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Seized by the System - Chapter 462

Published at 7th of April 2019 12:20:04 PM

Chapter 462: 462

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The black dog faced a difficult problem . How could it find the Lake-level yellow dog Xue Ba?

For it, this was the moment to show its ability .

Its Master was right at the side along with two of its companions . It could not embarrass itself here .

It shut its golden eyes, and sharp, white energy emerged around its body, shooting towards all directions .

Obviously, it was using its new mythical metal natural trait to find the yellow dog by using carpet bombing . . .

However, even after the white energy made a complete round, they still did not find anything .

Fang Ning, the great green insect, and the Sky Eagle all watched this game of hide-and-seek with great interest .

No promising teams would always be in complete harmony . Situations like those would only appear in fairy tales .

To other people, the black and yellow dogs were Vigilante A's loyal dogs, but they also had a competitive spirit . The question of who was Boss and second-in-command was an eternal problem .

This was especially true when the second-in-command thought that the Boss only managed to find a wife because of its identity as the Boss . . .

Although the black dog lost the first battle, it did not lose heart . Instead, it started to breathe deeply . . .

Beside the large black dog, a vortex of air currents suddenly appeared and converged from all over .

Then, it lifted its nose to sniff the air .

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Its gaze suddenly lit up!

"Did it find something? Does Big Black still have other tricks up its sleeve?" The great green insect watched in surprise while chewing a mouthful of pills .

The black dog's hundred-meter high body shrunk sharply, and it quickly ran downwards .

The audience's gazes followed its figure .

Then, they saw as it ran towards a thicket .

There, was a white labrador that both the yellow and black dogs liked . It was the yellow dog's wife .

Currently, it was looking up at the battle in the sky . One side was even its own husband . . .

"Sigh… Is brother Brett going to take the opportunity to do bad things?" The Sky Eagle suddenly said .

"I believe in it," Fang Ning said thoughtfully .

The next moment, the black dog barked twice at the white dog .

The white dog barked back thrice, and the black dog ran away dejectedly .

"What does that mean? Why can't they just speak normally? How troublesome . Small White, do you understand dog language?" The great green insect, chagrined that it could not understand the show, turned to Fang Ning .

"Of course I don't understand," Fang Ning was speechless .

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"I know a thing or two, but I've only just learnt it," the Sky Eagle suddenly said .

"Brother Sky Eagle improved quite a bit while following Senior River God . Could you explain a little?" Fang Ning said courteously .

"Well, the black dog said to that white dog, 'Look at how cowardly Old Yellow is . It doesn't have any heroism at all . Why don't you come with me instead? I'll definitely protect you well, and I'll never cower away' . "

"The white dog said, 'If you dare to take one more step towards me, your Master would have to neuter you' . "

The Sky Eagle translated .

"Hiss, is the black dog that good? It actually knows how to use diversion tactics and attack the chink in the armor!" Fang Ning was extremely surprised, and then realized, "No wonder it spoke in dog language . It was too embarrassed to let us know that it would dare to hook up with someone else's wife in broad daylight!"

Indeed, the plan of attacking the weak spot failed because of the white dog's loyalty as well as its trust towards Vigilante A .

The black dog was at a loss for what to do . Having run out of ideas, it walked around in circles on the ground .

However, it would never admit defeat!

It only managed to get this strong after so many hardships, so how could it fail just because it could not find where the yellow dog was?

It forgot that the moment it agreed to the yellow dog's bet, it had already fallen into the other party's home ground!

However, how could it find yellow dog?

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Its move had one fatal flaw, which was what a certain voice told it earlier . However, since its Master was watching from above, it could not use it .

Alas, what a lucky dog . It could have won . . .

Currently, no one noticed the black energy flashing around the black dog . Since it mapped it out on its pitch black fur, it was completely disregarded by the others .

Even after wandering for half a day, the black dog still did not get anything .

It could spread out on the ground and said decadently with a lowered head, "Boss Yellow, you win . It's only because I'm a true gentledog that I lost to you . "

"Hmph, I believed that you wouldn't do an evil thing like that, which was why I didn't come out . Otherwise, if it were someone else, I would have destroyed them in an instant!"

The yellow dog Xue Ba's voice carried a trace of anger .

As a well-read and highly cultivated noble dog, it seldom got this angry . However, what the black dog did earlier really crossed a line .

In its view, the other party would probably not think of that idea . It never would have thought that, not only did the black dog really thought of it, it even used it so brazenly!

"Master, look at the black dog . Although its strength improved by leaps and bounds, its mind cannot keep up . From its actions earlier, it's no wonder that it could not improve its Atmospheric Morality Technique . I even taught it for so long . " The yellow dog quickly reported to Fang Ning, while hinting at the black dog's ingratitude at the same time . . .

Hearing this, Fang Ning quickly descended from the cloud

The originally healthy competitive contradiction between two loyal brothers had unexpectedly taken a turn to the worse . This would not do .

Naturally, he did not realize at that time that there was someone secretly acting from the shadows . He only subconsciously persuaded both sides .

"Alright, the yellow dog won again this time . Little Black, what you did earlier was really wrong . As people who walk the path of righteousness, how could you hook up with another's wife? This is something that only evil people would do . You might have an inner devil . Reflect on your actions . I don't want a repeat of such thoughts happening!"

Fang Ning's tone was quite heavy . What happened earlier really was beyond his expectations .

The black dog had always been an honest dog . Occasionally, it would even have a sense of inferiority when facing female dogs . Now that it was acting completely different than how it usually was, Fang Ning had to nip this problem in the bud .

He did not want to see the System certify that his follower started walking the Path of Devils .

Hearing Fang Ning announce the victor and loser, the yellow dog finally emerged from the void .

It had been hiding nearby after all . Its skill of 'hiding in the void' had actually reached the highest level!

The black dog could only droop its head and honestly accept the criticism .

It also subconsciously thought that it had an inner devil now . For rapidly improving cultivators, it was very easy for them to have thoughts like that . In other words, there was a mismatch between their mind and strength .

Just like how it would be impossible to expect a young man not to wreak havoc after obtaining supreme power, if he was stimulated by a little external humiliation, he would definitely retaliate with his strength without considering the consequences .

Only those with a strong mind and vast experience would be able to abide by his inner principles and not use their strength at will because of anger .

"I understand, Master . I'll cultivate well and eliminate the evil desires . I won't have such evil thoughts or use those deviant evil methods in the future," It said lowly, a look of great regret on its face .

"It a great virtue to correct what you have done wrong . Tomorrow, you'll still come with us to meet some new characters and refind your mind . " Fang Ning said sincerely .

"I understand, Master . " Hearing this, the black dog cheered up again . It never thought that its Master would be this kind and not cut off its ambition .

'I'll perform well tomorrow . I really hope there are some tough guys as well . When that time comes, I'll use my words to tell them who's the sacred and inviolable Master!'

Once again, at this time, no one noticed the black energy that was hidden on the black dog's body .

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