Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

ield Chapter 4

Now the reason for reincarnation

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《Anne Perspective》
The world is on the verge of a crisis .

Whenever a generation repeats the mistake since the creation of the world, a human woman of both sex came .

In this situation, humanity will collapses

The gods thought

And a certain God said

The vaccine will be struck into the world

“That you”

Said by an old man whose appearance looks like a king .
Surprisingly this old man who looks like a king remind me of a certain RPG where you collect a lot of small medals and exchange it for premiums .

“Excuse this old man impoliteness . I am God even with this appearance? I can become the figure of your preference if you do not like this appearance ?”

He seems to be God .

Are you the god by any chance that possibly transfers me to the different world?

Usually, before going to a different world, the god would appear first?

“There are various circumstances over here . That was the reason you were sent this world? You may refuse it but I will delete your memory and I will return you back to the circle of reincarnation . However I do not know what you will be reincarnated to in your next life you may be a rock, a barnacle or a dandelion . ”

Aaa well, the vaccine ? right desu .
Of course, I do not refuse .
Rather I welcome it .
But what should I do specifically?

“Well, It not such a difficult thing . You should copulate with the human being with the mistake in the setting . In doing so the next generation, in other words the child return normally . ”

ehh ? In other words, it is randomly being a bimbo?

“It becomes so . I put you in the most beautiful human being in the world to assist you . Every human being would be caught recklessly when putting up a suggestive attitude . ”

I see I see
That remind me why is it that Anne Rose have the sexual disposition of normal men?

“Mutation or something like that . Conversely, for this reason, it was the caliber of your soul that was chosen . If you treated a man a male child would be born normally . As for the absolute number of children produce by  man is more thinking about efficiency and being able to treat both will be convenient . ”

But I hate having sex with a man .
Well now that I think so, it is only the result of my soul being a male .
Though I thought about it some time ago the way this god talk is like a vulgar person .

“I caught the way of speaking as a vulgar person, it because I am the God of lusts . I am qualified in this matter and I’m doing the explanation job”

Such a thing .

Oh, is there any chance that this vaccine position can be taken charge by someone other than me?

“No, you are a special case . It is not very often that a human soul is fit for the vaccine position . I found the possibility to be quite low . ”

In that case, the people from the different world are

Oh ? By any chance was I, killed to be able to fill the vaccine position?
The reason that I was run over by a truck where such convenience of ignoring a red light thinking about it now…

“O… Oh well! Look at the time . Time to return to your body !”

It is clearly suspicious

Visibility gradually fades with the sight of God waving his hand…


When I open my eyes, Lorna sits down on a chair next to me lying in bed .

“Are you awake ?”

That remind me I collapsed at that place after having sex with Lorna .
This is not a dream?

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“After removing the general traces, Anne-sama was pouring hot water and collapsed, was what we decided to say . – I had the doctor wife examine me just in case but there doesn’t seem to be any abnormality in particular for the time being . ”

There will be traces of that .
It was good .
Like this, it does not seem to be a dream .

“Errr… because of such a thing we have done, are… are we lover ?”

Lorna asks restlessly and her face redden .
I didn’t understand what was being said in such a small voice which one was saying freely .
It was extremely cute .

Lorna upon seeing this redden once more .
The last though seem to be reflected in such a voice .

“By the way what time is it now ?”

“An hour have passed since sunset . ”

That mean it around 7:00 pm .

Because it was before noon that I took a bath I have lost consciousness for a good time .

“It is time for dinner so I will take you to the dining room . ”

Because of it time for the meal I follow Lorna leaving the room .
That remind me that God said if I present a suggestive attitude any partner would be caught easily?
I wave my hand to three maids who pass each other in the corridor with a smile .

“Ahh, Anne Rose ojou sama wave her hand to me !”
“It different! It me! She smiles at me !”
“Ahhh… Wonderful oujo sama…”

Such wonderful things are being said while bowing politely .
Apparently, it works really well .
Lorna glare at the noisy trinity while looking back at them, their eyes become teary which look like they were going to be shot and killed .
When I waved my hand the same way with a big smile, she also returns it .

Yes, jealous Lorna is pretty cute too

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While thinking so we arrived at the dining room and Lorna opens the double door .

When I look around, my parent and younger brother are already seated .

“Sorry for the delay . Father, Mother”
“Is your body all right from that? I heard that you fell down in the bathroom…”

Earl Heinrich Ainkfalts
It is my father who is a great lord and holds an immense territory which distance take about 4 days to travel by horse from the royal capital . He gives the impression of a very bitter adult with dirty blond hair .

Countess Liliera Ainkfalts
She who was the eldest daughter of a Baron family become the betrothed wife of Heinrich .
Anne Rose silver hair is from her mother side but unlike the harmlessness of Anne Rose drooping eyes, the beauty has slightly sharp eyes .
And the younger brother Frank Ainkfalts
He seems to inherit traits from both his parent with slight droopy eyes and golden hair .
He is 13 years old .
Also, both parents are doting and over-protective of their children

“Onee-sama is all right ?”
“Yes, do not worry . I am really all right . ”
“That good . You seem to have slept for a long time and I was anxious . You should sit down sooner . Let have our meal . ”

I sat down in my seat, after doing a prayer the 4 of us began chatting as a family .

“Anne Rose will return to school tomorrow? Have the preparation ended ?”

During the meal, Mother Liliera ask .

“Yes, I finished it yesterday . ”

So I enrolled at the school .
It was the royal school in the royal capital, I usually live in the dormitory .
This school is a so-called young lady school where the children of wealthy merchant and noble attend .
I came back to my parent house during a long spring vacation but will be leaving here tomorrow .

“It will become lonesome . If it is necessary you should say it”

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The family relation is very good but come to think of it aren’t 2 children too little for nobles .
This is probably because my mother is not enthusiastic in night business .
I love each other but this will be the fault of the guy called 『mistake during the world creation』 .
There may also be such feeling such as doting on me .
But the extremely good looking son resemble the mother, I the cute daughter resemble my father .
With nobility, the majority of marriage would be the parent decision, but with commoner marriage and birth rate become hopeless .
I might be driven into a corner because it is killing me .
But how many 『Mistake』 can I cure just by myself?
Assuming that there will be 1000 partner and by the age of 20 years old, they will bear 4 children .
In approximately 20 years it is 4000 children, 40 years will be 16000 children, 60 years will be 64000 children…
In less than 100 years the population would be more than 60000 people, it may become so somehow thinking from the lifespan of the gods .
If I cure the 『mistake』 of the man and do it like stallions…… no, it is not something that can be done unless the woman becomes pregnant in many places .
When the meal was finished

“A letter came from the daughter of the Rouen viscount if I say so? It just arrives some time ago . ”

When Heinrich exchange glance with the butler he came and presented a letter .

“Is it from Jessica? What is it…… When are you returning, is it… There may not even be a meaning if I give an answer now…”

I will leave here tomorrow so writing back at this time doesn’t make sense .
The delivery procedure of letter in this world isn’t much different from earth .
Writing a letter now, the letter is given to a repository in the territory, the delivery man collects it and carry it to the royal capital, a different delivery man will then deliver it to the address .
However, I will overtake the letter as I will return straight from here .

“Well sending a messenger on a fast horse will work . It will reach the royal capital in 2 days if I send a messenger now”

Here the father who dotes on his children .
Such a suggestion came .
If I write the letter in 10 minutes it could be done .

“Is that so then, please . Father . ”

Father bear a smile and groan in satisfaction .
Writing a quick greeting and return date when the maid brings paper and pen, I hand it to the butler when done .
The letter is handed to a person that is skilled at horse riding and leaves immediately .

Still, would there be any point to hear the scheduled date of return?