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Seized by the System - Chapter 624

Published at 3rd of September 2019 01:06:17 PM

Chapter 624

Despite the fact that a lot of time had passed, Fang Ning still had not said a single word .

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The System worriedly asked, “Mr . Rich Boss?”

Fang Ning gave no response .

“Wise Man Host?”

Fang Ning remained unresponsive .

“Great Emperor Host?”

“Lazybones Host?”

A System Notification appeared then, [The System has realized that the Host’s mood is in an unknown state and has decided to analyze the Host’s mental condition…]

“Stop analyzing my psyche . ” berated Fang Ning suddenly .

“Then why didn’t you answer me?”

“Don’t I have a name?”

“Uh, of course I know you have a name . But I was referring to you just now with friendly names too…” asserted the System .

“You’re copying me again . ” deadpanned Fang Ning . He no longer wanted to discuss the topic, so he waved his hand in dismissal and said, “I’m busy thinking about a problem . ”

“What problem?” The System was finally taking things seriously .

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“Let’s say if that bullet really was meant for Vigilante A, then why did it break into the System Space? Could it be after me? If that were the case, how did the person behind the bullet know I was hiding in the System Space? It’s really puzzling . ” said Fang Ning as he shook his head while sighing .

“That’s easy . ” said the System without thinking too much about it .

“It’s obviously a difficult question . I refuse to believe that you’ll be able to answer it . ” huffed Fang Ning .

“The fact that you hide in the System Space is known by a lot of people…” said the System matter-of-factly .

“Oh… How stupid of me . A lot of those guys in the Draconic Penitentiary know that I’m here, and though they might not know my true identity, they definitely can at least guess that one of the core components of Vigilante A . Besides that, those guys were able to communicate with the outside world since before this, since your System Space needs to be connected with the Internet . Other than the isolation cells, it’s impossible for us to be completely isolated from the outside world . ” Fang Ning finally realized a part of the truth .

“Ugh, you’re right . Then what should we do?” asked the System shamefully .

“We should go after this damned fellow and destroy him completely of course!” declared Fang Ning .

“I think so too . Unfortunately, I can’t locate him . ” said the System regretfully .

“How is that possible? Aren’t you already a Global Mythical Figure with a completely unlocked map? Wait a minute . If the person is some powerhouse from the Upper Realm, then your map doesn’t show it…” Fang Ning thought of the Black Jade people, and instantly his head started aching .

At this moment, Black Dog who had already eaten and drank to its heart’s content finally thought of retrieving its smartphone so that it could start sending its master messages on Wechat .

The information that Nan Feng had said was also listed in the messages .

“So it really was true! Another devil from the Upper Realm!” Fang Ning gritted through his teeth, “Damn it, can I have one day of peace? Why is it another bigot again? Besides, killing people has never solved any problems . ”

“But it’ll be able to finish off the person that caused the problem . ” chimed in the System .  1

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“Stop saying things you learnt from the Internet . ” grumbled Fang Ning, “This devil, how can we catch him?”

“I have no idea . Didn’t you already order Black Dog and Nan Feng to search for him?” wondered the System .

“Uh, but I’ve realized that this devil should be brought to justice as soon as possible in order to avoid more disasters from happening . ” said Fang Ning in a dignified way .

“Oh, how rare of you to be so hardworking . It seems that the bullet served to be quite a useful reminder . ” hummed the System .

“Get out of here…” With the unveiling of a horrific memory, Fang Ning could not help but spat .

“Very well, very well . I’ll go, I still have things to do . ” The System immediately rushed away .

Fang Ning was its landlord, so it would be best if he went unprovoked…

“Hmph, when a tiger doesn’t roar, you really take me for Tom huh…” 2Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in Fang Ning’s head as one particular person came to mind . “That fellow should have some information . ”

Fang Ning then immediately summoned for the System .

“Quickly go to Morality City and look for that Crimson-mantled Woodpecker . ”

“Huh, didn’t you want to look for Tom?” The System continued, “You even mentioned its name just now . ”

“When I mentioned Tom, only did I think of the woodpecker . The last time, it was able to find the Brain-Devouring Parasite in the boundless void, which averted a huge disaster . Now, I want to see if it’ll be able to make a difference again . ” said Fang Ning assuredly .

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Half an hour later, the Crimson-mantled Woodpecker and Vigilante A were in the Golden Train of the Dragon God and were both headed towards Qi City .

“Venerable One, what does that devil look like I wonder? Would be best if it were an insect . ” mentioned the woodpecker excitedly .

It had realized that this hero was quite a generous person . The last time it had helped him, it had obtained great benefits .

It was willing to help, of course . When the hero had mentioned saving the world before, the woodpecker felt that it was a good thing .

However, filling the stomach when one was hungry and eating some Pills when one wanted to improve oneself could not be replaced with dreams, so it would be best to earn some resources so that one would have the capital to fulfill one’s dreams .

“Oh, that devil doesn’t have a standard appearance . However, according to reliable information, he has a mysterious method of killing people with a cause . Besides that, he’s also proficient in ultra-long-range sniping, and he never misfires . ” Fang Ning repeated the information that Nan Feng had told him to the bird .

“Oh, then there’s nothing I can do . When we were catching the Nine-Curve Insect the last time, because I knew its appearance, I was able to ask the heavens to locate all the insects in the world, before juxtaposing them all to find it . ” said the Crimson-mantled Woodpecker awkwardly .

“Hmm, what you said makes sense but there’s no need for you to worry . I’ve always been benevolent and just, so I know that a just cause enjoys abundant support, so I have plenty of friends that’ll help me . ” Once his words fell, he immediately retrieved his phone to send another Wechat message .

A moment later, a golden river appeared in mid-air before them .

“Why has the Venerable One summoned me?” asked a voice from within the river .

Fang Ning then relayed the situation with the devil once more .

“My apologies . I too have heard of this devil, but nobody knows who he is . All they know is that he has slaughtered countless innocent people in the Upper Realm before a great saint made their move, which caused him to finally practice some restraint . ” said the river in a helpless tone .

“Damn it, does nobody know what he truly looks like?” Fang Ning’s eyebrows furrowed .

“Right, there is one more person . ” Once he spoke, he sent a Wechat message once again .

At the same time, the golden river had already disappeared .

The Crimson-mantled Woodpecker watched everything unfold with wonder in its eyes; this Venerable Dragon God really was quite amazing . Anybody else would have needed to light incense and offer sacrifices to summon the River God, yet all it took from Fang Ning was one short message . He really was different from the rest .

A short while later, a great green insect that made its mouth water flew over lazily on a cloud of cotton .

“Huh, Daqing, you arrived quick . ”

“Oh, I’ve recently been doing business with the Truth Department . Once they heard I had a matter to attend to, Qiao Zijiang had her mount send me over . ” said Chong Daqing giddily .

“Huh, I never expected that this big cloud of cotton had more to it than meets the eye . ” Fang Ning continued thoughtfully, “Forget it . I have an urgent matter that involves countless lives . If it isn’t dealt with, I won’t be able to sleep or eat in peace . ”

Once the Crimson-mantled Woodpecker heard what was said, admiration and respect grew within itself . This great hero was unlike itself, who only had a brief period of enthusiasm . Its blood had boiled with passion when it first heard the situation, but then it only thought of itself after . It could not be compared to the hero at all .

It seemed that it would not be able to obtain too much compensation this time around, otherwise others might think badly of it…

“What’s the matter actually? Let me make things clear first, I won’t ask the earth and the heavens if it’s too difficult a matter . ” said Chong Daqing .

The feeling of stomachaches was known to those who experienced it; to a glutton especially, the more they enjoyed themselves while eating, the more pain they would feel from recounting their experience .

“Don’t worry, it isn’t too difficult this time . ” reassured Fang Ning .

With that, a single pill and a pancake with the question inscribed on it appeared before Chong Daqing .

“Although I feel that this question is definitely not easy, but seeing as you’re the Great Azure Dragon, I’ll reluctantly eat it . ”

Once it finished speaking, it swallowed both the pill and the pancake in a single gulp .

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