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Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 12th of March 2016 09:55:36 AM

Chapter 3

Record.3: The Condition of the former Demon King

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Student’s town, Mstier.

What awaited them once they took a step outside the town was green plain that spread before their vision. The footpath made from pebbles continued straight ahead where it would eventually connect to a large town far away.

At the peaceful path as such,

“……It felt like an instant.”

Ren turned around to look at the path he walked from as the morning sunlight lit over him.

—Looks like I’m going to be away from Holy Fiora Journey Academy for a while.

—I should have at least written a letter to my family back at home. I haven’t even seen my little sister lately.

When he saw the student town as he turned around, it was already so small that it looked like a small dot. He was attached to it since he had been living there for three years. So there was a side of him where he was feeling lonely.

Except, more than that, he was so nervous that his heart started beating faster as he walked.

He felt as if he didn’t have time to feel sad about it due to his nervousness.

After all—

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

The silver hair girl looked up towards him as she licked the candy.

The Dragon Princess Kyelse. She was the strongest monster in history that the Heaven and the Underworld couldn’t even touch, but not until the Sword Emperor Eleline appeared three-hundred years ago. She also happened to be a Princess of the “Heavenly Silver Dragon” which was the oldest Dragon-specie.

Someone like her was holding onto his right hand, and also—

“I’m sure you have some regrets at leaving the Academy. Though that’s how a journey is supposed to be. There is also a new meeting after a parting.”

The one who was walking on the left-hand side of Ren was a tall, beautiful girl with bright blonde hair.

Archangel Fear.

She on the other hand was an Angel, the supreme rulers of Heaven, of the highest status.

Eleline Sword Emperor Brigade from three-hundred years ago. Two of the girls that were known as the Three Great Princesses were walking beside Ren while leaning against him.

“Even so, there is nothing to worry about. Right, Ren?”

Fear who was tightly holding onto Ren’s left arm.

“I will teach you all the necessary knowledge. To the extent that I will teach you the lesson at night gently.”

“Well, Fear-senpai......the thing is.”

“Eh? What is it?”

The Archangel replied with a naughty smile.

As she held Ren’s arm, she naturally pressed it between her bosoms which was incredibly developed. It was on purpose. It definitely was.

“……Senpai, I guess this is how you behave on Earth, right?”

“It’s because I’m an Angel. Having passionate body contact like this is the proof of our affection towards human—”

“You don’t have to listen to what this foolish erotic Angel has to say, Ren. It’s her bad habit where she lures human by seducing them in order to have fun by watching them panicking about it. Even the Goddess is fed up with her.”

The Dragon Princess got fed up with the Archangel and glared at her.

“More importantly Fear, let go of him. Ren is getting troubled by it.”

“The one who put her arm around Ren first was me.”

“……And I’m asking both of you to let go of me. I already have a hard time since this luggage is heavy.”

Ren became tired, since he had both of his arms being pulled by them.

The enormous luggage Ren was carrying on his back. If you didn’t include the basic travelling gear that was taken from Ren’s room, what occupied most of the luggage was Fear’s clothing and Kyelse’s snacks.

“Putting her clothes aside, do we really need those snacks?”

“Of course. It becomes handy, just like this.”

The silver hair girl who chucked a fraction of chocolate in her mouth. She said it in her usual laid back manner, except, she had a satisfied smile on her face.

“It’s delicious.”

“……What are you, a kid?”

“Isn’t sixteen still considered as a child even for a human?”

“Even if you were sixteen, it’s about time you grew out of snacks……huh, you’re sixteen? That’s of course in Dragon’s age, right?”

If you were to use the average life span as the standard, then the three great species consisted of the Dragons, the Angels, and the Demons were said to have long lifespans in exchange of their low population. Ren thought the same would apply for Kyelse, and hence presumed she had lived long, but—

“I’m sixteen years old in human age. Also, I love snacks. It’s definitely the masterpiece amongst what the humans have created.”

“But the battle from three-hundred years ago was……”

“She was in a state where she was sealed for three-hundred years right after the battle.”

Fear answered as her blonde hair blew due to the gentle breeze.

“Ever since the last battle, Kyelse had been separated from this world due to the special seal she was in. The isolated space where there wasn’t time, light, nor even sound. Though her time had been stopped, she still had her consciousness so she had been finding the chance to break the seal this whole time.”

“That happened about a month ago.”

Kyelse who had finished her chocolate nodded.

“Eh? Then what about your rumours when you fought Eleline? How old were you then?”

“I was fourteen. But still, I was already more powerful than all kinds of Dragons ever since I was born. Though I never imagined that I would lose against a human.”

“……So you really are younger than me?”

“Yeah. So it wouldn’t be weird if I take a bite or two of snacks.”

The legendary Dragon Princess walked quickly, and took out her second candy.


“You seem to be having fun……oh well.”

The silver hair girl put on a satisfied smile.

She simply looked like a lovely girl who was like a fairy when you saw her, but it was also true that Ren witnessed how she defeated a Wyvern without even touching it.

“On the other hand, I’m nervous as heck. Hey, look ahead.”

Ren used his chin to point forward to alert Kyelse who was holding onto his left arm.

—The armed parties that were walking through the main road.

There were many groups of parties walking in front of them and also behind them.

If there were small parties consisted of five members, there were also big parties that consisted of more than ten members. The organisation of the parties were very different from each other. There were common types such as the MASTERKnights and the ARIACasters, but even SPIRITSpiriters that were equipped with special spirit armaments and also FULLTYPEFighters that weren’t equipped with even a single armaments.

“See? Everyone looks strong. They really are different from the students at the Academy.”

The atmosphere they carried was different.

Their trained body which was solid like steel, and their eyes that were sharp as a blade. Their appearance and their presence were fitting enough to be called brave warriors. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be able to investigate the ruins scattered through the world nor could they fight against the monsters. But—

“……Hmm, is that how it is?”

From the Dragon Princess’s eyes, even the strong warriors from those parties didn’t catch her interest.

“Fear, are those also considered a party like ours? I think there’s too much members in each of those parties. I’m sure there were fewer members in the parties three-hundred years ago.”

“This is the choice this era chose.”

The Archangel who gave her beautiful smile to the parties that walked past them.

“Within these three-hundred years, the member types that constructs the parties itself went through some changes. MASTERKnight and ARIACaster were the only types back then, but now it’s separated into eight types.”

“Eight types, huh. I know Ren is MASTERKnight, so what are the other seven?”

Kyelse stared at Ren.

Ren pointed towards the parties walking ahead of them to answer the girl’s question.

“MASTERKnight, ARIACaster, SPIRITSpiriter, FULLTYPEFighter, ENCHANTERBarrierer, HEALERCurer, HUNTERPredator, and THIEFSearcher. I guess these are the current eight types. Even back at the academy, the lessons were separated into the type you were majoring in.”

MASTERKnight —They used weapon such as sword and axe. They were high risk since they would need to perform in close-combat at all times, as well as making cool judgements and having excellent performance. They were considered as a “master”, the main force during battles.

ARIACaster —They would perform complex rituals so even the humans could use the magic and offensive-spells of the Demons.

SPIRITSpiriter —They used spells which relied on spirit-armaments which possessed the power of spirits.

FULLTYPEFighter —The combatant which specialised in close-combat and would combine the defensive-spells and their active body’s to eliminate the enemies simply with their body and fighting techniques. In exchange of having the strength to not rely on weapons and armours, they would need a great amount of talent and training hence why they were called the “full type”.

ENCHANTERBarrierer — They use spell specialised by the Angels such as concealing, sealing, interception, and divine protection.

HEALERCurer — Other than spells that would alter the body activity and regeneration, they were type that was sought to have knowledge about pharmaceutics and medicine.

HUNTERPredator — The combatant that would use their knowledge about beasts to hunt. They specialise in shooting from long-range in order to support the party from the rear during battles.

THIEFSearcher — The brain of the party and in terms of field, they were more of an archaeologist.

“And there are also ranks where it’s structured in a way where your ranks would increase.”


“The eight types and their titles respectively. If you were a MASTERKnight like myself for example, then you would start from the III-Grade MASTERKnight, then the II-Grade MASTERKnight, then the I-Grade MASTERKnight, then the Official MASTERKnight, then the Honourable MASTERKnight, then the Sword King, and then the highest rank……the Sword Saint, I think.”

By the way, Eleline’s title of the “Sword Emperor” was the name he had before people started calling him the Brave Hero.

Sword Saint would be the highest rank of the MASTERKnight and it was a title which was rarely given. It was required for you to pass the tests in several cities around the world.

“Basically each and one of the classes were said to be necessary in a party. Since there are eight types, the majority of the parties are made up of eight members.”

“Hmm? Then what about those group of five walking over there?”

“I guess they are looking for members they lack in. There are also gifted people who can take the roles of two types alone.”

Fear would be the easiest example of such people around Ren. Even though she was majoring in HEALERCurer, she overwhelmed the male MASTERKnight students with her swordsmanship and also made the students jaws dropped with her spells.

“Though it feels like Fear-senpai can take the roles of three types by herself.”

“Yes. I sure can take most of those roles—”

She finally let go of Ren’s arm. She became silent for a moment while she looked up to the sky.

“If you ask me what I expertise in, then it would be FULLTYPEFighter. HEALERCurer would come next.”

“FULLTYPEFighter!? Fear-senpai is!?”

“I’m good in martial arts despite my appearance. I could have majored in FULLTYPEFighter degree back at the Academy, but a tragedy may have occurred if I couldn’t hold back my power properly against the students for the mock-battle. Well, I have the confidence to heal and regenerate them if they receive injuries to a certain degree, but I guess I need to restrain myself.”

The Archangel spoke a scary thing with a smile.

“Fear-senpai, you are a FULLTYPEFighter? ……But I can’t imagine you hitting anyone.”

“Ren, don’t let her appearance fool you. This violent woman is the biggest battle maniac in the Heavens who can even make the Goddess Resflaze become silent with a single punch if she became serious.”

Kyelse said it in a manner as if she told the truth.

“Isn’t that right?”

“Oh my, that isn’t true at all. There’s no way I can do that to the Goddess.”

The blonde Angel on the other hand shook her head while putting on a smile.

“By the way Ren, your rank right now is a III-Grade MASTERKnight, correct?”

“……Me? Do I have to say it? In a place like this?”

“Yeah, I sure am curious about it. We certainly need to know the current strength of this party.”

Kyelse looked up towards Ren with her emerald-green eyes filled with her keenness to hear his answer.

“Since you are a III-Grade MASTERKnight, does that make you roughly a Honourable MASTERKnight? Or is it a rank above the Sword King?”

“No way. I mentioned it before but it’s the lowest rank. The only thing above the Sword King is a Sword Saint, and there are only few people in this world with that rank.”

“I see. Well, I will be the one training you, Ren. How about your first aim is to become a Sword Saint?”

“……It’s too early to have that goal. Besides, I reckon we need more members for our party if we are going to find the Encore. Though it would be weird for me to say that. Take a look at them.”

The parties that walked passed them.

For example, if the parties walking ahead of them walked past each other, you would observe how they would stop and place their hand on their chest to salute each other.

“That’s the traditional custom done between the parties. It’s a form of greetings which has the meaning for the good battle and safety for each other.”

“Exactly. Though we hadn’t received such greetings even once yet.”

They only saw them as civilian.

After all, their party was made up of one boy and two girls. Ren had a sword, but both Kyelse and Fear weren’t equipped with even a single armament. Obviously the Dragon Princess Kyelse and Archangel Fear didn’t need any armaments. But from the perspective of a third party who didn’t know their identity, there was no way that they would realise that they were a party since they weren’t armed. There was no mistake that they were seen as a three strange fellows that were travelling.

“It’s decided that a party requires at least four members, so first of all we need to find the fourth member before anything else—”

“Then please rest assured. I do have a person in mind who would become our fourth comrade. The triumphal town Enge. It’s planned for us to meet her there. She’s an expert who can use all types of spells.”

Fear answered with a smile, as if she was waiting for to be asked.

“The spell expert? Don’t tell me it’s a famous person again?”

“If you ask me whether she is famous or not, then she sure is. Ren, you would reach the answer if you think a bit. Isn’t there another person we are currently lacking in for this party?”

Ren looked up the sky for a while after hearing the answer the Archangel gave with a teasing voice.

It can’t be!?

He certainly had someone in mind. Other than Kyelse and Fear who were part of the legendary Eleline Sword Emperor Brigade, there was one more “Princess” remaining.

“It sure can be.”

Kyelse who had finished her candy nodded with a satisfied tone.

“The former Demon King Elise. The woman who was the master of the Underworld in the past.”


Gust of the night wind.

The whirlwind that stroked Ren’s neck was so cold that Ren couldn’t resist the urge to shiver his body. If he breathed out, the air breathed out turned white.

“It’s freezing! It sure is cold if you leave the window open. This place is open to the weather after all.”

The wooden cottage.

It was one of the many base camps built on the roads between city to city, and town to town. Obviously the travellers and the parties, but even the tourists who would head to the cities for sightseeing used this accommodation.

……I wonder how many years it has been since I stayed in a cottage.

……I guess the last time I did was three years ago when I went to Holy Fiora Journey Academy to take the test.

They would be heading to triumphal town Enge tomorrow.

It was the city which was the closest to the student town, and the Demon King Elise would be waiting for them there.

“More importantly, I wonder how the former Demon King would look like. This is the Demon King we are talking about, so maybe she has horns growing out from her head, as well as having fangs and claws while her massive body would reach the height of ten metres—”

“It will cause a stir if a monster like that was roaming in the city of the humans.”

The sound of the lock of the door being destroyed echoed throughout the surrounding.

The one who showed her face from the open door with a poker face was Kyelse.

“…..I beg you to knock on the door normally. We would end up paying up for the broken lock if we get caught.”

“Hmm? It was locked?”

Apparently the Dragon Princess didn’t even notice that she broke the lock.

“Putting that aside, it’s time for your training. We are going outside once you leave your luggage here.”


“I told you before, haven’t I? About teaching you Eleline’s sword techniques. We need to build your fundamental basics first. Move your butt grab your sword this instant and follow me.”

After Kyelse said that, she headed out to the passage without waiting for Ren’s reply.


The breezing cold wind.

It was so cold that it felt like you had chilling water splashed above your head which took away your warmth from simply coming outside.

“It’s a good wind. It makes you become motivated.”

“It’s too cold, isn’t it!? It’s so cold that I’m about to lose consciousness rather than falling sick!”

“I have my scarf.”

“And I don’t!”

“—Let’s end the joke here and start the training. Ren, hand me your sword.”

As soon as Kyelse took the sword along with its sheath from him, she drew the sword out from its sheath as if she was used to it.

How it was drawn out beautifully.

Ren honestly became entranced at how skilfully Kyelse was handling the sword that was drawn from its sheath with ease by using just one hand.

“……You’re amazing. So you can use a human’s sword even though you are a Dragon?”

“It isn’t anything hard if you can control your body. —Like this, for example.”

The sword flashed.

That instant, her right hand moved while leaving her afterimage.

By the time Ren noticed it, the tip of the sword she was holding onto pierced through the centre point of the three leaves that were floating in the air due to the wind.

“W-What was that……!?”

“I pierced it when the three leaves overlapped each other in the air. I also would like to add that I pierced it while aiming to hit the veins of the leaves.”

“The veins!? You aimed for such tiny parts!?”

Kyelse handed the sword back to Ren, so he took off the leaves that were on the tip of the sword.

The leaf veins could be considered as the blood vessels of the humans. The plant types could be separated into parallel-veined and reticulated-vein. But the main concern was that they were thin as a human’s hair.

—She completely caught the trail of the leaves floating under this stormy weather.

—She pierced all three leaves at once at the moment they overlapped each other.

—And she wasn’t aiming for the leaves itself but their veins.

The Dragon Princess pulled this stunt off while she was talking to Ren.

She wasn’t exactly concentrated in doing it nor did she wield her sword with everything she had. Yet she demonstrated such absolute technique. It was questionable whether an experienced swordsman who had been training for dozen of years could pull this off.

“Alright, do you know what to do now?”

“I wouldn’t have a hard time if I knew how to do that with what you just showed me! Can you at least tell me a trick or something I should pay attention to!?”

“There’s nothing like a trick. Weren’t you doing the same thing as me?”

“What do you mean?”

“That night when it was raining. It was during that time when you were wielding the sword by yourself. You weren’t just randomly wielding your sword. You were aiming for the falling raindrops.”

“……You even saw that?”

“It’s because you reminded me of Eleline. Putting your strength aside, that is.”

The silver hair girl made a fearless smile.

“There’s nothing wrong with your training and your hard work. You weren’t blessed with an ideal physical structure and you are not the kind of person who would take down the enemies with a huge sword. You are more of a technician who would find your opponent's weaknesses and hit them with a single strike using their weakness.”

“Seize the drop of water and a fraction of fire, and strike it down with a single slash instantly.”

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“It feels like you are asking me to pull off an ultimate technique from the start……”

“This is the basic among basics. Eleline’s swordsmanship lies even further past that league.”


Ren nodded his head with a bitter smile to Kyelse’s words as if she said something obvious to him.

“I’ll start doing it then. I’ll work hard till I can do the same thing as you just did.”

Two will be fine.

Kyelse crossed her arm and lifted up two of her fingers.

“Come back to me while bringing that sword where it had pierced two leaves. I won’t tell you to aim for the leaf veins either.”

“......Two leaves? That’s it?”

He couldn’t resist to ask her. He thought he would be told to pierce three leaves just like Kyelse did. He was also prepared to be told to continue till he could pierce four leaves.

“For today, that is. I’ll return to my room, so come back once you accomplish it.”


He nodded to the girl who turned around. Ren then moved his gaze to the leaves floating in the air.



Inside the cottage.

“Seriously, Kyelse, you are sneaky.”

When Kyelse returned to her room, a blonde girl who was wearing a negligee and was half-naked was in there. She was sitting on the bed as if it was her room.


“The training with Ren. You taught him so attentively. I also wanted to blend it.”

The Archangel bent her body seductively.

Her negligee which had her chest part open even showed her cleavage which was faintly red. Along with Fear’s natural bewitching smile, her charming figure would knock out cold boys of certain ages immediately.

“I don’t recall teaching attentively.”

“I mean that it looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

Fear smiled as she placed her hand on her lips.

“You were so focused in teaching him that you didn’t realise I was standing at the entrance of the cottage.”

“……You were watching?”

“I feel a bit relieved. It seems like you are cheerful again. It was the same three-hundred years ago, but having a journey in a large group sure is fun. Ren is an honest boy so it’s worth training him and its fun having him around, right?”

“I was cheerful from the start.”

She removed the scarf around her neck and hanged it on the coat hanger located beside the door.

—A small quantity of her sweat on her hand.

—Without realising it, there was some heat on Kyelse’s hand.

Her body that had become hot. But Kyelse felt embarrassed to admit Fear’s words so she looked away.

“Geez, you really aren’t honest with yourself……even though the temperature of your body increased.”

“S-Shut up! Don’t touch me! Don’t press those uselessly huge breasts against me!”

She brushed away the Archangel who hugged her from behind.

This was Fear’s preference rather than an Angel’s. She couldn’t help but use her body to interact with those she had a liking to which was her habit. What was a nuisance was that she had a power to read what was going through the minds of those she was touching.

“Hmm, I understand. So that’s how you feel right now.”

“……What did you understand, foolish erotic Angel.”

“Hey, Kyelse, do you think Ren would also become stronger for our sake as well?”

“What do you mean?”

“Both you and I don’t have a power which is even near of that from three-hundred years ago, correct? My old wounds hadn’t healed and the Dragon Factor which is the source of your power hadn’t awakened ever since you woke up from your seal. Certainly we can deal with majority of the opponents, but the situation right now is that we only have half the power we had back then.”

They were in a level where there wasn’t pretty much any enemy in this world that would be a threat to them even in their current condition. But it didn’t mean there was zero enemy who would be a threat. What could be listed among them were the highest-level monsters and also—

“Did you hear about the “Five Great Disasters”?”

“Just the rumours I heard at the Dragon’s valley. I heard till the part where they rebelled against the current Demon King.”

“Yes. For the worst scenario, we should anticipate a decisive battle against them. I thought that the reason why you were working hard in training Ren had to do with it.”

“You think too far ahead.”

Kyelse shook her head reluctantly.

“I simply taught Ren what I remember about Eleline’s training. That’s simply it.”

“I see. Then Ren might be facing a bit of difficulties then.”

Fear looked out the window. You couldn’t see Ren from this part of the room, but for an Archangel like herself, she was able to “see” him.

The appearance of a boy who was breathing heavily while he was shedding sweat due to the weariness.

“The task you assigned him to. That’s actually harder than it seems—”




“……This is ridiculously hard.”

Ren’s shoulder moved violently.

Ren wiped his sweats that were falling like a waterfall from the tip of his chin with the back side of his hand.

“What the heck……”

The leaves were floating in the air due to the sudden gusts that were blowing at him. Ren stopped his eyes from closing and he even stopped breathing so he could concentrate on the movements of the leaves. He caught the sight of the trails of the leaves that were floating in the air in random directions, and then—


Along with his loud voice filled with his spirit, Ren thrust his sword forward.

A single flash. The tip of his sword grazed the leaf by its edge.

……That was it.

He barely grazed the leaf by its edge. There was a saying which goes “To dance like a butterfly”, and this was indeed such thing. He couldn’t pierce the leaf by its core and the most he could do was to graze it by its side.

The leaves flickered and danced in the air due to the wind.

The same applied when the sword was thrust forward, the leaves also shook when it received the small amount of air current created by the sword. Just how hard it was to aim for the leaves.

……No, that isn’t it. The real problem isn’t that.

Once every two tries, the tip of the sword touched the leaves. If you repeated this procedure, there would be a chance that it would hit its core even if it was by luck. But the real issue here was—

“This again!?”

The leaves that received a direct hit from the sword get cut in half then dropped on the ground.

Yes. Even if the sword hits the core, the leaves get sliced in half without the sword being able to pierce through it.

—I wouldn’t be able to touch the leaves up in the air if I don’t thrust it with all my strength.

—But if I thrust it without holding back, the leaves get sliced into pieces if it hits.

“Oh……I get it now!”

The Dragon Princess did it with ease, but Ren finally realised just how skilled she was and the whole aspect of it.

“Seize the drop of water and a fraction of fire, and strike it down with a single slash instantly.”

Ren slashed with his sword. He thrust with it. He swung it. The air current created by each of his forms were different, and the strength of the air current would change depending on the force applied to it. You wouldn’t be able to grasp the core of the leaves unless you fully understood that.

Right after that.

Exactly at the time when his sword was about to touch the leaf, he weakened his strength.

To master the sword without using your full strength, but with your minimum strength.

“……And she’s asking me to get two of them at once. Isn’t she asking a bit too much from me?”

Ren wiped the sweat that was on his sword’s handle. Ren then smiled.

“Do you want to come with me?”

—I was simply happy.

Kyelse’s words when she said she would train me. I didn’t know what she meant at first. I simply thought she was giving me an advice where she was telling me to simply work hard and do my best.

But she’s training me with so much passion. She even demonstrated for me.

……More importantly.

……She even invited me to the party when she knew I was different to the Brave Hero.

I want to live up to her expectations.

I can journey to the world and she acknowledges me as her fellow comrade. Being able to achieve the dream I had since I was a child is making my heart beat faster and is giving me such passion.

“It would be a waste if I just give up here!”

Ren put strength into his hand which was icy cold due to being exposed to the cold wind in order to make a stance with his sword.

“I have to do it, even if I can only get one of them!”

The tip of the sword which was giving sparks succeeds in piercing through two leaves.

The core of the leaves. To be precise, it didn’t get sliced in half nor did it get shredded into pieces. Both of the leaves had been beautifully pierced through by the tip of the sword.


The one who couldn’t believe his eyes was Ren himself.

“I……did it? It felt like I did it by chance.”

He stood there while holding onto the sword. And then.

“Yeah! Awesome, even I can do it if I try!”

He sprinted towards the cottage and headed towards her room directly.

“Kyelse! Hey, check this out! I did it, I really did it!”

“!? W-Wait, Ren! You can’t enter right now—”

The door was opened violently. And the one inside was.

“……You’ve got some nerve. Peeping on my body, are you?”

A beautiful girl who wore nothing.

She had stripped off her lovely travelling clothes. Kyelse was holding onto her negligee which had cute looking frills on them. She looked towards Ren with a red face that was due to the mix of her fury and her embarrassment.

“Ah, no, it’s not what you think……I didn’t do it……on purpose……”

Even though he said that, he found himself fascinated with her body.

She simply looked purely lovely.

Her body that had curves fitting for girls her age and her white skin which was as white as porcelain. Kyelse had an appearance which was charming enough as a human and made Ren forget she was a Dragon. Especially her body since you wouldn’t have realised she had a mature body which you couldn’t tell from over her travelling clothes—

“Let me ask you just in case. Is there anything you want to say?”

“……Well……umm, I think you’re cute.”


Kyelse said with her power of language with a red face. By the time Ren who had himself blown away to the wall of the pathway regained his consciousness, Kyelse had already changed into her negligee.

“Anyway, let me applaud you for accomplishing the task. To be honest, I thought it would take you at least a week.”

Inside Ren’s room.

The one who was sitting on the bed as if it belonged to her was Kyelse. Ren on the other hand was sitting on the carpet even though he was totally exhausted.

“At this rate you would be able to pierce three leaves tomorrow and four leaves the day after tomorrow. And next—”

“Next, what?”

“Try to do it while shutting your eyes close.”

“That’s a really hard hurdle!”

“Eleline’s sword-techniques lay beyond that. Anyway, I acknowledge your hard work. You should rest for today.”

She said it while sitting on the bed.

……Even though she’s telling me to rest.

Kyelse who had said that was still occupying the bed. Ren wouldn’t be able to sleep even if he wanted to since she was still here. But it was also hard for him to tell her to move.

“Aren’t you going to sleep, Kyelse?”

“I’m sleeping together with you.”

He couldn’t comprehend her words.

Ren looked up for a while and then opened his jaws wide.

“……Pardon me?”

“I said I’m going to sleep on the same bed as you.”

Kyelse laid on the bed and put the blanket over her head without making a shy face.

“You should also come inside right away.”

“Umm……sorry. I don’t understand what’s happening right now.”

I’m a human. Kyelse is a Dragon on the other hand.

Apparently it’s a morphing which was a mix of high-level spells and space distortion to change her physical appearance into that of a human girl. So I can’t help but think there would be a problem sleeping with her.

“Can you tell me your reasons just in case? Wasn’t there also a bed in your room as well?”

“It’s part of my trait. It makes me feel calm this way.”

Kyelse wiped her sleepy eyes while wrapping herself with the blanket.

“Many of my kin were present at the Valley of my hometown. I often slept in a herd as well. I would be able to sleep easier if I sleep in a group with those I trust.”

“……The Dragon’s trait.”

Even though he was half astonished by this, he wanted to keep it as a secret that he was happy when she naturally said someone she can “trust.”

“By the way, what did you do three-hundred years ago?”

“Eleline declined. He had been practising his sword even at night.”

“……The Sword Emperor did?”

“Unexpected? There isn’t a human which is strong from the start was that man’s words. Leaving aside his crazy guts and stubbornness, his strength as a swordsman wasn’t something he was born with. The reason why he was called the Sword Emperor was merely a title he obtained by working harder than anyone.”

Maybe Kyelse found Ren’s shocked reaction amusing, so Kyelse softened her expression.

“I’m sure that was the first time I heard that……”

The legend of the Sword Emperor that Ren knows of was that he was born as a genius. Unlike himself who had poor talent, Ren assumed he was born to this world with the talent he was given.

“I want to hear more about that story.”

“I will, but I’ll end it here for today. Hey, let’s go to sleep quickly. We are waking up early tomorrow.”


He had himself hugged by Kyelse who got up from the bed and then had himself thrown onto the bed. Kyelse was already inside the blanket by the time he found out she put the blanket above his head.

“H-Hey, can’t Fear-senpai be the one who sleeps with you!?”

“She’s no good. She’s annoying since she tries to hug you whenever she finds the chance.”

The Dragon Princess came close to him where they could feel each other’s warmth inside the small bed.

“Yeah, I sure do feel calm.”

“……No, I’m—”

“What is it?”

“……It’s nothing.”

The silver haired girl looked towards him.

Her peaceful smile was so gentle that he couldn’t say more.

The tyrant who had been feared as the strongest monster on Earth and who had been refused by the Heaven, the Underworld, and also her fellow Dragons till Eleline showed up. But the girl who was sleeping with her eyes closed right beside him was simply a lonely girl who was completely different from the rumours he had heard. In fact she was—

Maybe the one who was in front of him was the true Kyelse. That was what Ren thought.

“But my main problem is……”

He rarely saw the faces of the opposite sex of his age while they were sleeping. And she was sleeping with him where she was so close to him that he could feel her breath. There was no way he couldn’t be bothered by it.

“……There’s no way I can sleep like this.”

Even though Ren knew he was turning red, Ren simply kept repeating those words for the whole night.

Then the next morning.

“? Ren, didn’t you have enough sleep? Your eyes are red.”

“Whose fault do you think it is?”

Ren replied tirelessly to Kyelse who had woken up from her deep sleep.


The triumphal town Enge.

It was a town located closest to the student town Mistier and it was surrounded by giant walls to prevent monsters from invading.

“I believe it was the town Eleline returned to after he finished his journey to both the Heaven and the Underworld.”

The Heaven and the Underworld.

The town Eleline returned to after he suppressed the two forces that were at each other’s throat and also stopped the battles between the two forces.

For that reason, this town still had strong connections to Eleline even till this day.

“Hey, Kyelse, let’s get going! You too, Fear-senpai!”

“Calm down. There’s no point getting hyped over it.”

“……Geez, Ren. You are acting like a child.”

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Kyelse who was partially astonished at him and Fear who was putting on a bitter smile.

“It won’t leave my head at all. Even I want to have a look at the real thing once!”

Ren walked through the road that were crowded with people walking by as he left the two of them behind.

Compared to Mistier, this town was the largest within the nearby towns so the number of people as well as the number of buildings were significant.

The public roads that were connected to the main road had booths on both sides. The people that walked by also included those who were walking with their families to even merchants, tourists, and even armed travellers that appeared to be a party.

Ren ran past the front of the chapel which was so large that he had to look up——

“There it is!”

Ren couldn’t help but gasp at what he saw within his site.

The Sword-Emperor’s sword.

The memorial area which was built as a plaza.

As the water fountain was set behind it, there was a single sword impaled into a stone where it was heavily guarded.

——The Spirit-Sword Vierge.

Even though the handle of the sword lost its colour and looked old, only the blade of the sword still had a transparent shine like that of a surface of the clear water to it.

The most valuable treasure of the triumphal town of Enge. No, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to be called the most valuable treasure for all of the swordsmen within the world. It is one of Eleline’s sword which was one of his legacy scattered throughout the world.

“H-Hey. Is it really true that Eleline was using that? I think it was called the Spirit-Sword Vierge.”

“It’s indeed the truth.”

The highest part of the step-cased plaza.

Kyelse nodded as she looked down the memorial area filled with hundreds of tourists.

“That sword itself as a Spirit-armament which is possessed with the strong power of a Spirit. That’s the sword which was used to take down the Archangel who was acting tough in the Heavens and the Demon King who was acting like a boss in the Underworld.”

“……The sword Eleline used when he fought the Archangel and the Demon King huh.”

Ren gulped as he stared at its blade which was giving out a beautiful glow.

“Even so, that was the sword Eleline used when he was still a novice.”

“When he was a novice!?”

Ren couldn’t help but ask Kyelse again with a loud voice at the unexpected answer he heard from her.

“Just now you said that he used that sword to defeat the Archangel and the Demon King.”

“It was during the time when he was an unrecognised swordsman and the only appropriate equipment he had back then was that sword. I think it was during the time when he entered the second year of his journey, was it? Apparently it was a sword he found in a ruin by luck.”

“Well, putting the sword aside, the main concern is how he picked a fight against a Demon King and an Archangel when he was a novice swordsman. And how on earth did he manage to win against them?”

“Hmm? Well, that is—”

The Dragon Princess put on a meaningful smirk.

“Ask the great Archangel over there. Three-hundred years ago, she was trying to teach a lesson to a cocky swordsman only to get her butt kicked and she happens to be standing right there.”

“Eh? Don’t tell me that was Fear-senpai—”

Ren who was about to ask restrained from saying any further than that. Which remind me, she had been awfully quiet since we arrived here.

“Ah……now that you mention it, something like that certainly did happen…………fu, fufu…………”

The blonde Angel smiled.

However, her expression was forced, and even Ren could clearly tell that her crunched fist was shaking.

“The urge in my fist won’t stop when I remember about it.”

“……Ah, I s-see. So you are saying that you still hold a grudge about your defeat itself?”

“No. Let me be clear that I don’t hold a grudge.”

The Archangel made that part very clear.

“Except, I just remembered about how my fame as being the strongest in Heaven was tainted.”

“……I-It was?”

“That accursed sword, I shall make sure I break it this time.”

“You have a dreadful grudge against it after all!? H-Hold on Fear-senpai!”

Ren tried to stop the blonde girl desperately who had walked ahead with a crunched fist.

“T-The thing is. You remember about the former Demon King……”

“Oh yes. We were meeting up with Elise.”

Fear returned to usual self.

“Then let’s get going, Ren. This place is dreadful.”

“Rather than being dreadful, isn’t it simply you who hates that sword——ah, h-hold on!”

He had his hand pulled by Fear without any warning.

They walked past the main road which was filled with lively people. They turned right at the crossroad and entered the back-alley. Unlike the main road which was filled with lively people, this back-alley was mysteriously quiet.

“Fear-senpai, is this really the place?”

“There’s a store which is known very well to small portion of people. It had been a place where the parties would gather to have a private conversation since ancient time and it could be considered as a store used by parties. Wouldn’t that be convenient for us as well?”

Ren simply followed the Archangel who was walking ahead and was leading them.

After they turned into the back-alley which had split into complicated paths—

“!? W-Was there a fight? ……Hey, are you okay!?”

The words that came out of his throat was loud.

After they turned into one of the path, there were sturdy men that belonged to a party all battered to the floor.

There were five of them in total. Each one of them were large men that were a head taller than Ren and they all had well-trained bodies. Even the armaments they wore were first-class products that were engraved with powerful resistance against spells.

……Are these burn marks? And is this frostbite?

……None of them came from swords nor sharp weapons.

Spells that was so powerful that it could break the resistances of these battle clothes which would nullify average spells.

“Hey, are you okay!? Looks like they are. Fear-senpai, can you heal these guys—”

“It would be fine even if you leave them alone, Onii-chan.”

It was neither Fear nor Kyelse who was behind him who said that.

The one who said that was—

“These guys made fun of me because I’m just a kid. It seemed like they didn’t know who they were picking a fight with, so I guess you can call this their punishment? Oh well, you don’t need to worry about them since they would treat their own wounds or even head to the hospital once they wake up.”

A dark-skinned girl.

She had twin-tails which could appear as black or even brown depending on the sunlight. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

She seemed like she had reached the age of ten or so.

“Ren was your name, right? I certainly did hear about you, but you really do resemble Eleline, don’t you?”


“Why do I know you? Obviously because I was waiting for you, Ren. Oh, yeah, and also those two behind you as well. I spoke to Fear sometime ago but it had been a long time since I met with Kyelse. Is it exactly three-hundred years? How were you doing?”

The young girl waved her hand towards the Archangel and the Dragon Princess in a laid-back manner.

“Rather, haven’t you completely broken out from the seal yet, Kyelse? Hasn’t your power decreased rapidly?”

“Likewise to you. I never expected that you would have to start from that appearance by reincarnating yourself.”

Kyelse answered grumpily as she crossed her arm.

Ren nudged Kyelse by her elbow and asked with a low voice.

“Hey? This is my guess but is this small girl perhaps her……?”

“She indeed is. She was finally able to succeed in reincarnating herself ten years ago. Her physical body as well as her spells returned back to even before that of her prime. I suppose you’re exactly in the state when you were ten years old?”

“Pretty much. Though being in this appearance is also fun. Humans that don't even know who I am act kind to me when I fawn on them. Even though they ran away as soon as they saw me, during my time as a Demon King.”

The dark-skinned girl started to chuckle.

While there was “something” that lured behind her innocent eyes that even made you shiver—

“Then you must be……”

“Yup. The former Demon King Elise. Let’s get along, Ren.”

The former Demon King pointed at cafeterras right behind her.

“Anyway, let’s get inside the caféterras and talk. I’ve become thirsty.”

Caféterras “Albireo”.

Behind the door with such sign, it was filled with lively people which wouldn’t even compare against those that were at the main road.

“Wow. I’ll be darned……so all of these guys are members of parties, right?”

The interior of the caféterras was so large that you couldn’t tell from the outside.

The counters had twelve seats and there were roughly the same number of tables meant for four people. So in total there were seats for exactly a hundred people. And that much amount of space were taken by the parties. There were those that were having a discussion while standing up. So you couldn’t tell exactly how many people were in here.

“Here! Over here, Ren. This is the last table so be quick!”

Elise waved her hand at them after she secured the table next to the wall.

She was clearly the only young girl here where it was a gathering of experienced parties. But the girl herself didn’t care about how she was standing out.

“Looks like there was one empty table left. Excellent. This place is usually full.”

“It seems like they have a variety of alcohol here, but do they have any juices here?”

Kyelse sat right next to Ren.

Elise and Fear sat opposite them.


“What’s wrong? Ren, the menu-list is over here.”

“Ah……yeah. I know, but—”

Ren replied vaguely.

The strongest Dragon Princess on Earth was sitting next to him while the Archangel from the Heaven and the former Demon King who was the former master of the Underworld sat opposite him in a friendly manner. They were all present on a single table.

“……I feel left out.”

“You don’t need to be so concerned. Anyway, let’s decide on the drinks.”

Elise said that as she held the menu-list in her hand.

“Ah, waitress, over here! I’ll have a hot milk. What will you three drink?”

“I’ll have an apple juice.”

“Then I’ll have club soda. This one which isn’t sweet. What will you have, Fear-senpai?”

“Then I’ll have a champagne.”

“Hey, Senpai!? A minor shouldn’t drink alcohol. Senpai, you’re still eighteen—”

“Rather than being a minor, Angels lives so long that you can’t compare them to humans.”

Kyelse’s calm judgement.

“……Oh, yeah.”

Because he had been with her for so long at the academy, Ren couldn’t help but make judgment while thinking that Fear was his senior at the academy. The age of her being eighteen years old was simply the age she used when she was acting as a human.

“Hmm, so I’m seventeen years old and Kyelse is sixteen years old. Elise is—”

“I’ve just reincarnated so I’m exactly ten years old. That’s why I ordered hot milk. See? It’s suitable for my age, isn’t it? Kyelse also ordered a juice as well.”

Elise took the hot milk with both her hands that had been brought to them.

If she puts it that way, then they certainly ordered drinks suitable for their ages, which was agreeable since Ren ordered a club soda, and Kyelse ordered apple juice since they were minors.

“I see. Then Fear-senpai is the only one who in human years is—”

“I’m eighteen years old.”

The blonde Archangel answered with a smile.

“Just your appearance. Haven’t you been living the longest right after the Goddess of Heaven? Then that means, let me calculate—. Oh, then you are exactly…………ouch!? It hurts, Fear! That was my fault so stop pinching my buttocks from below the table!”

“It’s a taboo to talk about age to a girl. Isn’t that right, Ren?”


The blonde Angel took the champagne glass elegantly.

Ren couldn’t help but shake his head hard due to the pressure he received from her dangerous smile.

“Then cheers! Ren, let’s get along as well, okay?”

Elise drank the hot milk deliciously while she held the cup using both her hands. She looked too young to be a former Demon King and she looked adorable in the way she acted.

“Ms Waitress, I’ll have this white wine next. Please bring me a bottle.”

“Hey, you drink so fast Fear-senpai! ......Are you a heavy drinker?”

“The species known as Angels loved alcohol from the beginning. Though I endured it when I was at the Academy.”

The Archangel didn’t change her expression even after she drank a glass of champagne in one go.

“Now then, Elise, it’s regarding the matter I have discussed with you for some time now.”

“The talk about finding the Encore together, right? I was obviously interested in it since I reincarnated myself ten years ago. It’s basically the last message that Eleline left behind.”

The former Demon King who was taking small sips from her hot milk.

“Well, the truth is, I was initially wondering what I should do. In my case, I was looking for a way to return my body back to the way it was. So I was thinking of taking my time finding the Encore.”

“And if the humans found them while you were doing that?”

“We should just steal it from them. That will be much easier.”

The former Demon King said a dangerous thing naturally.

“Except, I myself know that the humans throughout the world are looking for the Encore. Just by looking around this caféterras, I can understand how there are so many parties. But the whereabouts of the Encore is still a mystery. So it made me think that Eleline hid the Encore in a special place. For his comrades’ back then……in other words he left it in a place where only we can find it.”

“I thought the same.”

Fear nodded while holding the wine glass with one hand.

“For that reason, I thought we would need you after all if we were to search for the Encore. Depending on the circumstances, it might be necessary for us to enter the Underworld.”

“I don’t mind, but there’s a tiny little problem……”

The young girl suddenly sighed.

“Let me ask a question to Ren who is a human. Do you know any rumours about how there’s some mess going on in the Underworld right now? The rumour about one of the Five Great Disasters going nuts on Earth.”

“Ah. Are you perhaps referring to the Great Demon who is causing a rampage at the “Great Volcano of Galia”?”

It happened several days ago.

Ren remembered how the instructors warned the highest-grade students that went out of the Academy.

“The rumour that the highest-grade Demon appeared and resided on Earth……”

“Yup. She belonged to my personal guard group called the Five Great Disasters. Since I retired as a Demon King after turning into this state, she stopped listening to the orders of the current Demon King who I passed on my authority to and left the Underworld.”

Elise shrug her head as if she was troubled by it.

“By the way, why did she do something like rebelling against the current Demon King? She was your subordinate when you were the Demon King, right?”

“That’s because she’s stronger than the current Demon King.”

“You must be joking!”

“It’s true. In terms of strength, myself when I was the Demon King would be the strongest. But the Five Great Disasters were the second strongest after me. They were originally a candidate to become the Demon King. But I turned them into my subordinates when I won the election to become the Demon King. But because I had to retire my position as a Demon King all of a sudden, I ended up choosing my little brother in hurry to take my position when a problem arose about who would become the next Demon King. But my brother was so weak……ah, don’t get me wrong since he would have the strength of the previous generations of Demon Kings, okay? But the Five Great Disasters were just as strong as the other historical Demon Kings.”

The Underworld which is ruled by the current Demon King who happened to be weaker than the Five Great Disasters. Due to such bizarre relation within the supremacy, there might be parts which wasn’t easy to accept for the Five Great Disasters that were the candidates of becoming the Demon King.

“More importantly, Elise, your brother is the current Demon King? So your little brother means that ehmm……”

“It’s okay to assume it as the similar logic of human siblings. Though their appearance differs greatly.”

The Archangel placed her empty wineglass on the table.

“The Angels, the Dragons, the Demons, and the humans. The species with the most population among these four are the humans. But the one with the most diversities are the Demons. Not just their appearance, but even their strength has a huge gap in ranges. The current Demon King would exactly have the appearance of what you imagined, Ren.”

“By that, you mean……”

“Only his appearance looks vicious. He’s too big as well as having fangs and claws. He would most likely be treated as a monster if he was to show up on Earth. He’s butt-ugly despite being my brother. Though he does carry an impact.”

Elise said it in a happily manner.

“And one of the Five Great Disasters that rebelled is—”

“The Demon General of Blaze.”

Kyelse said it plainly.

“Ren, even you should have heard of the name Achendia.”

“She’s the Great Demon since ancient time!”

—Achendia the “Demon General of Blaze”.

The legendary level highest rank Demon who was even called the embodiment of hell fire that even appeared in fairy tales.

“That’s why I’m having a hard time.”

Elise sighed with an unpleasant tone.

“She was my former subordinate so I thought I should do something about it. But it would be impossible to stop her in this weakened form, you know? So I was troubled to whether I should focus on returning my body back to its original form and put the search for the Encore on-hold. So, this is my suggestion—”

“You’ll help in finding the Encore but you want us to help you in stopping Achendia. Right?”

“Just to be expected from Fear, you get to the point quickly.”

“I did predict what was going on behind the scene due to the Five Great Disasters appearing on Earth.”

The Archangel nodded with a bitter smile.

“How about it, Kyelse?”

“I don’t mind. Both Fear and I are far from our primes, but there’s no way we will be beaten if all three of us are present. Also, I want Ren to know it right away.”

“……Know what?”

The meaning to form a party with the three of us, that is.”

Kyelse’s tone that sounded peaceful at first—

It carried so much pressure that made Ren shiver.

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“Even though the action to find the Encore is the same, our party is different to other parties. This is a good opportunity to have you understand that.”

His comrades’ strength was immeasurable, but likewise, the strength of their enemy were also in a different league.

The ones that would stand in front of them would be legendary-level monsters. The enemies he would meet would be all superior to him. The journey where the point between life and death would await him right after he survives through a situation where he may die.

“What do you think?”

“……Bring it on.”

Ren held the glass of club soda with his shaking hand.

“Nothing would change from the time back when I was at the Academy if I get scared here. I also don’t mind who our enemies are. I simply have to go forward until I find the Encore!”

He declared it with all his might. He then drank the glass of club soda in one-go.

That instant.

“Gua!? C-Cough……i-it got caught inside my throat……”

“I-Idiot! That’s disgusting and don’t throw it up on me! What fool would drink a carbohydrate drink in one-go!?”

“……Looks like the road ahead doesn’t seem promising.”

“……Ren, that’s disgusting.”

Ren who had just threw up the club soda he had just drunk, and Kyelse who got wet by him due to sitting right beside him.

Seeing those two—

The Archangel and the former Demon King sighed at the same time.


The party departed the triumphal town—

They walked across the grass covered in rich green towards the west where there wasn’t any road.

“Unlike the previous road, there sure aren’t many people around here this time. Why can’t I see any parties anywhere?”

“That’s because this isn’t the normal path.”

Kyelse had her shining silver hair blown by the blowing wind. As Ren walked next to her, he pointed towards the horizon on his left.

“The constructed road would be located far over there.”

“I prefer this grassland. This sense of feeling walking on the grass sure is nice. I even want to walk barefoot.”

“It’s not like I don’t like this either……”

The grasslands covered the sight of every direction he looked towards.

The path they were walking on wasn’t a regular road towards other towns. Instead, they walked off from the regular road since this was the shortcut. It was a grassland where there wasn’t any guidepost anywhere. The advantage of this path was that the distance they need to walk had decreased a lot.

“Hey, Elise? Achendia of the Five Great Disasters hadn’t moved from the Great Volcano of Galia, right?”

“She hasn’t. She’s the Demon General of Blaze so she loves hot places. So she prefers places like active volcano where it has magma bursting. I guess she made that location as her base while acting as she likes.”

The dark-skinned girl who answered while skipping.

“Like I mentioned before, I doubt Achendia has any motive like conquering the Earth. The Dragon-species are also present on Earth after all. Though it would become problematic if we don’t stop her quickly. Since a big shot like one of the Five Great Disasters appeared, there are rumours that parties from all over the world are coming to hunt Achendia down. She would be the best target for parties who wants to become famous.”

“……So that means they will get slaughtered instead, huh.”

“Exactly. Humans love to replace the word reckless with the word challenge. The highest-level Demons such as the Five Great Disasters. There are only few parties that can put on a fight against them.”

That was the reason why they took the shortcut.

The parties whose aim was to hunt down one of the Five Great Disasters. So in order to keep those parties from challenging Achendia and getting killed instead, it was necessary for them to head to Great Volcano of Galia quickly as possible.

“Well, there’s another reason why I chose this road.”

Elise chuckled and put on a teasing smile.

“I acknowledge Kyelse and Fear’s strength. But I don’t know about Ren really well yet.”


“So do your best.”

The former Demon King winked at him and made a distance with him by stepping back.

When Ren realised it, both Kyelse and Fear had also stopped. They were staring to the right—

“……Is there something wrong with that forest?”

The large and rich forest that was present alongside the grassland.

At times, the cries of unknown birds can be heard along with the wind. Its voice—

It quieted down all of a sudden which made it creepy.


Ren discarded the luggage he was carrying and drew out his sword from the holder equipped on his hips with his reflex.

The reason why Ren drew out his sword wasn’t due to his instructor’s teaching but more of an animal-like instinct.

The forest then shook.

It scattered many leaves and what appeared from there was a single giant snake.

“A twin-headed snakeQuetzalcoatl!?”

A snake covered in an ochre colour.

A monster which lived in the forest widely throughout the world. It becomes so large and cunning where it could live for dozens of years. The announcement to hunt it down were given to the parties immediately if it was spotted near towns. It must had come out after it was stimulated by the presence of Ren and others who were walking through the grassland.

“Ah, I get it now!”

The Quetzalcoatl was after Ren who was standing closest to it.

It was a monster which comes charging ahead by crawling on the ground where it has a speed as if it was skating on an ice. Even though it was a medium-size among its species, its total length had already surpassed that of an adult Quetzalcoatl. It was impossible to escape from its grip once caught even for a lion. Even so, all of its movement seemed slow from Ren’s eyes.

“It’s slower than the Wyvern.”

He simply said that.

He jumped exactly to the side of the monster which had raised its head. Ren turned around, and the large snake’s tail came striking down at him so he used the ridge of his sword to block it. He made the impact of the shock slide towards the back.

—Guarding won’t be good.

—The sword would break if it gets hit by it directly. Even if it didn’t, my hand which is holding onto the sword would go numb due to the impact.

The three years he spent at the Academy. It was something he learned so many times during the unofficial match he had against student MASTERKnights. You shouldn’t guard against an attack with your sword.

What conquers an attack wasn’t guarding but evading.

The moment Ren’s sword clashed against the enemy’s sword (its tail), Ren let the impact slid away to the back as if it was washed away.


“That’s it. I would give a passing mark for that move.”

Elise who had a meaningful smile and Kyelse who nodded her head in satisfaction.

However, the reaction of those two who were behind Ren didn’t reach him.

—A do-or-die situation.

Losing even a single sight of the enemy’s move would lead to your defeat.


Ren thrusts his sword forward after he took a quick breath.

An instant moment where the Quetzalcoatl shrunk its body and halted its movement in order to focus its target on Ren. The tip of Ren’s sword missed by an inch and cracked the twin-headed snake’s fangs.


The monster whose body was shaking.

But that only happened for a moment. It then carried the emotion of rage within the red eyes of its two head—

“Yup, that’s good enough. Bye-bye.”

The dark-skinned girl waved her hand light-heartedly.

Immediately after that. On the ground which was directly under the Quetzalcoatl who was about to attack Ren starts to build up and then exploded. It blew away the monster’s large body to the opposite direction far away.


What was left was a huge crater and a spell’s circular-symbol which was giving a bright blow.


The opponent who had himself blown away in an instance.

Seeing such thing, Ren blinked in an astonishment as he held his sword.

“What was all that struggle for……”

“It’s okay. The fight you just put up was enough to show me how much effort you put in that fight, Ren. Wouldn’t it simply make you exhausted if you continued to fight any further? Our journey has only started.”

Elise whose tone was high due to the excitement started skipping again and approached Ren.

“Way to go, Ren. To be honest, I was wondering how weak you were since I heard that you were still a student MASTERKnight and tested you. But you were able to put on a fight nicely.”

She approached so close to him that their body would touch each other. She looked up while her eyes carried a sense of curiosity.

“Hey, have you ever fought a Quetzalcoatl before?”

“No way. A monster like that would never show up at the student town. Rather, that was my first time fighting a monster……ah, though there was an exception like that Wyvern.”

“Hmm? Then you were able to fight that much in your first try?”


“Nothing really. I just thought you were more capable than I thought. Right, Kyelse?”

“It would be a problem if he wasn’t.”

The silver girl, who was the only one eating a chocolate quietly, nodded her head.

“Either way, let’s move on. Keep on walking, Ren. It’s still far away from our destination, the Great Volcano.”

“……I know.”

Ren carried the heavy luggage on his back once again and started walking to the West once again.

The one behind him were the members of the legendary party, the Three Great Princesses. While he sensed their gaze on his back, Ren started walking across the grassland which had no road.


Due to the touch by the cold breeze, the grasses made a soft sound under this night.

While the cries of insects that echoed from the surrounding accompaniments the wind—

“……Alright, this should be fine.”

Ren wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a glance at the tent he had just made.

The dorm-type tent which used light metal poles and waterproof fabric. One of them was big enough for four people to sleep in.

“Wow, nice! That’s a fine looking tent!”

The one who came inside the tent from the entrance was Elise.

“We didn’t have such thing three-hundred years ago so we had to lay our sleeping bag on the ground. Ren, you sure are skilful since you can build a fine tent like this on your own.”

“I always loved camping. This is also something I brought from my house.”

Sleeping outside on the grass where there were no roads.

You would be able to find a basecamp with many cottages if you were to take the authentic roads. But since they didn’t use the authentic road and chose to take a shortcut, they had no choice but to organise their own place to sleep like this.

“I’m so thrilled. It’s my first time sleeping with Ren under one roof.”

“……I’ll say this now, but you would be sleeping at the far-end of the tent. I’ll be sleeping near the entrance.”

“Eeh? But I wanted to sleep next to Ren.”

“I have the responsibility to take care of the fire. So it would be better if I stay close to the entrance.”

Ren pointed towards the entrance since the Archangel approached him while putting on a seductive eyes.

Just like at the place where they encountered the Quetzalcoatl at noon, the areas which is outside the human’s towns would be the territories of monsters and demonic-beasts. So it would be normal to spend the night by starting a fire.

“Now my main concern, I wonder what’s happening at the fireplace—”

“It’s done! Gather up! Dinner is ready!”

They heard Kyelse’s loud voice from outside the tent.

The fireplace made by piling up dried leaves they found. The fire which gave out sparks was burning so high that the flames rise tall as Ren’s height. There was a huge pot within the fire which was boiling the soup gently.

“Oh, so you really can cook.”

“Don’t look down on me. There isn’t a single task I can’t accomplish.”

Kyelse in an apron said that with a satisfied look while she crossed her arm.

The one in charge of cooking would change daily among the three girls. The one responsible for building the tent is Ren. So it was decided that the remaining members consisting of Kyelse, Fear, and Elise would cook in a routine.

“So, what’s this soup? The colour seems black.”

“A special made stew. It may look bad, but I can guarantee its taste. Do you want to taste it?”

The Dragon Princess scooped the stew with a spoon.

“Oh, then I’ll use this opportunity to taste it. What about you two, Fear, Elise?”

“I’ll pass.”

“Me too. Ren, you can try it by yourself.”

“Sure? Then I’ll taste on both of your behalf—”

Ren received the spoon from Kyelse. The moment the spoon came near his mouth.


The strong smell stimulated Ren’s nose.

The strong smell. No, it should be more appropriate to call it stench. A mix of the sourness of strong acid, a rotting smell like of a fish, and a defiling smell like that of an ammonia odor—. Even all of those together wouldn’t be this bad.

……What on earth is this?

……This is so bad that I can’t imagine this exists in this world.

He shouldn’t eat it. That was what his instinct told him as he saw a black matter when he scooped the soup with a spoon.

“H-Hey, Kyelse. What’s inside this stew?”

“I filled it with all kinds of ingredients I found back in that forest.”

The direction the Dragon Princess pointed towards was the forest the Quetzalcoatl appeared at noon.

“A weird looking grasses and a red mushroom. And also bugs I found on the branches of the trees and just over there—”

“No matter how you look at it, those are strange things! Rather, putting the mushroom aside, what’s with the bugs!?”

Ren pointed at the strange ingredient floating inside the pot.

It was clearly mushrooms and grasses that gave out poisonous colours. And bugs with creepy appearances.

Ren already didn’t know where to start regarding the problem of her soup. But the strangest part of the soup was the giant shrimp-like creature that appeared out from the pot.

“And that is……”

“Demonic Eclipse Beast. The fool who was arrogant enough to attack me inside the forest.”

“That’s a genuine monster!”

The carnivorous beast that creates its nest with its deadly phlegm to wait for its prey. Like Quetzalcoatl, this specie was also listed as a dangerous species worldwide.

“I was looking for a meat anyway. Looks like I was able to get a big-one.”


“Well, then. How was the taste? Hey, it’s been a while since I last cooked, so how was it?”

The silver hair girl who stared at him with eyes filled with anticipation.

She wanted her cooking to be eaten and get a comment. She wanted to hear that it was delicious. She had an expression like that of a child who cooked for her parents hard as she could.

“……U-Umm, Fear? Elise?”

“I’m an Angel so I’m forbidden from eating meat. I’m truly sorry, Ren.”

“I can eat meat, but my tummy is already full with the milk I drank at noon. Sorry Ren. You can eat all of those by yourself.”

The two of them already escaped into the tent.

Both of them showed their face from the tent and waved their hands at Ren with a smile.

“You traitors! Rather, you two knew about this, didn’t you? I know you two are trying to get away by sacrificing me!”

“It’s one of those saying where “a wise man keeps away from danger”.”

“I don’t have the confidence that my current body can survive that cooking.”

“After all, it’s something even that Eleline disposed of while pretending that he ate it.”

“Yup. He put an act by saying “Agh, my stomach……” when Kyelse was in charge of cooking.”

The cooking the Archangel, the former Demon King, and even the Brave-Hero avoided to eat at all cost.

If they ate such thing.

“H-Hey, Kyelse……my stomach—”

“So? How was it? I think it’s quite good even though I haven’t cooked for a while! I wanted you to eat a lot so I made sure there’s plenty of it!”


The girl who stared at him with such pure smile.

Ren couldn’t imagine how horrifying her usual cooking would be if this cooking right now was considered good. Except, he did realise that she gave a lot of effort in cooking it and that this was the best she could do.

She simply, just simply wanted to have Ren eat her cooking—


Ren stared at the spoon in his hand and the horrifying ingredient on the spoon for a while. Ren made his mind up and put it in his mouth.

“How is it? Quite good, isn’t it? Or did it lack a bit of saltiness?”


“What’s wrong, Ren? Why do you look so pale?”

“Nothing……rather than being salty……anyway, it was incred……ible……!”

Ren said that in haze as he bit his teeth hard.

Ren lost consciousness while holding onto the spoon.



“Ah. You alive Ren? That’s good. You regained conscious.”

What appeared in Ren’s eyes who was still absent-minded was the sky at night where the stars were shining like jewel box which has been turned upside down. And the small girl with dark skin who had such scenery behind her.

“Seriously, I can’t believe you actually survived one bite of that thing. You really did give your all, Ren.”

“You traitor…… More importantly, we need to rethink about our dinner shift.”

Ren stood up tirelessly by leaning against the tree as he put his hand on his stomach which was crying in pain.

When he turned around, he only found himself and Elise. The other thing which appeared in his sight was the single tent behind them and the bonfire which was burning weakly.

“What happened to that stew?”

“Kyelse ate all of it. She said it would be a waste if she left any.”

“……She actually ate that man-killing stew.”

“Even I don’t know what’s wrong with the sense of taste that Dragons have. Anyways, Kyelse came to believe you fainted due to fatigue when Fear told her that. Both of them are already taking a rest inside the tent but we had you sleep outside since they said it would be better for you to feel the wind. And I’m on a lookout.”

“……Okay. Sorry for the trouble.”

Normally Ren would have taken the role to night watch.

“I’ll take over the shift then.”

“I’m fine. It’s always dark in the Underworld so I feel better at night instead. Besides, there’s something I wanted to check.”

The small girl stood up and got closer to Ren. She got so close that their bodies were about to touch. She brought her nose closer as if she was trying to sniff him.

“Ren, I can smell something from you. A mysterious smell. And also a presence.”


“By the way, how is your potential as a SPIRITSpiriter? The type that uses spirit’s armament which has the power of the spirit resided in it. I can smell something which is similar to that of a powerful spirit’s armament from you.”

“No, I also tried it back at the academy and it was an utter failure……”

Not only did the students took lessons for the types they chose themselves at Holy Fiora Journey Academy, but it was also compulsory for them to receive a year of training for other types in their first year at the academy.

It’s because there were times when students who wanted to major in ARIACaster which specialises in offensive spells showed that they unexpectedly had good trait as a HEALERCurer or had hidden potential as a SPIRITSpiriter that uses spirit’s armaments.

“I did receive the training for ENCHANTERBarrierer and SPIRITSpiriter but I was really bad with spell related types. That’s why I focused solely as a MASTERKnight.”

“I see. Hmm. I was confident in these smells ever since the time I was a Demon King.”

Elise narrowed her eyebrows while folding her arm.

“Ah, speaking of sprits—”

The slight possibility which Elise was indicating passed through Ren’s mind.

“I think there was a spirit which is attached to me.”

“……Pardon me?”

“Well, I’m not really sure myself but it seems like it’s attached to me. You know like those abandoned cats which appears and disappears as it likes?”

“H-Hold on! Calm down, Ren! What do you mean by that!?”

The former Demon King spoke quickly for unknown reason.

“How should I put it? There was a spirit which suddenly appears and stays around me when I was training by myself at the academy and then disappears after a while. I’m guessing there’s a spirit’s habitat or sanctuary close to the academy and it came out from there—”

Just when he said that. A small bright light suddenly appeared on Ren’s shoulder.

The small spirit of fire.

“Ah, this guy was the one I was talking about. Oh what? Did you follow me all the way here?”


“Oh, so the smell Elise mentioned was you then? Since you didn’t show yourself, I presumed you stayed at the academy. Huh, what’s wrong Elise?”

“……This must be a dream.”

The one who previously had the title of Demon King that controlled the Underworld.

She stood in daze while staring at the spirit which was resting on Ren’s shoulder.

“Kyelse, Fear! Wake up! Seriously, come out this instant!”

“……Hmm~……what is it?”

“……Geez, Elise. Lack of sleep will be bad for your skin.”

Kyelse and Fear who came out of the tent while wiping their eyes. The moment when both of them looked at the spirit that Elise was pointing to—


They froze while having their jaw drop wide open.

In front of the three girls, the spirit which was resting on Ren’s shoulder starts to float around the air without being concerned about itself being seen.

“Is there a problem with this guy?”

“R-Ren!? W-What’s the meaning of this!? Was this spirit summoned by you!? Were you hiding such great power!? What is it!?”

“Woah. W-What do you mean!?”

Ren had himself grabbed by Kyelse to his arm and was being shaken around.

“Just answer. Do you even know how extraordinary this is——”

“C-Calm down. And what do you mean by I summoned it? This guy just appeared by itself.”

“That’s why we are in shock.”

The only one who kept her calm was the blonde Archangel.

“Ren, to begin with, how much do you know about the spirits?”

“Umm, they are mysterious creatures that secretly lives at the sanctuaries……something along those lines? You would rarely encounter one but they say that they lend their strength to humans they get fond of.”

“Exactly. And armaments which receives their power are called the “Spirit’s armaments”. The SPIRITSpiriter can activate a powerful spell by combing the power possessed in such spirt armaments and their own spells.”

Ren knows that much as well.

It was the basic knowledge for the students of the Holy Fiora Journey Academy as they are a basic knowledge taught in their first year of the academy.

“Except, the power of SPIRITSpiriters are merely powers they borrowed. They are spellcasters that excels in using armaments with the power of the spirits possessed in them and they don’t actually have the spirits under their command.”

Fear continued without a pause.

“And from the humans’ perspectives, the spirts may simply be “creatures with mysterious powers”. Though for the Angels, the Demons, and the Dragons, we see them as different. For example the humans sees the Angels, the Demons, and the Dragons as a superior beings, correct?”

“…….Well, that’s what the instructor back at the academy also said.”

The three beings that were the rulers of the Earth, the Heaven, and the Underworld respectively.

They were beings that has much longer lifespan than humans and uses natural disaster-like powers. For those reason they were superior being that were superior to humans—— there were times when such was said.

“But from our perspectives the spirits are indeed the beings which we should be referring to as superior beings.”

The gathering of light particles that floats in the air.

They were mysterious beings which didn’t speak nor did the people knew if the spirits could understand their language.

“So this guy is the real superior beings? Why’s that?”

The perfect energy form.

The one who gave such answer was Elise. She had an appearance of a small girl but her eyes that was staring at the spirit above her head had a sign of high intellect.

“For example I, a Demon, needed a portion of my original body in order to prepare a new body when I reincarnated. Or else I wouldn’t have been able to carry-over my memory and abilities. Likewise for Kyelse, a Dragon, who also has only one physical body. Same goes for Fear, a Angel, since she’s no different from us by having physical form for her body. Though her constituent elements is special. You won’t be able to touch objects without a body and you also won’t be able to drink hot milk at cafeterras.”

“……Well, Fear-senpai certainly was drinking alcohol.”

“But it’s different for the spirits. They are the only existence that has a pure form of energy where they are released from the logic of having a physical form. Just how are they able to keep themselves from existing? Even we don’t know how they were born and how they disappear. You cannot command them or make them obey you. But there were exceptions a long time ago where there were very few humans that were able to link their thoughts with the spirits.”

To be able to listen to the voices of the spirits.

They were able to call out the spirits by responding back to them and instead of using the spirit’s armaments, they were able to use the spirit’s power itself.

“Ancient summoning”—— The very rare spell which is thought to be a myth among the many ANCIENTS“the lost spells”.

“Currently, the saint of the holy-land Canaan is said to be the last user of ancient summoning of the world.”

“……Hmm, so?”

“Ren, we are trying to say that you could be the second person to be qualified as such. The one who uses ancient summoning, the ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster”. Or else there’s no explanation why the spirit has appeared before you.”

Kyelse who pointed at the small spirit of fire which was floating in the air.

Even so, she didn’t look convinced even though she said that herself.

“It sure is mysterious. Fear, are you certain that Ren can’t use spells or spirit armaments?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I saw it with my own eyes at the academy. What do you think, Elise?”

“Hmm……maybe he used all of his talent on this ancient summoning? If I have to make an example, then it would be a child who can’t add two-digit numbers but can multiply four-digit numbers in his head. Being able to do ancient summoning without having the potential of spells……this is…………”

The three girls looked at each other.

Despite the three of them had difficulty analysing this situation before, they now pounded their fists together as if they realised the answer after some time.

“I get it now, I fully understand now.”

“I understand it now as well. This is the only answer there is.”

“Then it’s decided. Ren, it means that your talent is—”

“ “ “Indeed a fool whose memory sticks to one thing!” ” ”

“Are you girls trying to praise me or insult me!?”

He yelled at the three girls who said that with a serious face.

“But I really didn’t do anything. Maybe it’s just attached to me without thinking too much.”

“How about you command it?”


“Test it by telling it to move to my hand. We’ll probably find out by how it responds.”

Elise stretched her arm forward in a childish gesture.

Ren looked at her small hands as well as the small spirit of fire which was floating in the air——

“U-Umm. Then can you move on top of this girl’s hand?”

Ren pointed at Elise’s hand nervously.

It was his first time commanding a spirit. He hasn’t even checked whether it understands human’s language. Just how much communication could he possibly have with such existence——


The small spirit of fire suddenly disappeared.

Right after that, the luminous body which supposedly disappeared teleported above Elise’s hands.

“W-Wow! It really came!? That’s amazing Ren!”

“I never thought he would be able to control a spirit……”

Elise’ smile which was filled with curiosity.

Next to her was Fear who was talking to herself without being able to hide her shock.

“Ren, since when were you able to hear the voices of the spirit?”

“……The voices of the spirit?”

Ren vaguely repeated the phrase he had never heard before.

“Umm, about this spirit thing, I don’t even understand this ancient summoning yet. There wasn’t even a lesson about it back at the academy either.”

“You are right. There was an article about it in the old texts which was available at the library of that town. After all, it’s an ancient spells which was referred as ANCIENTS“the lost spells”. There’s no user of it among the instructors of the Holy Fiora Journey Academy so they won’t be able to teach it.”

Fear immediately changed from being shocked to being able to speak in a calmer attitude.

“You could say Ancient Summoning is a space manipulation spell. The voices of the spirits is a sacred wave which can’t be heard by the Angels, the Demons, and the Dragons. But since ancient time a very small group of humans were able to hear them. The ability to listen to the voices of such spirits and able to summon the spirits by responding to their voices. That’s what an ancient summoning is.”

“……I see. I only had an impression that you are talking about the SPIRIT“Spiriter” when I hear the word spirits.”

“That’s the general view the people currently has. As I mentioned earlier, a SPIRIT“Spiriter” and a ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster” are types that are familiar but very different. At the least, Ren, since you were able to command the small spirit of fire, the chances of you being a ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster” isn’t zero.”

“Even me right now?”

“Yes. First you would need to start from hearing the voices of the spirits. That’s the first step of ancient summoning. This is a good occasion. There is a possibility so we should try it.”

“You mean training?”

“I won’t go far to call it training. It’s simply to find out whether you can hear this spirit or not.”

The spirit which was currently floating above Elise’s palm. Fear directed to the luminous body which was identical to a small particles of flame with her gaze.

“Well then, please try. We will keep quiet.”

“……Alright. I’ll give it a shot. It will be fine if I can hear something like its voice, right?”

Ren walked close to the area where the small spirit of fire was floating.

As Ren stared at its fantasy-like appearance, Ren concentrated his consciousness by making his sense of hearing sharp.


——Silence, which made Ren’s eardrum sore, passed through the grasslands at night.


Suddenly, the small spirit disappeared from his sight without any warning.

“It disappeared!? ……Ah, that’s right. This always happens.”

“Did it work?”

“……Well, I really was concentrating all this time.”

Ren shrugged his shoulder along with a bitter smile to Fear’s question.

“I heard nothing. I’m happy that you have high expectation of me but I have never once heard the voice of that spirit. That small spirit of fire always appears and then disappears on its own.”

“Exactly. That’s the mystery about them.”

“Earlier, that small spirit definitely responded to your voice Ren. All of us have witnessed with our own eyes where the small spirit teleported above Elise’s hands just like you commanded. That means Ren’s voice has reached the spirit. Likewise, the spirit’s voice should have reached you as well, Ren.”

“Yeah. I think a one-sided conversation is strange as well.”

The first time Ren saw the spirit was when he was a small child.

When he was alone, that small spirit of fire appeared from nowhere. Ren still remembers how he was staring at it absent-mindedly while it circuited around him once before it disappeared without any warning.

……And that hasn’t changed even now.

……I don’t hear its voice since it appears and disappears on its own.

“Elise, what do you think?”

“Hmm. From my perspective, that was within what I expected. Like Ren said, it was hard to assume for Ren to be able to hear the spirit’s voice when he couldn’t before.”

The former Demon King on the other hand nodded with a joyful expression.

“The alternative method I can come up with now would be……”

“So there’s still a way!?”

“The one which is attached to Ren is the small spirit of fire, right? That spirit would be able to activate its power even more at the location where there is a strong presence of fire. So it may be easier to hear its voice. So maybe we can do something like chucking Ren into the bonfire so he can practice it while being burnt.”

“That’s scary!? Before I hear its voice I’ll be burnt badly!”

“It’s a joke. What’s left is how much you can concentrate when you are practicing. So it means it will depend on how hard you train and the spirit’s mood.”


While they had such discussion, the one who pulled Ren’s sleeve was Kyelse.

“We will change how you will be training from tomorrow. You are going to learn the basics of spells from Fear and Elise. And it would be mainly about spells which could be used to handle the spirits.”

“Eh? What about the sword training?”

“I will continue with it. Though we will be extending your possibility as a ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster” much as we can. Being able to command a spirit that much would be powerful and can be used in many situations.”

Kyelse said it as if she was impressed and she rarely shows such side of her.



“You’ve found it. An ability which only you can use. Whether you can attain it will depend on how hard you will train from now, but if you are going to do it, you may as well master it.”

“……Yeah, you’re right. I’ll try my best.”

Ren crunched his fist as he looked at the empty space where the small spirit of fire was floating a moment ago.

——Ancient summoning.

He was obviously happy to find such possibility.

But more than that possibility, Ren was happier to find a new possibility he could work hard to aim for. Ren could feel how that satisfaction was filling his chest.

……I had not talent for spells or anything.

……That’s why I worked hard using only the sword.

Ren found another new area he could work hard with his all his might for.

He was able to continue his challenge.

Even for someone like him who was called the Fake Brave Hero. A new aim he could work hard for. He had found an aim which was worth the challenge. And the girls that were having high expectations from him.

He was honestly happy about it.

“It will take three days to reach the Great Volcano of Galia by foot. So we have plenty of time.”

“Yeah. The duration from now till we reach there would also be your training period.”

Kyelse who suppressed her yawning a bit.

“Yawn~……anyways, I’m heading to sleep. Ren, come in the tent and have a rest.”

“Ah, I’m—— woah!?”

I’m going to sleep after doing a bit of sword training. Even though Ren was about to say that, he had Kyelse grab him by his arm so he lost his balance on the spot. He reached his arm forward due to his reflexes——


The moment his fingers touched Kyelse’s buttocks, the Dragon Princess jumped while she had her body stunned.


“Y-You idiot! Where are you touching!?”

Kyelse turned around as she hid her buttocks with both her hand.

“I-I’m sorry! That wasn’t my intention. Rather, what was that cute scream just now……?”

“~~~~~~! T-That’s because you had to touch my most sensitive part of all places!”


“I-I’ll repeat myself again! This part of my (a Dragon’s) body is usually hidden by my tail. So being touched there is unlikely……s-so……it’s ticklish……and sensitive…………”

Her voice gradually started to become small.

At the end, she made a sidelong glance shyly as she wiggled her body.

“Anyway, you idiot! If you are planning to touch me there, do it more gently!”

“What the heck are you on about!? Ouch!?”

After being hit by her fist to his head, which felt like being hit by a large rock, Ren simply screamed on the spot.

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