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Published at 2nd of July 2017 02:01:27 PM

Chapter 83

Chapter 83 [Battle Start]

TL : Cnine

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ED : Jake1456

PF : Algebra

Part 1

Liselotte was inside the tent that was erected as a makeshift hospital in the garden of the mansion.

As for before her is, a soldier gritting his teeth to endure his pain is lying down.

His abdomen is dyed bright red due to blood.

「GUH…… It hurts……」 [TL : You’re a man right]

The wounded soldier lets out a painful groan as he holds his wound.

「Hey, since you’re going to receive a healing, you can’t move you know. ……『Recovery Magic Heal』」

As she says that, Liselotte pressed her hand on the injured part.

She keeps on chanting the aria and, a small magic square rises on top of her palm, the healing light that comes out from that is healing the wound.

「It’s already alright you know. Instant medical treatment is done. See, it’s not painful anymore」

Even when undergoing treatment, Liselotte’s cheering on the patient.

The wound is completely closed in one minute, bit by bit, a rosy color started to come back on the pale faced soldier.

「It should be alright with this」

Liselotte said that and wipeing the sweat on her forehead.

The soldier’s timidly opening his eyes. [TL : You’re a man right]

He’s looking absentmindedly at Liselotte's face for a moment and,

「EH, AH! L-Liselotte-sama? 」

The soldier shrieked with a dumbfounded face.

It might be the best thing he can do since he was enduring the pain, he might never thought that Liselotte will be applying healing magic in the open.


The soldier tried to raise his body in panic but, his face crooked in pain to the dull sensation on his abdomen.

Liselotte’s gently pressing the body of the soldier and slowly made him to lie on the bed.

「Seee. Because your wound just got blocked, you can’t make a sudden movement like that with your stomach. Since your wound is quite deep right」

Liselotte’s telling him that with a more friendly tone than usual.

「EH, T-T, Thank……You」

Maybe because he’s nervous as he's charmed by Liselotte, the soldier’s bowing with an obviously flustered state.

「Hey, if you’re a man, then stay firm!」

Part 2

Liselotte’s unintentionally letting out a laugh and rebuked the soldier.


The soldier’s replying in panic.

「Good.  Please just lie down like that for a while」

Liselotte nods quite pleased with him.

Now, she, along with the users of healing magic who are working in the mansion are performing medical treatment to the wounded people.

Liselotte, her name is known as a genius mage who graduated by skipping grades in the royal institute of Galwark kingdom.

Though she hasn’t been blessed that much in her talent with swords, Liselotte’s blessed with abundance amount of magical power which can’t be compared to a normal person, and having an aptitude in which she can learn all kind of magic.

But, even with that, for her who’s a duke's daughter, in general situation it’s hard to think that she’ll use healing magic on an ordinary injured soldier.

But, Liselotte’s not even putting an air of self-importance, she keeps on using healing magic while sweat is appearing on her forehead.

The figure of her gently cheering on the soldier at times and rebuking them at times is definitely enhancing the morale of the soldiers.

Some of the healing is incomplete nevertheless, that amount as far as the people who’s trying to return to the battlefield by striking their chest. [TL : Not too sure–> 中には治癒が不完全であるにもかかわらず、胸を打たれて即座に戦場へ戻ろうとする者までいる程だ。]

While she was working, Someone greeted her from behind.


Turning her head to answer that voice, Natalie who’s the subordinate of Liselotte was standing there.

For some reason, she is bringing along Rio who she ordered to be tailed by Natalie.

「Ara, Natali~………. Haruto-sama. Please explain how the situation turned this way? 」

Liselotte’s slightly perplexed and then asked for their bussiness.

「This matter should be conveyed immediately. I discovered an unidentified strong demon. Since Haruto-sama beat that monster in combat, I brought him along」

Liselotte's eyes slightly sharpened in hearing Natalie who was bringing out the without beating around the bush type of topic.

Immediately setting her body straight turning toward Rio and,

「This is……….. My deepest apologies for making you come again in the same day」

Liselotte’s feeling obligated to express her gratitude.

「Don’t mind it, it’s reasonable. But, unfortunately I have a minor business. If I’m reporting, please allow me to leave immediately」

Part 3

So as for not making her feel uncomfortable, even while choosing his words, Rio told that he’s clearly in a hurry to the other party.

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「This place is quite hectic, my deepest apologies for forcing you to come to this place. Please let me to offer my deepest apology」

Liselotte’s bowing for the second time.

「It’s nothing, since this event is unusual. Since I would be grateful if you let me finish it quickly」

Rio said that while shaking his head for a bit.

「Certainly.  Nonetheless, since we’ll be talking while standing, please sit over there」

Liselotte’s turning her line of sight toward the legless chair that was estabilished at the corner of the field hospital. [TL : Legless chair picture and link] [ED: http://www.clasohlson.com/medias/sys_master/9253743886366.jpg something like that i think]

Currently that place is made into an impromptu countermeasure room.

And then, the three of them quickly decided to move to another place.


In the southwest of Almond, the demons whose numbers easily exceeds 100 is crowding together, they approached the rock house in which Miharu and co is hiding themself.

Ogre, hellhound, mad boar, bi-kong――, the individuals that is treated as especially formidable amongst the demons attacking Almond is sighted amongst the crowd.

「Uwaa, though I couldn’t see anything with this, that’s bi-kong and mad boar right. Will we really be alright being besieged by this large number of demons, Aisia-san」

From the fact that the demons that are treated as a headache amongst the literatures that she knows is swarming in great numbers, Celia asked Aisia with a cramped smile.

「It’s okay. Shut you eyes following my signal since I’m gonna send a signal to Haruto with a large scale spirit art after this」

After saying that, Aisia stretched her hand toward the sky.

In the next moment, light exploded.

A pillar of light appears as if piercing into the sky, spreading torrent of odo and mana in that region.

The pillar disappears in the next moment, even the light that was wrapping the vicinity also disappeared.

「Haruto should be noticed it by now」

The spirit art used by Aisia was the means of communication like fire beacon which she decided with Rio beforehand.

For the opponent, the pillar of light exists and serve as nothing more than a camouflage but, by using the torrent of odo and mana, she could pass her message that there’s an abnormal situation to Rio till as far as a 50 kilometres radius.

But, since the consumption for odo is at it’s limit, firing it randomly while being separated from Rio is something that she can’t do.

The demon that restrained on the back aside, the demon that’s coming forward have their vision snatched away by the flash, and disabled.

There might even be individuals who temporarily lost their sight.

Part 4

「I’m going to focus on defense after this. Following accordingly, Celia attack the demons with magic」


Celia’s replying in good mood thereupon, a squall is arising in the surroundings and a gigantic wind barrier is surrounding Aisia and co.

「『Multi Earth Lance Magic Multi-Earth Glaive』」

Touching her hand on the ground, Celia’s reciting the aria and then a big magic square had risen right under one part of the crowd of the demons in the front.

In a flash, countless earth lances is rising from the ground completely like countless porcupine needles is piercing the demons. [TL : Celia Lv-UP^]

The demons who were snatched of their vision and couldn’t move to escaping from the range of attack in a slight time before the invocation was no match for Celia.


Shrieks coming out like a war cry from the demons.

When the earth lance’s stabbing the demon to death is smashed up like crystal.


The ogre who stayed outside the range of the magic threw a wood-like lance at Celia in anger.

The lance kept going straight, if it keeps going at this rate it’ll soon pierce Celia's delicate body.

But, the next moment――、


The trajectory of the lance is greatly swayed, and is thrown to the sky.

The storm barrier that erected as if protecting the house is changing the trajectory of the lance.

The ironwall-like turbulence is rejecting everything that is going to approach it.

Thereupon, suddenly blades of winds that is bringing about magical power spread from the storm barrier.

The blade of wind that tinged with magical power is neatly decapitating the head of the ogre, and accurately caught the body of the other demons.


The demons that were trying to approach is becoming the victims of the blades, and have their body cut into two.

The corpse are increasing one by one, more than thirty demons already met their end, and transformed into magic stone.

「Really reliable aren’t you!」

Celia said that loudly while loosening her face.

Aisia’s going as far as making accurate strikes while devoting herself on defense.

Though there’s still hundreds of demons crowding before their eyes, she doesn’t feel any bit of danger from them.

Though the rear guard type mage have an ironclad rule of not taking the initiative in a combat, if it’s in this situation, even Celia can calmly use her magic with ease.

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Part 5

Though the type of magic in which the phenomenon of magic square appearing in front of the user is obstructed due to the storm barrier, the magic user can launch a one-sided attack if the magic designated at the optional invoking point of magic*. [TL* : This sentences is too confusing–>術者の眼前に魔法陣が浮かびあがり事象を発動させるタイプの魔法は風の結界により阻害されてしまうが、術者が任意に魔法陣の発動地点を指定する魔法ならば一方的に攻撃を行うことができる。] [TL : My point is : invoking magic inside the storm barrier is hard but, skilled magic user can launch one-sided attack by invoking magic square at designated location outside the storm barrier]

A remote invocation magic square is an extremely advanced skill but, in the case of Celia who’s hailed as a genius, she could easily execute that move.

「『Icicle Rain MagicIcicle Rain』」

Celia’s reciting the aria as she holds her hand up to the sky.

Several seconds later, a magic square emerges overhead the demons, and then sharp icicles are pouring down incessantly.


After succesfully skewering the bodies of the demons that is clustering together in one place, the ice lance breaks.

Even after that, they’re paying attention in their use of magic as to not damage the vicinity of the house, they keep on decreasing the demons one after another in one go using ranged attack magic.

「We decreased quite a large number of them, haven’t we」

Celia muttered while looking at their vicinity.

The flocks of demons already decreased below half of the first wave.

If it keeps going on like this, they’ll be able to exterminate them in 10 minutes.

「I wonder, what the heck is with this number of demons? I don’t think that it’s by mere coincidence that they’re flocking to attack this place. The barrier is active right? 」

Celia’s asking with a gloomy face to Aisia on her side.

「Uhn. Someone is neutralizing the barrier from a bit separated place. You can think that the barrier is losing it’s effect at this moment」

Aisia replied as she clearly shaked her head.

「That means, this situation is intentionally created by someone right. What’s that person aiming for, in the first place I don’t even know how he’s controlling these demons but, it’s definitely not a joke」

Celia said that while pouting her lips.

「That person is observing us from a distance」

「Fu~hn. I wonder what is his purpose? 」

「Dunno? Maybe we’ll know it after beating the demons in this place? 」

Aisia tilted her head with a nonchalant expression as she maintained the spirit arts.

「I see. Rio isn’t here, chasing that person is impossible but. We can’t leave it as it is right」


Part 6

Celia’s sighing deeply with 「Haa~」, as she says that.

「Nn. Well, let’s beat the demon in this place quickly then」

Aisia’s nodding slightly.

Thereupon, the wind that’s covering their vicinity is blowing up violently, the blade of wind that's carrying out magical power is scattering for the second time.

Though the demons are scattering around from place to place while letting out a shriek-like voice, the blades of wind is mercilessly reaping their life.

「Ha~, it makes you lose your self confidence doesn’t it. Could it be that Rio can also easily pull this stunt?」

Celia’s muttering as she let out a wry smile.

Even if she’s hailed as a genius mage, she can’t imitate Aisia no matter how much she tried.

Judging from what she heard from Rio, it’s because spirit arts and magic is something similiar to counterfeit, despite unavoidable, for example he who’s using spirit arts also couldn’t do something like Aisia do.

In the first place she already has magic, since she can’t use spirit arts if he’s living in the human race area, Celia isn’t too keen to learn spirit arts.

It said that the Rio when he was in the royal academy was already using spirit arts.

While being jeered by the nobles of his surrounding so much for being unable to use magic, thanks to his strong will which keep hiding the spirit arts and deceiving the surrounding eyes by never openly using that power even once in his academy era.

(But still, I’m glad that he told me about it)

Though it was natural, the thing that was secret somehow made her worry non-stop, and made her pout.

Maybe that’s just how much the relationship that I built with Rio through more than 5 years.

But, even in the midst of a battle, knowing that Rio’s changed and become stronger again strangely made Celia feel somewhat happy with it.

And then, at that time.


The demons that pushed into a desperate situation is blown with “GOU” squal and thrown high in the sky.

「Haruto can do about that much」

「Very reliable isn’t it」

Celia was puffing into a smile to Aisia who replied with a single sentence.


Reis was peeping to examine Aisia and co fighting from the sky.

「U~hn. As I thought, those level of demons won’t even become worthy for their opponent. Though I came since I felt the sign of a strong spirit, I never thought that there’s a human-form spirit in this place」

Narrowing his eyes as he’s looking intently at Aisia. [TL : CALL THE COPS, THERE’S A PEEPING TOM]

Part 7

「Though it’s hard to believe that she could wield that much power without a contractor, that mage who uses magic shouldn’t be her contractor right, or that person might be hiding in that house」

Moving his hand on his chin, Reis muttered while pondering about something.

For example, the human-form spirit is quite a nuisance if it binds a contract with someone who can supply the magical power enough for it to perfectly utilizing its power.

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But, he couldn’t see the bottom of it’s power for he just scouted it’s power by making it clash with that level of demons.

At most he could surmise that it received a supply of magical power from its contractor.

For the sake of confirming it’s real power, Reis might need to show himself.

「But, if the contractor is reliable, I won’t be able to hurt him with this hand of mine. Should I accept it as I know as much as that it has a contractor. The other party should have noticed my presence, I guess I should escape soon」

After a ridiculing-like smile floats on his face, Reis decided to observe Aisia's power for a bit more for now.


「My deepest gratitude for teaching us about such a precious explanation」

After hearing almost all of the necessary story from Rio, Liselotte bowed deeply.

Though she’s conducting herself with such firm manner, the color of slight fatigue is peeping from her face.

That’s only natural.

In reality, the demon called ghoul which just appeared was truly hard to handle.

The physical power which far surpassed the flesh of a living human, abnormal recovery ability, warlike brutal traits.

Though even if they’re showing coordinating battle power to those who can’t ignore those, if it’s from Liselotte's view, that is not the most troubling matter.

The most troubling matter is the fact that the ghoul is showing a human form right before it dies.

Humans are becoming a demon――, If that was true, then it’s really a grievous situation.

They can’t deny the possibility for a human to turn into a demon in that area if they don’t understand the requirement for humans to become a demon, in the end it’s going back to the star as it’s something that they don’t know.

Even if they do an autopsy to one of those to gain more information, the ghoul vanishes leaving behind ashes and a magic stone, even if the magic stone is left behind, whether it’s purity or size is greater except for those normal stuff, they’re in a complete deadlock.

With the subjugation of the demon at the level of not complete, she has no ways out even if she is advancing the story with just a guess, as a result, it just left a reason for her to be concerned about and mental fatigue, it made her mind cloudy.

「Thanks to you we could quickly give a notice when similar monsters appear in the city」

Liselotte said that while mustering her best smile as if to deny that kind of needless anxiety.

Though there might be some point in which it is already too late, seeing that there’s some point which is not too late, it’s something that they can do without any problem.

Natalie who’s withdrawing herself to give a detailed instruction for the sake of transmitting the information of the ghoul to various defensive places in the city.

Around this time, she might be finished delivering the information to various places in the city by using carrier pigeons.

「It’s nothing, at most I’m just doing my job」

Part 8

Rio’s replying her words of gratitude by shaking his head.

After he is done with the necessary story, as it’s not good for his mental health even if he’s overstaying in this place.

Therefore, he’s choosing this as the timing for leaving but, it might just be his imagination but, the line of sight that is indirectly turning toward him as if wishing for him to help was coming from Liselotte.

If it’s from Liselotte, the current situation is in which she wants to borrow a hand even from a cat.

But, seeeing that Rio’s not a soldier of this city nor he is an adventurer, she can’t force him to fight in this situation.

Since even in the proposal of negotiation she’s putting in refused as if to persistently guard from Rio's side in the beginning, the atmosphere might turn bad if she takes out that card. [TL : Not too sure –>交渉を持ちかけようにも最初にリオの方から予防線を張るように断りを入れられてしまったため、おそらく話を持ち出しにくい空気になってしまったのだろう。]

Maybe Rio’s seeing through that situation or maybe not.

「Well then, I guess this is all my part」

He’s saying that as he curtly turned away his line of sight from Liselotte who’s peeking at him with a listless expression.

「Yes.  It seems that the demons are not invading the residential area but, the other place is dangerous. Unfortunately the defense of the mansion is also lacking, for us to be unable to even give a bodyguard is……」

Though it’s hard to Liselotte who looks like she is slightly depressed, seeing that Aisia is there as a guardian nonetheless the safety of Miharu and co is lifting from his mind, if it comes from Rio, he has no intention to help the defense of Almond more than necessary.

「Don’t mind it, it’s reasonable. Receiving your feeling is enough」

After saying that, Rio’s standing from the legless chair half-rising to one of his feet.

「Please be careful」

「Yes. Well then, we’ll do it properly in the future」

Rio’s leaving the outdoor hospital tent after saying his parting words.

Liselotte’s seeing his retreating figure who’s walking on the pavement road of the garden.

And then, when they’re separated by around 20 metres.

「E-Enemy attack! ENEMY ATTAACK! 」

The soldier who was standing at the gate was leaping into the garden while shouting loudly.

Liselotte's expression is changed to surprise.

The atmosphere of the mansion became busy at once.

The soldier is shouting desperately as he sends a warning to the people inside the garden.

And then, the soldier who came into the garden from the gate is approaching Rio.

「The demons is approaching this place」

The soldier is shouting to convey something.

But, a black ghoul is descending from the sky in the next moment and easily dispatching the soldier by sweeping him to the side.

A little behind it another five ghoul descends from the sky as they flap their bat-like wings.

Maybe because they’re not that skillful in flying, it’s more accurate to say that they’re jumping down rather than descending.

Part 9

「Small fry」

The black ghoul’s looking at the blown off soldier while letting out an ominous laugh.

Maybe because it’s an instant death with that attack just now, the body of the soldier isn’t even twitching.

Rio was slightly knitting his eyebrows seeing that scene.

「N. NN? 」

Suddenly, Rio's figure just in front is reflected in the eyes of the black ghoul.

Maybe because it recalled something, the tip of it's mouth raised happily.


The black ghoul is raising a loud laugh as if going mad.


Rio’s tilting his head to the raised question.

Since he has no memory of being an acquaintance with this kind of being.


The black ghoul is clicking his tongue―― the existence that was called as Alphonse before warped his face.

The current him has changed to a different being from human to a demon, the people close by is staring for the first time and understand that his face is changed to an ominous one. [TL : not too sure–>今の彼は魔物になり人間とは別な存在に作り変えられており、親しい者が凝視して初めてわかるくらいに顔つきも禍々しく変わってしまっている。]

Rio has no reason to recognise the thing about Alphonse but, maybe because he doesn't understand such a thing, his heart is contaminated.

And then, at that time.


Rio eyes is opened wide in seeing the pillar of light rising from the southwest forest.

And then sensing the wave of odo and mana slightly after that.

Rio's face is tensed as his line of sight turned sharp.

「FUhn. You SuRe HaVe SuCH LeEWaY to LoOKING AWaY huh. WeLL, FiNE THeN」

Alphonse is snorting as if in a bad mood.

「OI. ThE TWO OvER THere, CoME AnD CaTCh tHe WoMAn OVeR TherE. SiNcE I’Ll Kill HEr」

Alphonse handed his intruction with his chin to the two ghouls in the back.

Liselotte’s looking vigilantly on that situation from the back.

「ThE OThEr ThREE will COVEr mE. gOOo……. DoN’T LeT hEr Go! 」

Part 10

As if ignoring Alphonse who keeps talking in front of him, Rio suddenly breaks into a mad rush to the side by freely manipulating his strengthened physical ability.

Alphonse also moves immediately reacting to that.

The other ghouls also started to act to their previous order.

Three ghouls are chasing after Rio along with Alphonse, the other two is running to catch Liselotte.


As if to obstruct the ghouls approaching Liselotte, Natalie and Cosette who returned to the side as her guard is slipping in between.

Thus, the battle between the two chamberlains and two ghouls begin.

「CHE, WAit RiGhT THEre!」

In the meantime, to avoid a troublesome battle, Rio who chose to run without hesitation is disturbed by the ghouls which was led by Alphonse and more distracted than what he thought.

Alphonse's physical ability is even higher than the other ghouls, he’s matching Rio's speed who raised the strength of his body and physical ability with spirit arts.

Originally, he needs to off-track Alphonse and co to leave from the mansion is concerning the above situation, because he loses the distance between them and is overtaken.


Rio’s clicking his tongue as he feels a bit of a hurry.

「KuHA-KUHAHA-KUHAHAHA! ArE Yuo sCArEd? WAnT To BeG fOr YouR lIfE. I MiGhT LEt YoU Off If YoU Do So? 」

Though he says so, Alphonse’s extends his sharp nail to pierce Rio's body.

Because Alphonse was coming to attack him as he’s overtaken, the other ghouls also overtook Rio immediately and attacked together.

Besieged by the 4 ghouls, Rio sighed with a annoyed tone.

「HoW aBoUt ThE WoMEn WiTh YOU? I MigHT SaVe YoUr LifE if YOu GiVE mE ThOSE WoMEN. WhAT, DoN’t WoRRy. I’LL GiVE thEM PLenTY OF LOve, As My TOY」

Rio’s knitting his eyebrows slightly to Alphonse who’s letting out a sadistic smile.

Coping with the violent-like storm attack of the 4 ghouls, Rio who was being cornered to a defensive combat is taking some distance with a dance-like back step and then, drew his sword. [TL : Rio-Calibur]

「Fuhn, feEl LiKE FigHTing bAcK nOw. FoOl」

Alphonse raised his eyes unpleasantly as he feels the tingling sensation of intimidation that is released by Rio..


Staring silently at the ghouls, Rio steps forward and then, the battle, begins.

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