Seized by the System - Chapter 415

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Chapter 415

At the same time, someone within the crowd watching the competition had noticed the mass survey going on and was currently on the move .

A young man with a gaunt face and a gloomy expression, followed by an old butler, was seated at one of the audience stands .

A moment later, he gave the excuse that he had an errand to run and silently moved towards a secluded cloud cluster a ways off before he starting communicating with someone on the outside .

"Didn't you all say that all of you were invincible and peerless? And that both Heaven and Earth would be yours for the taking after this battle?

"You lot were all talk in the beginning, but now that Vigilante A is here, you're showing your true forms?

"Didn't you all say that he was nothing much and would never be able to stop all of you?"

The young man's barrage of questions betrayed the restless anxiety he felt on the inside .

The other party immediately replied .

"Sir Pan, please calm down . So what if that Vigilante A killed one of our Lunar Devils? We can just make another one . "

"Just like those Bosses in games that line up to give you free experience points? Aren't you just going to make him stronger? If that's how you all think, there's no need for you all to continue working with the Pan family anymore," said the young man in a mirthless tone .

"Haha, how would it come to that? We've already ascertained his strength, and he isn't as strong as he looks, he just has willpower that is beyond that of regular people . He's able to handle the Heavenly Blessing, which even those Great Bodhisattva Saints of the Upper Realm could not do . They even suffered a complete shutout by the Heavenly Axiom because of that . "

"Hmph, that's where you're wrong . He has been able to defeat all his enemies to achieve victory until now… A few people in my family can attest to this fact . Vigilante A is extraordinary, and definitely the son of the Heavenly Axiom . The energy that he accumulates can be stored with the Heavenly Axiom . The energy that he accumulates when he's serving justice is usually fed back to him when he needs it . You'll never know how many cards he has in his hand and just how far he can push his limit…" revealed the young man coldly .

"What? Why didn't you tell us such important information in the beginning?"

"Haha, tell you? Let me tell you now, this whole thing was a test for you lot, and I never expected that you lot would be failures too . Our cooperation is officially over, unless you lot eliminate the son of the Heavenly Axiom, Vigilante A, and bring history back onto its intended path where families and sects claim kingship over everything once more . "

The young man's eyes burned with hatred; how many of his plans had Vigilante A ruined already?

After the recovery of vitality, the next thing that should have happened was chaos all around as central governments collapsed while local clans took over .

However, Vigilante A's appearance not only halted all possible causes of chaos, some were even stopped before they could start .

Among other things, even if the Insect Devil alone went on a rampage, the Truth Department might have their forces depleted in half . As long as a few powerful devils caused havoc one after another, they would have to stop defending their Land of Heritage .

No, they might not even be able to defend the Land of Heritage at all .

Now, he not only lost the chance for his family to proclaim themselves as rulers, but he had also lost the rare opportunity to climb the Stairway to Heaven to fulfill his destiny .

He knew full well that the great green insect and the volcanic rat, both who could climb at least one step, would only improve drastically in the future…

Once this thought came into his head, anger burned furiously within him but his forbearing yet vicious nature stopped him from displaying his fury outwardly .

He knew that with the Vigilante A around, there was no point in being rich or being from an excellent family; whoever that dared to act as they pleased would be sent to the Draconic Penitentiary immediately . Only one person has been released from there, and that was apparently the Mistress of Azure Mountain…

How many families actually possessed the wealth and force of the Azure Mountain?

They could even use money to prevent misfortune, while the rest of the regular folks could only endure everything that was thrown at them…

How despicable . The future that he had envisioned was one where even someone like him could act as they pleased…

The other party remained silent for quite some time before they asked, "Sir Pan, how do you plan on flipping the tables then?"

"No, I have no plans for that at all . What has Vigilante A got to do with me? I can just continue cultivating, which will not affect him in any way whatsoever . Whether you lot succeed or die trying in the process is no longer my problem . " Although Sir Pan hated Vigilante A to a fault, he had actually spoken with an aloof tone .

It was obvious to him now that they had completely read Vigilante A through, so they should know better than anyone how to circumvent his abilities .

A wise sage once said that if the side of justice has obtained power beyond compare, the side of evil should use hypocrisy to pay respects to the side of justice .

"You really are a dirty Earthling, a worm born from this impure land! Morality completely evades you! This world doesn't deserve to be taken over by you, the true dictators are us Lunar Spirituals!" seethed the other party .

"Really now? You speak as if you're truly born on the Moon . With idiotic Lunar Spirituals like you, it's no wonder the Moon can't escape the grasp of the Heavenly Axiom of Earth…" jibed the young man .

"Be straightforward, you dirty Earthling . What terms should be fulfilled before you'll help us look for a way to deal with Vigilante A?" asked the other party, finally calm .

"Haha, that's more like it," praised the young man in satisfaction . "We have to lure our enemy in deep…"

"As expected of a sly and disgusting worm born on Earth; forming plans against your own kind . I understand now," said the other party in realization, not forgetting to retaliate with an insult of their own .

"Haha, aren't you lot the same? A wise sage once said that being ungrateful to the kindness of their leaders is the example of a great nation," deadpanned the young man .

With the conversation over, the young man silently returned to his seat and acted as if nothing had happened at all .

However, he had no idea that he was the only one that thought he was being silent…

Ren Ruofeng was in the middle of a conversation with someone .

"Nets Above Snares Below recorded an abnormally encrypted telepathic message? Is decryption possible?"

"We don't have the encryption key, and cracking it by force should take about ten years . "

"Let me think about this for a second . Someone, no, some insect should know the encryption key . "

"Advisor, what do you mean?"

"Don't put too much thought into it . Give me an hour, and I'll be able to give you the encryption key," said Ren Ruofeng with confidence .

A moment later, within the System Space .

Fang Ning was watching a video report Zheng Dao had sent it, when Ren Ruofeng's message appeared .

"Recorded an abnormal message, might be related to the Lunar Devils?" Fang Ning immediately went on alert upon reading the message .

As expected of a big organization to be equipped with well-thought-out means to obtain information; Zheng Dao had arrived at his conclusion from mere clues, yet the Truth Department already had a firm grasp on concrete evidence .

Lunar Spirituals, begone to the Moon with you!

He quickly understood what Ren Ruofeng's message implied and immediately said to the System, "Those Empyrean Pills that you concocted, are there any more?"

"There's lots more . "

"Retrieve one for me, we have use for it . "

"Give me a minute, I'll immediately create a new one for you . "

A few moments later, a freshly-made pill with a fragrant scent appeared before Fang Ning .

Fang Ning had completely expected that the System would agree to do so readily . However, he still felt that it was quite odd .

"Didn't you tell the great green insect before that you wouldn't coat the pill with sugar? Why did you do it this time without using any of the old pills too?"

"Oh, am I not adapting to the needs of my customers and actively seeking innovation?"

"There you go with your nonsense again . You're clearly afraid that the great green insect won't eat the originally bitter Empyrean Pill and thus refuse to help you solve this problem completely, right?" asked Fang Ning directly .

A System Notification popped up then . [The Host's has seen through the System's statement . The Host's intuition has improved . ]

"Haha, you're even admitting it yourself…"

"How despicable, these rules of mine keep acting against me…" grumbled the System .

Afterward, Vigilante A promptly arrived at the Divine Gate . Ignoring the thunderous welcome he received by everyone there, he immediately went to look for the great green insect .

The great green insect instantly felt oddly moved; it never expected the Great Azure Dragon to care so much for its safety .

It originally wanted to dedicate a song to the Great Azure Dragon for his merit, but it did not want to waste the chestnut it was chewing halfway through, so it gave up on that plan…

"Daqing, I have a task for you…"

"Oh, what is it?" asked the great green insect upon hearing those words, before it immediately swallowed the chestnut it had extorted from the white hamster .

"Swallow this question and tell me the answer . " As he spoke, Vigilante A retrieved a piece of paper with a question on it .

The so-called paper was actually a fragrant piece of pancake with the question written onto it using eggs .

The System really expended much care and thought into making it .

The fragrance of the pancake was overwhelming the insect . The great green insect started salivating at the sight, but after reading the question written on the pancake, it shivered instead .

"I have no idea what encryption key this is at all . If I eat this, I'll definitely suffer indigestion . I'm not eating it…"

"Relax, we'll give you that appetizing Empyrean Pill from the last time… If you eat that, you won't suffer from indigestion . "

"That was disgusting, I'm not eating that either .

"Relax . Why don't you take a look at this?"

Vigilante A immediately retrieved the pill, which had a fragrance that completely overpowered the pancake .

"Give it to me, give everything to me . "

"Haha, how can a little house finch possibly outwit an old sparrow?" quipped the System giddily .

At this moment, Daqing had already swallowed the pill and the pancake in a single bite…

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