Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 377

Published at 13th of August 2018 06:17:04 AM

Chapter 377

Chapter 377 - Being the Supporting Character For Once

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“Mister Lin!” Tianyi couldn’t believe his eyes- Lin Yi was at the birthday feast, and he seemed to be on Kang Xiaobo’s side!

There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation as Tianyi picked Lin Yi’s side over Miracle Doctor Kang- he had to explain to Lin Yi that he was here at the doctor’s birthday feast simply out of respect!

“Mister Lin, why are you here! I have to apologize, I didn’t see you earlier!” Tianyi flew to Lin Yi’s side under the shocked eyes of the audience, his tone respectful as he spoke .

There was no need to weigh the benefits Lin Yi would bring with those Miracle Doctor Kang would- there was no need for hesitation whatsoever . It was especially so after Guan Xuemin mentioned Lin Yi’s intention of making a ‘Miracle Doctor Guan’ brand with him .

What the hell was a Miracle Doctor Kang when Lin Yi had all that to offer? Miracle Doctor Kang? The guy only had one Golden Creation, that was it! Lin Yi was the real Miracle Doctor here!!

“Ah, just here with a friend . ” Lin Yi shrugged, a smile on his face . “Though it looks like somebody’s not very interested in my pill . Should’ve given it to you if I knew what was gonna happen . ”

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“Really, is that so! That’s excellent news! Are there more?” Tianyi felt so loved in that instant- he’d never doubted Lin Yi’s pill for a second- he’d even believe him if he said he could bring the dead back to life! After all, his father was a living example of just how legendary Lin Yi was- an old man, healthy and strong and even thinking of starting a garden recently! 

Tianyi had nothing but gratitude towards Lin Yi .

The hundred million was absolutely well spent- he had to make sure he remained on good terms with Lin Yi .

“Not at the moment . A master gave it to me . ” Lin Yi shook his head . “I’ll give you one if there’s more . ”

“Very well, thank you, Mister Lin, thank you! Don’t you worry, I’m not one to take something for nothing . As long as you still have a miracle pill like that I’d very much be willing to give you another hundred million! I’d happily give two hundred million if you will it, Mister Lin!” Tianyi said .

His father was all healthy now, but having a miracle pill at home would be really nice as well . He wasn’t much younger himself, and there was no telling when he might need it .

Everyone present, Miracle Doctor Kang included, stared in utter disbelief- that pill that Zhaoming crushed… It was worth two hundred million . . ?

If Liu Tianyi wasn’t such a well-known name to the people present, they’d very likely assume that Xiaobo had hired him to put on an act, but…

He was Liu Tianyi .  

Even Miracle Doctor Kang himself wouldn’t be able to get someone like that to do that, let alone Kang Xiaobo!!

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“Yi, why didn’t you give this old man one of those pills? It’s such a pity to have been crushed for nothing!”

Something absolutely surreal happened the next instant, just as everyone was in disbelief- Guan Xuemin walked over and patted Lin Yi on the shoulder, a smile on his face .

Miracle Doctor Kang’s face underwent a couple of changes- was that pill actually real? Why would even Guan Xuemin step out to say that??? 

Xuemin wasn’t earning as much money as he was, but the man was indeed a much better doctor than he was!

“Grandpa Guan, Mister Liu- I’m leaving right now, how about you?” Lin Yi asked with a smile .

“I still have something to talk to you about- of course I’m leaving with you!” Xuemin understood what Lin Yi meant by that .  

Their soon to be medicine company would be directly competing with Miracle Doctor Kang for the market, anyway- there wasn’t any need to continue being on good terms with him at this point .

“There’s no point staying here anymore, might as well accompany you, Mister Lin!” Tianyi announced his loyalty right away- he very much understood the importance of a miracle doctor to the family .

And this was a miracle doctor who could revitalize youth! There were no longer any need for Tianyi to be putting on airs anymore- what use was money and power when he’d lose it all after dying?

Having Lin Yi as a friend meant having a shield against death- Tianyi was no idiot .

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Xiaobo’s father had been about to scold Xiaobo for the friends he’d gotten himself- what kind of people were they, to cause trouble at the birthday feast like that?

He couldn’t believe the scene before his eyes .

His son’s friend was a very big somebody- he had Liu Tianyi of House Liu and Guan Xuemin treating him like a good friend! 

It had absolutely disgraced Miracle Doctor Kang- he was now at the highest disadvantage .

Lin Yi turned back and looked at Xiaobo faintly . “If you’re a man then prove it- hold Fen’s arm and prove it to everyone . ”

It was an ideal opportunity for Xiaobo to announce Fen as his girlfriend- his parents could be unwilling all they want, but there wouldn’t be much they could do about it after this .

He’d given Xiaobo a nice start- the whole crowd was on his side . Xiaobo announcing something like that during the heat of the moment would be staggering .

Xiaobo nodded- he held Fen’s arm and puffed his chest up as he turned to his cousin . “Cousin!! I’ll pay you back for all you’ve done to Fen one day!”

“Who the fuck do you think you are! Don’t think you’re a big shot just because your friend knows some big shots!!” Zhaoming was acting cocky, but he was no idiot- he fucked up .

The way Tianyi and Xuemin were talking about the pill made it seem like it really was authentic- he didn’t know where that Xiaobo got it from, but the fact was that he’d crushed it!

He wasn’t sure what to do- afraid that people would start blaming him, Zhaoming directed all the attention towards Xiaobo .

Xiaobo didn’t pay him any heed, but turned to his second grandpa instead, his voice full of disappointment . “Miracle Doctor Kang- I really am not good enough for you, aren’t I? You’d accept a fake ginseng and fake recipe happily, but when I’m the one genuinely giving you a miracle pill you treat it like trash… Haha . . . A house like yours- I wouldn’t want to be included . ”

With that, he took Fen’s arm and walked out the ballroom!

Lin Yi had laid the foundation for him already- Xiaobo really would be quite a coward if he couldn’t muster the courage to say something like that despite all he had going for him .

He took Tang Yin’s arm and walked behind Xiaobo- he was the supporting character this time around, and Xiaobo was the main character!

Miracle Doctor Kang knew at that instant that today’s event would be one to remember as he watched Lin Yi and Xiaobo leave .

“Where’s that pill?” Miracle Doctor Kang had nowhere else to vent his frustration .

“The pill…” Zhaoming gulped as he looked at where he’d stepped earlier…

The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing had been cleaned up by the staff a long time ago . . .