Seized by the System - Chapter 826

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Chapter 826

At the gates of the Azure Mountain .

The lush green peaks stood tall among the mountains, crafting a unique landscape .

Gu Buwei stood at the foot of the mountains . A beautiful woman in her thirties was busily entrusting him with a task .

“Wei, the Grandmaster has sensed the Heavenly Oracle and discovered that a major change is imminent, hence he must train in isolation to understand the Great Path . Unfortunately, the clan has been affected by a malady . All men have been afflicted by this disease and they’re now bedridden, but the women are safe, which is simply peculiar . This time, I need you to go out to seek help again . You must leave and return as soon as possible, but if you need anything, you can let me know first . ”

“Understood . Don’t worry, mistress . ” Gu Buwei held his fists together in salutation, his expression serious .

About ten days ago, the Grandmaster of the Azure Mountain had just begun training in isolation when the Mountain disciples fell ill without warning .

Normally, it was difficult for cultivators to get sick unless they had prior injuries which affected their cultivation .

In addition, this malady was unusual . A number of highly-skilled masters were also afflicted . They were bedridden and could neither speak nor move . They were unable to move their eyeballs either, which was horrifying,

Aside from this, all of the afflicted were men . Women were spared from this illness .

It was a strange disease that was unheard of .

The Grandmaster was, again, in isolation . He tried to apply Diving by the Clouds to pinpoint the reasons, but he faced problems and failed to obtain any results .

If he continued to force himself, he would end up with a blood clot in his chest that would not go away .

It slowly dawned on him that he had encountered some phenomenal presence .

He was a wise man and immediately predicted the source of this unexplainable malady… The Upper Realm gods .

He recalled that a long time ago, the Moon Goddess demanded this arcane realm and was rejected by the Grandmaster .

She was being ridiculous . This place was the root of the Azure Mountain, so what could a deity do about it?

It could not be handed over on a silver platter, or else the Azure Mountain would lose its roots and be at the mercy of others .

It was just like the Earthlings who were forced to flee their home to avoid the gods’ wrath .

However, the entire world was affected, so it was not easy to seek assistance outside . Only one person dared to defy the gods .

This was fate .

Once upon a time, that person was at loggerheads with the Azure Mountain and nearly killed the clan’s heir .

For some unknown reason, the Grandmaster did nothing to stop that person .

Come to think of it now, the Grandmaster must have predicted that the person was not the real enemy .

That person was disciplined and orderly . Back in the day, the Azure Mountain terrorized and oppressed others . As long as the clan promised to behave themselves and stopped their tyrannical ways, that person would not annihilate the clan, unlike predictions by some people .

However, the gods did not behave like that . As their demands were not met previously, they decided to take advantage of the Grandmaster’s absence to annihilate the clan .

If not for the suppression by the clan’s main forces, the arcane realm’s power would greatly diminish . Even though the entire realm was controlled by the Grandmaster, the power that can be exerted would be reduced by thirty percent .

As for the female disciples, perhaps the deities wanted to use them as caretakers of the hall or as hostages .

After all, each of the female disciples of the Azure Mountain was a cultivator and was qualified to serve the gods, which was better than regular humans .

When he thought of this, Gu Buwei felt helpless despite his cool nature .

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It was their comeuppance .

Back in the day, the Azure Mountain oppressed the weak and pillaged and plundered . Today, it was their turn to receive the same treatment .

Gu Buwei was at peace with this situation . This act of giving and taking was very fair and there was nothing to complain about . It was all a matter of taking the appropriate actions .

At Vigilante A’s farm villa .

Gu Buwei dropped by for a visit and handed a gift letter to Butler Zheng .

Fang Ning could not estimate the number of gifts, but he knew it was not light when Sir System returned home at once using the Void Diversion Technique…

If he were in Gu Buwei’s shoes, he would be reluctant to help the Azure Mountain as they were a bunch of bullies . It was their fault that they were now in trouble .

However, Sir System lacked the emotions of a human, so it did not care about all of these matters . As long as it could get something in return and it was not doing something bad, it would accept anything .

“Do you need me to handle it?” Fang Ning asked as he looked at the contents of the gift letter provided by Butler Zheng .

“No need . Shameless of you . If you oblige one more time, my precious will fly away…” Sir System declined .

Fang Ning was speechless . “It’s so difficult to communicate with you . Is it wrong that I want to save some face?”

“Usually it isn’t wrong, but once my precious is involved, then it’s wrong . ” Sir System said defiantly .

Meanwhile, Gu Buwei showed up in the living room with a solemn expression on his face .

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“Our clan is in huge trouble . In lieu of these gifts, I plead you would extend a helping hand, Venerable One . The Azure Mountain might be small, but it still has some treasures, so I won’t let you return with empty hands, Venerable One . ”

Gu Buwei mastered the art of Divining by the Clouds, so he was completely familiar with Vigilante A’s modus operandi .

He would not speak of superficial matters such as empty words about saving people as these did not matter to the other party .

It was much more practical to ask for help using gifts .

“Oh, is that so? What sort of problem are you all facing?” Vigilante A scanned the big, red gift letter and asked emotionlessly .

Instead of explaining verbally, Gu Buwei merely pointed a finger in the air and a scene appeared in the living room .

Numerous patients with pallid faces laid paralyzed on beds, a stark contrast to the pompous and swashbuckling disciples of the days of yore .

In this very moment, one could conclude that, without the female disciples’ care and attention, a handful of ants could squash these fellows to bits .

It was not an exaggeration .

“Huh, were they poisoned? Or is this a disease?” Vigilante A frowned subtly .

Gu Buwei shook his head haplessly . “Venerable One, there are experienced healers among our clan, but they failed to discover the cause of the illness . It’s as if these people have been like that for a very long time . ”

“Mr . Rich Boss, do you know what’s going on? These gifts only seem to lead us to a tricky situation . ” Sir System commented anxiously .

Fang Ning sneered . “Don’t accept them if you think the situation’s tricky . This is the Azure Mountain’s comeuppance, so I don’t care . They aren’t kind folks and deserve it anyway . ”

“Listen to yourself . As a hero, you should be compassionate and forgiving . If one intends to turn over a new leaf and obey the rules, we can’t turn a blind eye on this matter . ” Sir System emphasized .

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“I don’t give a damn!” Fang Ning snapped . “No one would believe what you said . If not for his generous gifts, I doubt you would pay attention to this issue . ”

“Eh, this is a lowly method indeed, and you aren’t tempted by it . ” Sir System said wryly . “Since you already know everything, you must come up with an idea for me, or else I’ll leave you anytime . ”

“What the f*ck?! You’ve turned evil!” Fang Ning was at wit’s end . “Let me think, hey, I got it . About healing, I remember Vigilante A had a close friend named Qi Yan . Wasn’t she cultivating the Healing Path in isolation? You even gave her a number of benefits . After all these years, I think she’s a specialist by now . ”

“Eh, a shameless Host like you will always remember pretty girls . ” Sir System jeered . “True about that, I shall make her my consultant and she’s easy to dispatch . ”

“Say what? You selected her to become your close friend . I didn’t seduce her, so how can you say that I’m shameless?” Fang Ning defended himself .

“Do you really think I’m unaware of that playboy streak of yours? Hmph, men!” Sir System snorted .

“F*ck off!” Fang Ning just remembered that this fellow could peek into his mind…

He was an honorable man and would not behave like what Sir System said .

Then, Vigilante A spoke . “In that case, I shall get an assistant and look into this matter . ”

“Wonderful, thank you very much, Venerable One . ” Gu Buwei replied gratefully .

“Hold on . ” Fang Ning reminded . “It might be a trap . Don’t set foot into their clan . ”

“You still have a heart . Even if you don’t remind me, I won’t enter that place either, but at least you still remember this . You’re still that timid Host, no doubt about it . I better remain bound to you . ” Sir System was pleased .

“…” Fang Ning was speechless .