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She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 105

Published at 10th of April 2019 07:40:07 PM

Chapter 105

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That night Alex clung tightly to Zunnie like a newborn babe . Knowing that the person who planned their accident had not been caught enraged him . Thankful for Carson's hard work, Alex invited him to dinner when Zunnie got better .

Alex was currently having an internal battle as to whether he should inform Zunnie or not . He had been withholding the truth from her for four entire days now and it was tearing at his heart . He closed his eyes and groaned within confliction eating his heart . It seemed as if he had an angel and a demon on his shoulders constantly arguing about what was right or should be done .

When he met Carson that night at Club Zen, Alex had no idea that the information in the brown envelope would break his heart and all the guilt he had desperately concealed from her would once again resurface .

He without a doubt had to tell her the truth before she heard it from someone else . Alex was clueless as to how the news would affect Zunnie . But as he lay beside her, breathing in her sweet scent he couldn't help thinking it was the best time to tell her .

"Honey are you awake?"


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"Are you sleepy?"


"I need to tell you about the accident . Want to go for a late-night stroll?"

"Okay; but do we have to go for a walk? I'm feeling lazy . " She turned her head and pouted at him .

"You're cute…Come on, I'll carry you when you get tired . " He smiled as he said so .

He got out of bed and put on his shoes then waited patiently for her .

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Watching her short hair, his heart pained him . r The bandages around her hair had been removed and he could clearly see the side of her head she knocked . There was a thin line of stitches hiding beneath the short strands of hair . Deep down he was grateful that her hair would grow longer and cover up the visible scar .

Alex clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as a dark and cold aura filled the room . He had been searching every inch of the globe for the person who had planned it all . He wanted to beat that person senselessly and send them to the pits of hell for causing Zunnie harm .

The dark aura and killing intent around him thickened, as he thought about ways he intended to punish the ring leader .

"Honey you don't have to be so tense…" Zunnie's voice was like a flash of lightning cutting through the darkness around him .

"How can I not be . Are you that okay with hearing the truth . "

"Mhm, I admit that I was anxious and irritated last week, but having you by my side all this time and seeing how hard you've been working . How can I be worried? I have something more important to look forward to . A family and friends and so much more . I survived; However, that does not mean I am okay with they did . I can't let whoever did this off easily . I'm desperate to know who wants me dead so I can deal with the person the Zunnie Bai way . I do love taking vengeance on my enemies . " Her unsympathetic words made Alex chuckle .

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'When did my wife become such a badass? and what the heck is the Zunnie Bai way . . . '

Alex strode over to where she stood and pulled her into his embrace .

"And here I was racking my brain on how to tell you about the accident . You're stronger than you look, that's good . Honey, I love you so much . Do you know that?"

"I do… and do you know I'm crazy about you too?" She returned his hug .

They embraced each other for a few minutes until Zunnie spoke again .

"My darling husband…I know it's been hard . I honestly do . None of this was your fault, so you don't have to keep feeling guilty . Let's get back at whoever almost killed us, together…Hmm?"

It seemed as if a bolt of electricity struck Alex upon hearing those words . He knew she was confident but since she woke up, his wife has been nothing but surprising .

There was something different about her and he very much liked it . Zunnie Bai was one of kind and he had never been happier to call her his wife . He thought back to the surprises he had waiting for her and smirked .

Truthfully she was ready to be discharged but what he had planned was not completed . He had spoken to Dr . Sean to keep her for another week so he could have enough time to finish his surprise .

Hopefully, she wouldn't teach him a lesson the Zunnie Bai way when she found out he was the one keeping her at the hospital . Alex grinned and caressed her tiny back satisfied with his plans .

"Yes, together we will make them pay . " He tilted her chin then bent his head to kiss her .