting on a spacious sofa .
Her name is Jessica Rouen .
In the first year, she was a nice friend I made in class .

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The Rouen house was a cardinal noble house that is in the royal capital, so while I returned to my parent home during the long vacation, I had asked Rouen if she could clean my room when she came back .
As part of this school education to promote self-reliance, you have to clean it yourself other than the shared space .

Of course, since the room are open during vacation, the maids belonging to the dormitory will clean it but I decided to ask Jessica who was a friend than a maid who a stranger to clean it .

“If it isn’t Anne! Welcome back! The cleaning of your room have been done!” (Jessica)

Jessica who wasn’t all that tall stood up from the sofa and came running energetically at us .

“Oh? Who that child?” (Jessica)

Jessica seeing Leia unknown face? She tilted her head to the side .
When I explain the circumstances to Jessica she nods uh-huh .

“I sympathize with Anne . It is totally like the gentleness of a goddess! Well is it Leia? Best regard from now . I am Jessica Rouen . If there is anything you do not understand you may ask me” (Jessica)

Jessica brushes Leia’s head .

Jessica is still taller in height but if they were the same age I think Leia would be taller .
Even though this is a heart-warming scene but imagining Jessica patting Leia that bigger that herself would be charming .

“What are you grinning for . Leaving that aside here the key . Are you tired from the trip? I intend to go to the public bath . Why not leave your baggage here and go together quickly?” (Jessica)

As I received the key which Jessica held out, I decided to follow her suggestion and leave my baggage here while visiting the public bath .
I took off my clothes in the dressing room and enter the public bath .
For about half and hour we were able to enjoy the large public bath with only us 3 .
There were many kinds of bathtub in the public bath that was made from marble .
There was about 10 different bathtub such as those with flower floating, filled with wine and normal hot water .
After washing my body, I headed for the bathtub filled with normal hot water and soaked in it followed by Jessica .
I had tried the various type before but as expected soaking in normal hot water is the best .
Leia is trying out the different bathtub and is enjoying their differences .

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“Say Jessica-san, you sent me a letter, was it something urgent?” (Anne)

Suddenly remembering about the matter of the letter, I inquired .

“Ahh!? Er…wellllllllll! That is… umm! Before Anne return I clean the room with my all!” (Jessica)

Apparently, she didn’t not only clean it but clean it with lots of fighting spirit .

“Still Anne is still the same as usual… it’s floating in the hot water… but it not unnaturally big, the shape and color is beautiful… compared to that…” (Jessica)

While Jessica was staring at my chest, she places a hand on her slightly lonely chest .

“It…It will grow even more now…!” (Anne)

“Although I understand… even if it grew a little this year… Shit! God is so unfair! Ahh!” (Jessica)

Jessica then clings onto me from behind and grabbed my breast .

“Wai… wait a minute Jessica-san! Please stop! …Nn!” (Anne)

“What is this sensitivity even though it so big! Because I heard a story that tiny breast are more sensitive!” (Jessica)

Jessica gradually escalates rubbing my breast and slowly head for the tip .

“Nnn! … Ah! …Jessica-sann…! Really…Ha! Ahh!”(Anne)

Whether she didn’t hear or ignore me, Jessica began to intensely tease my nipple .
While pinching it with her forefinger and thumb , she relentlessly plays with it without regard .

“Ahh! Ahh! Nnn! Alre…ady… useless…! ~~~~~~!!!” (Anne)

I bend my back in climax .
I feel that my sensitivity have increased recently due to the many opportunities of skinship .
Because I bend my back my head is resting just below Jessica’s head as she was hugging me from behind .
When I turned my eyes to Jessica, her cheek flushes and her breathing began to roughen .